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This instantly needed a revival, so I took it upon myself to be the shipper to do so. The first was started by MintyJoy, so creds to my fellow Fluttercord shipper. Here's how it works:

What is Fluttercord Prompt Tag? It's a game, and here's how you play it:
I'll start off by posting a 100-500 word mini-fic about Fluttershy and Discord. At the end will be a one word prompt. If you would like to write a 100-500 word Fluttercord mini-fic relating to that prompt within the next four hours, comment right away to claim that prompt. Post the story when you finish, and add a one word prompt at the end for the next people to claim.
Simple enough?
Just to make sure everything is clear:
* The mini-fic can be in any style, any tag, AU, humanized, whatever. It can be a cute scene, a snippet of conversation, or an excerpt from an Equestrian history book. It's not expected to be preread or proofread, and if you've never written before that's just fine. Just try to keep it rated teen or lower and make sure it's 100-500 words of fiction about Fluttershy and Discord and it relates somehow to the prompt you claimed.
* Claim prompts with a quick post responding to the last post. Just the word "claimed" is fine. When you finish, make a post with the mini-fic and the next prompt.
* Your claim is valid for four hours, to keep someone from accidentally holding things up all day. After four hours, another person could post a claim for the same prompt. If you ran out of time, and no one else has claimed it, and you still want to write it, just go ahead and reclaim it.
* In the event that people become confused, and two fics are posted for the same prompt, the first one posted contains the official next prompt.
* Please include a one word prompt at the end of your fic. There are lots of words, and they can mean lots of things, and it's up to the next writer what they want to do with it.

I'll start with two: Sick, Madness

I claim Madness, please. :)

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you got!

I'll claim "sick" please.


The awesome has been doubled!

Warnings(?): It's pretty dark, but hopefully still within the realm of "teen."


Your days are numbered. Absolutely numbered. Heck, maybe “days” is a bit generous. More like hours.

When I find you--and I will-- what you did to her will pale in comparison to what I'm going to do to you.

You hurt her. My friend. You hurt her and you didn't count on being hunted down by a chaos god, did you? I can smell you. I can feel you in the air. It's not that hard to track down scum. One can smell their fear. They reek of it, and in a few hours you'll wish you had any sense of smell left.

I wonder if you've ever pondered what it would feel like to leave this world; and by that I mean leave this reality and fall into a pit of pure chaos. I am chaos. I love chaos. But I know most little feeble pony minds couldn't handle falling down a hole of pure chaos. You might get torn apart and put back together again. You might disintegrate and become star dust. You might lose all sense of time and feel like you're falling through infinity. And the whole time you might never age.

You think I'm going to tear you to pieces with my teeth and claws? While it's true that I have the characteristics of a predator and can be quite frightening to you herd animals I prefer to think my most potent weapon is my brain.

You see, I'm not entirely sane. And when you hurt the ones I love I can't be bothered trying to reign in my power, and my brain gets very, very creative.

When you've spent one thousand years in stone, trust me; Your brain is all you can be creative with. So I've honed it like a fine craft, but that still doesn't make me sane. You wouldn't be sane either if you were a statue for that long. No one would. How fortunate for you.

Did you think you were a big, bad stallion? Picking on nice, gentle mares? How utterly daring of you. Did you laugh when you held her down and she struggled?

I'm going to laugh at you. You're going to suffer. Oh, boy. How you're going to suffer.

I won't be merciful. You can beg all you like but do you think I give a crap? It's not like you were merciful when she begged you to stop, were you? No, and that's why soon you'll wish you never existed.

You're closer now. I might even find you within minutes, and then you'll wish you could have stretched out those minutes a bit longer.

Your number's up, boy.

You're going to learn that you never hurt the ones I love.

Yeah it was dark, but I've always wanted to write something about Discord going absolutely nova if anyone hurt Fluttershy.

Prompt word: Starlight


Holy cow, that was amazing! Love it! Alright, I gotta claim Starlight.


Thank you! And yay! :twilightsmile:

Disclaimer: what started as a short Fluttercord story reached close to the word limit before either character had entered it and became an intro chapter to a longer Fluttercord story. Apologies, will have to practice keeping it short.


Apple Bloom woke up and stretched. It had been a long time since her anxiety about her cutie mark, or lack thereof. Nevertheless she had gotten into the habit of routinely checking her rump to see if one had developed. It was almost a reflex by now and she had become accustomed to seeing nothing there. So it came as quite a surprise to Apple Bloom to see Tirek’s face staring back at her from her hindquarters.

