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I'm Calling It Now! Baby Flurry Heart is going to save the day by some how transforming the Changelings into G4 Flutter Ponies.
You can deny it all you want but powerful Alicorn Baby, with uncontrollable magic, and a tendency to reform villains... you do the math.
Now for a musical interlude...

So what did you think of Flurry Heart?
She is cute, I mean baby ponies or what go me hooked on the show. And I like what being a father did to Shinning, hope it changed Cadence .
She was the first accidental antagonist and it was an interesting twist.
I still think season 6 is like season 3 and its just a continuation of season 5.
What's your take?


This would make a good fanfic. Someone write this! :raritystarry:

5166116 Thanks it makes sense.
If the show follows the comics then that's the only way she can be change because she and her brood were made by twisted magic.


I don't follow the comics.

5166125 That's OK, basically they are a race crated when a rotted acorn was planted in a forgotten graveyard.
Then add a little bit of magic form Star Swirl the bearded and form the twisted tree come the Queen and her kin.
That's the simple of the comics but that is still B-cannon until it is seen in the show.
In many ways I hope it's wrong because then all the other stories about the Changeling would be AU.

I'm hoping for the finale to end with Spike saving the day with Flurry Heart against the Changelings. Possibly getting them to live in the Crystal Empire and then a new crystal statue is formed. One with Spike and Flurry Heart.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 6
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