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A series of stories based on a word given by the previous author. These stories will range between 500 and 1000 words. They can be anything from Romance (Of course) to dark to humanized and so on and so forth. Afterwards (Like I previously stated) the author will put a one word prompt for the next author to use. You need to some how incorporate the word into your story just like you'd use a main ingredient in a dish, make sure it's there and not getting lost in the other ingredients. I'd like to keep this clean so absolutely NO clop. You'll have 72 hours after you claim the prompt to get the story sent to me. If you don't make it within the time limit than it goes back up for grabs. If no one else claims it than you can claim it back for yourself. I'm gonna compile about 5 or more prompts before I post the actual story. Afterwards we'll add more as they come along.

To start this off the first one will be: Duty

3785955 I want in. What place shall I be in?

3785993 If the prompt interests you than just claim it.

3785999 I see. Let me know if "duty" gets taken. I have an idea, but I'm a notoriously slow worker. Still, 500-1000 seems reasonable. If no one else does, I'll take it.

3785999 you know what? I'll take it. Mine.

3785955 Any more prompts available?

3791523 Yea the next one is trouble

3791564 Sounds good. I'll get on that,

3791614 How's your story looking

3996735 Story? What st-

3996735 I'll be working on that though,:twilightsheepish:

3997711 lol it's cool. I haven't exactly been active either so it's all good

3997719 mines been done since November. I was just waiting for you to get back to me about editing. Otherwise, I may publish it as-is.

4050095 I've published it and am trying to gather a more active set of authors.

4050103 once I get this third story I'm going to publish the story

4050103 or I'll write another one . Think of a prompt

4050152 off the top of my head? Honor and prices come to mind. Tell you what, forward me the stories alreaf in and for convienence's we can publish them on my page. I have Soaring saying he loves it.

4050198 Nah I'm good. This is my idea and I want to manage it. No offense

4050206 none taken, but its not really a story until its been published. Which mine has.

4050215 i'm changing that tonight

Have fun. I'll direct my audience to yours I'd you direct your audience to mine.

4050219 while you're at it, go ahead and rout them all through me I'll edit, no charge.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 26
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