“Granny!” She shrieked at the top of her voice. “Sis! Heeelp!”

The Apple Jack family arrived in the door frame at once in a panic of hooves.

“Heavens to Betsy, little sister! What's all the commotion? Did ya have another bad dream?” Applejack’s concerned face strained around the corner as the full weight of Big McIntosh threatened to knock the air from her lungs.

“I might be having a nightmare now!” Apple Bloom wailed and pointed to her new Cutie Mark. “It's the end of the world! I can't go to school with this!!!”

“Would you get off me, ya big galoot!” Applejack pushed through the bottleneck of Apple family members and knelt down beside her sister. “Well, it ain't… that bad…” She offered. Apple Bloom howled louder. “I'm sure Granny’s got somethin’ to treat this. It'll clear right up and, in a couple of years, you'll be able to look back and laugh.”

“What if…” Apple Bloom sniffed, tears streaming down her cheeks, “what if it's permanent? What if it's my actual Cutie Mark? Whatever it means can't be good, can it?”

“Aww, too early to be writin’ off yer whole future just yet, sis. Let's get to the bottom of this, shall we?”

Granny had finally made it through the throng in the hall and straightened her apron with a humph.

“You stay here with Granny alright? I gotta speak to some folks about this.” Applejack kissed her. The foal sniffed and nodded, trying to look brave.

Applejack trotted out of the house and broke into a canter. She needed to find Twilight and Discord, they'd know what to do. She had tried to hide her fears in front of her little sister but the whisper in her head had been impossible to ignore: “I will give your grandma eternal life if you give me what I want.”

Prompt word: cider

Starlight (Warning: this is gonna get pretty feelsy and a bit gory)

It was a peaceful night in Ponyville and Fluttershy was determined to enjoy it. She was going to enjoy every last second of this peaceful night because she knew that Ponyville was not the type of place that would be labeled as "peaceful". But no matter how much she tried to bask in the night's glory, she failed miserably. Everything about the night reminded her of him, the one she loved with all her heart. The one she lost. Gazing upon the beautiful stars, Fluttershy wept as she remembered the last time she saw him.

He had a sad look in his eyes, which where slowly losing their glow. Discord was wounded, stabbed in the heart by an unknown creature, even to Fluttershy. His immortality had finally come to an end. He gazed up at the angel-of-a-pegasus, who, for reasons he couldn't fathom, had loved and been married to him for five years. Five amazingly blissful years. Tears were streaming down her face. He couldn't bare to see her sad, but he could barely do anything about it.
"This wasn't supposed to end now! This wasn't ever supposed to end", she said in between sobs. Discord was trying extremely hard not to cry; he didn't want to make things worse. He looked up at the stars to avoid her gaze. They glistened against the tops of the Everfree trees. Suddenly, he got an idea to calm her down.
"And it never will.", Discord whispered as he stroked her mane, "Just look up at the stars and I'll be there, watching you. Because I love you." The small, yellow pegasus stopped and looked up at the stars, shining like the most precious gems, then sadly smiled down at him. Discord looked at his wife and returned her smile, his eyes also filled with tears. And with that, the draconequus took his final breath and died.

Fluttershy continued to look up at the sky and suddenly her tears came to a halt. She could've swore she saw his face, made up of stars, winking at her.
"It never did end, did it?", she sadly smiled at the stars, the last piece of him she had, yet the most precious piece of all.

Well, that was pretty small. Next prompt: Never


D'awww the feels!

Lovely story. Not claiming this one, gonna give someone else a chance.

Omg, I'm so glad this is being revived. These were so much fun but the other one got fairly quiet. ;)

Well, since 4425890 's time has run out, I guess I'll claim cider.


To be honest, Fluttershy wasn't much of a drinker. She often refused to go to the bar with AJ, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity when they asked her to, though it was partially her shyness too. But tonight, she practically begged to go with them. The girls were a bit shocked, but agreed to let her come. But what they didn't know was that Fluttershy wasn't coming with them to enjoy herself. She was coming to forget.

Discord felt awful. He couldn't believe he yelled at her. HE yelled at HER. A poor, defenseless pegasus who could barely get through the day without cowering once. And he had yelled at her, saying that she didn't spend enough time with him, that she spent more time with the other elements or Tree Hugger or her animals. He was being awfully selfish. At this moment, all Discord wanted to do was pretend it never happened. And he knew the perfect way to do so.

