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Some ponies as Apple II graphics (hires mode)

Thanks to pcx2hgr, dos33-programs, GIMP, LinApple (emulator), Shutter, etc.

Okay, there’s Twilight (classic and alicorn-wings-down), Spike, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy as Apple II hires graphics running in an Apple II emulator (LinApple). Here, they are displayed in both color and classic green :)

You can grab the Apple II dsk image from if you want to run it in your own emulator (make sure to turn off “enhanced” disk speed or they will load too fast): Grab it here

Sacrifices had to be made on color choices as the Apple II only has 6 colors in hires mode:

Tumblr blog post about this (in case the images stop working here)

Awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

Due to the color limitations, Dash's Apple ][ image is at least 20% cooler than the others. ;)

I'm not entirely convinced that half of those words were English, and I'm very curios as to why a thing called "Apple II" has less color options than any normal Apple device, so I clearly do not belong here or in any discussions about... whatever those words mean.
Why am I commenting here, then?
Easy: just because I have no idea what you're talking about doesn't mean that I can't compliment you for the result if it looks this good, and I like the aesthetics of both of these gifs. The green one especially gives me Fallout; Equestria vibes. Again, I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I can recognize and appreciate the hard work put into this. Good job!

Oh, that's awesome! Retrocomputing and ponies, what a great combination! I'm not that familiar with the Apple II (it wasn't quite so popular here in the UK) but I do like the way these have turned out. :yay: Now I need to dig out the pony stuff I did on the BBC Micro ages ago.

Thanks :) The Apple II is a computer line from the late 70s through the early 90s.

The classic green look is because a lot of Apple IIs were hooked up to green monitors, though they could be hooked up to TVs for color :)


I have a BBC micro emulator I installed on my computer (along with a ZX/Sinclair emulator, VICE (for commodores), and of course MESS). I thought about seeing how to do a few things on that platform as well. :) I installed the beeb emulator after watching a few episodes of "The Computer Programme" on Youtube. :)

No problem. :twilightsmile:
And wow did that one sentence answer pretty much all of my questions, and I daresay that I am even more impressed now that you managed to figure out how to do this. :pinkiegasp:

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These are awesome! :heart: :coolphoto:

I have a Model B Plus, with a twin 5.25" floppy drive that weighs about three tons. :derpytongue2: It's always been my favourite 8-bit computer. I have a couple of other real computers too, plus a bunch of emulators of course. No Apples at all, though, and you have no idea how much your fantastic pictures made me smile. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I do have an Apple IIc (with no way to get any software to it) and an Apple IIe (with a rusted out keyboard rom), a Commodore 64, a Sinclair 1000, I remember having a TI-994/A (but it has vanished). Most times, my emulators are enough for me, but it's nice to power up the old hardware.

I'm really glad these retro'd images have made people happy. :) Newstalgia, new stuff + nostalgia, is a fun feeling :)

The Apple II was the "school computer" until I was in 7th grade or so. There may have been a lot of technically superior computers around, but it was friendly and was the first thing I ever typed a line of code on.

The BBC micros all have this really friendly look. :)

:) It's been a fun project. I did something similar with some Stranger Things images as well.

Thank you so much :)


The Apple II was the "school computer" until I was in 7th grade or so.

The Beeb was the British "school computer" in the 1980s (when I was a kid), so there are parallels! There's an educational adventure game called Granny's Garden that most people remember from that era. I suppose it's our equivalent of The Oregon Trail, but without the dysentery. :unsuresweetie:

It seems like Ashens, on Youtube, might have mentioned Granny's Garden. Maybe it was one of the other vintage computer channels I watch. I might have to check it out :)

You might already know this place, but in case you don't, here are some BBC micro devel resources:

Bah, all this modern stuff. I'll have you know that my "development resources" are a big cardboard box full of books and several dozen copies of the BEEBUG user club magazine. :pinkiehappy:

But seriously, thanks! I did know about most of these (I used Image Converter for the cover pics for the BBC Micro MLP song arrangements*) but I'm glad to be reminded of that very useful site.

* I might post one or two in this group at some point soon -- they're old, but some people might like them, and they're on-topic here. I don't want to hijack your thread, though!

Hijack away. :)

BBC micro stuff is close enough for jazz.

Nah, I'll do a separate thread as it'll be a day or two before I have the time in any case. Tomorrow if I can manage, otherwise Wednesday. Just look out for "BBC Micro" in the thread title if you're interested. :)

Looking forward to it :)


Wrote a bash script (using imagemagick, cut, grep, etc) that writes Applesoft BASIC programs that PLOT lowres mode versions of input pictures today. Here's a little sample:

Still need to smooth out the aspect ratio stuff ("pixels" in lowres mode are rectangular).

Lowres mode has 16 colors:

SweetAI Belle
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Seems to me like maybe an "8 Bit Ponies" group might be a good idea!

--Sweetie Belle

Hmmm... I just set one up, though it'll need proper folders and such:

SweetAI Belle
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The main heart of it will probably be threads with images, software, and music, but folders are probably a good idea. Ponies in 8-bit hardware, Ponies with characters from 8-bit games, ponies in more modern hardware...

--Sweetie Belle

Well, I might hold off on the folders proper until I see how things go in the forum. :)

SweetAI Belle
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Makes sense. You and Loganberry could probably start by making threads with copies of the stuff already promoted here. Then, I guess 8-bit type picture threads, 8-bit music threads. threads about tools and programs...

It'll probably be a bit of a niche group, but the thread did get 8 upvotes, so there must be some people interested.

--Sweetie Belle

There are probably a few of us old-hardware folks knocking around here. :)

Thanks for suggesting and doing this! Just joined and copied my BBC Micro thread over. :twilightsmile:

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