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Friends, and I use the term loosely, welcome to the Bastion. Well, it's not exactly the bastion, but it's close enough *No it isn't* SHUT UP! Anyway, for all you people who like Bastion, I bring you, Bastion crossovers.

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313847 Oh, fuck. I just realised that I don't know how to add stories to groups. Crap. THat sort of defeats the purpose of a group.

You know, there are at least two Bastion fanfics on One is called "Island in the Sky" and I can't find the other one. Why aren't they in here?

EDIT: The other is called "To Lands Unknown." Also, "Island Built in the Sky has a sequel, entitled "Return of the Ura."

Okay, here are some rules for any RP that might turn up here:
--First off, the labels. "Anything goes" Means You can say whatever you want, as in you can have as much gore or sex (Or both) that you want.
--Gore Is exactly what it sounds like.
--Sex is what it says on the tin.
--Mature is gore/sex with no detail.
--Friendly is no gore or sex.
That's about it. i hope you have fun with the Rps!

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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