It had been ages since Fluttershy had been in a bar, let alone had a drink. But the pain was unbearable. Discord was right, she had practically been avoiding him ever since the Gala. It wasn't because she was embarrassed by him, or at least she didn't think so. It was simply because she had business to attend to and he didn't. Still, she did hang out with Tree Hugger a lot more than she needed to. Fluttershy shook her head. No, she wasn't going to think these terrible thoughts. She was going to forget. Fluttershy then ordered a cider and asked the bartender to make it hard.

Discord flew into the bar. Nopony was really freaked out by him anymore now that he had become a regular at the place. He needed something to do with all this free time, so he usually went there for cider. It was the norm; Rarity, AJ, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy all getting drinks, same colts gambling, same- wait, rewind. FLUTTERSHY WAS HERE?!? DRINKING CIDER?!? He had never seen her here, let alone DRINKING! Geez, he had really made an impact in her with that rant, hadn't he? Well, he wasn't going to sit around and let his friend get drunk (probably for the first time). He had to apologize and fix things before she became a cideraholic. Just the thought of that made him shudder.

Fluttershy was on her third cider, which she was just barely holding. Applejack and Rainbiw Dash looked impressed, though they were already on their tenth and twelfth. Everything was becoming a little hazy to Fluttershy, but that wasn't enough for her. She had to forget. Suddenly, she felt a tapping on her shoulder and turned around. Standing before her was a very concerned looking Discord. Okay, that was enough cider for her.
"Are you really here or-"
"Yes, I'm really here. You're not that drunk yet, thank Celestia.", the draconequus replied, taking her mug of cider away from her. He sighed and started to say something, but all that came out was a mumble.
"I'm-um. I'm sor-sorre-s-oh, you know what, I give up." The draconequus pressed his lips against the pegasus, leaving everypony gawking at the two. Fluttershy herself was a bit in shock, but slowly she retuned the kiss. It said all the "sorry's" Discord could ever try to give.

It's 1:30 AM here and I probably went over the word limit, but OH WELL!! Next prompt: First

This should probably go in mature/gore, teen, slice of life.


Getting into Discord’s home dimension had been easy: Spike had nabbed the postal address from Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie had forged a letter from her, inviting him to tea. Then all they had to do was wait for the twitchiest, traumatised mail carrier to trot by and follow him. Piece of cake! Quite how they were supposed to get out again was another matter.

The intrepid adventurers approached Discord’s house with extreme caution. They could hear clacking sounds coming from within.

“What’s that?!” Spike whispered fearfully.

Pinkie Pie shook her head and pressed forward. They peered through the window of the cottage, at what should have been a cosy little kitchen but which transpired to be a large field with sky overhead. Discord stood in the middle of the field, his chest heaving as he bellowed. His one antler looked ragged and filled with moss. Half of his face was slick with blood. His body trembled, his pupils dancing wildly. The intrepid adventurers clung to each other, unable to look away.

“That’s a first!” whispered Spike, his eyes wide.

Across the field, an answering bellow came. An impressive red stag swaggered into view. He too was quivering with testosterone and pawing the ground.

Fluttershy stepped out of the bushes, a clipboard tucked behind her wing and a pencil behind her ear. “Very good Discord, now let him win when he charges you.”

Discord broke scene and looked over at her with a panicked look on his face. “Oh Fluttershy, must I? Are you sure I couldn’t have conjured up a deer for him to rut with?”

“We’ve been over this,” she explained patiently, “He gets spooked by the conjured stags. It has to be a real challenger and it has to be someone who will respond the way the study tests have been set up and not try to beat him every time. I hope I can count on you.”

Discord winced at the implication and straightened up, blasting hot air from his nostrils. “Let’s do this!”

The stag needed no further encouragement and charged. Discord let the idea of hurling the stag back with a shockwave of bats linger in his mind for a beat, before clashing meakly and surrendering.

"Being a grown-up is weird!" Spike shuddered. Pinkie Pie chuckled.

Fluttershy scribbled rapidly in her clipboard. “This is great, Discord! A few more interactions like this and he’ll be ready to play with real deer. Thank you so much!”

“Any time, Fluttershy. Any time,” Discord wiped the blood from his eye. That was his excuse and he was sticking to it.

Prompt word: curse.


Ahahahaha brilliant! Am amused by the contrast of the testosterone fuelled deer and Discord doing stupid things to impress Fluttershy. Surreee...there's no difference there.

I don't think it warrants mature.


So cute! I love his apology. He's a draconequus of action- not words! lol


Right, I claim curse.


“…and then the princess kissed the monster, and the curse was broken and he turned into a handsome prince! And they lived happily ever after, The End. Now, time for bed…”

“Aw, do we have to?” whined Scootaloo.

“Yeah, it’s not even that late,” added Apple Bloom.

“Yup,” said Fluttershy. “That was the deal. I read you a story then you go to bed.”

“Kind of a lame story wasn’t it?” said Discord, perched on the arm of the couch like a humongous yet comical reptilian bird.

“How so?” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah, how so?” parroted Sweetie Belle, who was hoping the prolonged conversation would stave off bed time a little longer. Fluttershy wasn’t fooled.

“The ending ruined it!” said Discord.

“But it was a happy ending!” said Sweetie Belle.

“Was it, foal? Was it really?” said the draconequus, sizing up the filly with one of his great, red eyes.


“Why did he have to turn into a handsome prince for her to love him?”

“I’m…not sure, actually,” said Fluttershy truthfully. She thought for a minute. “Perhaps he wasn’t happy being a monster and her kiss of true love broke the spell.”

“Phooey!” said Discord, in the tone of a petulant child. “Nowhere in the story did it say he wasn’t happy being a monster. It also seemed to imply that one must conform to social aesthetics in order to be accepted in society. Hardly a great lesson for foals, I should say.”

“Whu?” said Scootaloo. Discord was using big words again.

“I liked the story,” said Apple Bloom.

“You would,” said Discord.

“Okay…that’s enough of that, I think,” said Fluttershy, and she nudged the Cutie Mark Crusaders towards the spare room. "I think it’s time I tucked you in. "

“Awww!” came the protest from the three fillies, but eventually Fluttershy managed to calm them down and they were snoozing.

She shut the door quietly and went to re-join Discord in the living room.

“Now, what was that really about?” she said to him.

“What do you mean? It was a poorly written story. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Is that so?”

“I just think the idea that she kisses him and he changes into something completely different in order for her to love him is a bit unrealistic.”

“Perhaps,” whispered Fluttershy, moving closer.

"I mean...it's just wishful thinking isn't it? Not to mention shallow and mmmpfhh..."

Fluttershy had placed her hooves on either side of Discord’s face and kissed him softly on the lips.

It took him a second to realize what was happening, but when he did, he returned the kiss with greater pressure and so did she. Eventually they both came up for air.

“Uh…wow,” said Discord.

“Hmm,” said Fluttershy. “I don’t see any change…”


“And I’m quite relieved,” she said smiling at him.

He grinned at her happily.

“So, now that the kiddies are in bed, you wanna get cozy by the fireplace?”

Fluttershy giggled. “Sounds good to me.”

He put his lion paw around her. “I warn you though, I’m a monster.”

“Handsome princes are overrated.”

Prompt word: Sleep

I had no idea this was a thing! I will definitely have to have a jab at it soon!

Hey, look who's back (it's me)!

Anyway, time to write some stuff.


Celestia gazed upon the statue of the draconequus that was once her friend. Barely one hundred years after the incident, she was alone. Her sister had been banished to the moon to save all of Equestria, but every night there would be a longing in Celestia's heart to see Luna again. The elder princess was becoming very weary from rising the sun early in the morning and positioning the stars and moon at night. Yet, she tried not to let it get the best of her; she didn't want to become a tyrant like-
"Why hello, Tia. Long time no see."
"Discord.", Celestia growled back, her body in full attack mode.
"Relax, you're only dreaming. You fell asleep after set the night sky up. Luna slacking off?", the draconequus chuckled to himself. Celestia's stance didn't change; she knew Discord was one to manipulate others. Yet, she couldn't stop a small tear from slowly slipping down her muzzle.
"She's gone. I-I had to- I had to b-banish her to the moon. For the sake of Equestria.", she whispered out, more tears streaming down. Now Discord's taunting face had turned to one of confusion.
"I don't understand, you saved Equestria. Why are you so sad?" Celestia glared at the evil being, only to get a confused look back from him. He sincerely didn't understand love. Before the princess could respond, she received a vision.
A young yellow mare with a flowing pink mane and soft, blue eyes was laughing at the draconequus's silly antics. He was juggling apples and took a bite out off them each time they neared his mouth. However, when he bit into them, they became oranges. In Discord's eyes, Celestia saw an unusual glint.. He was in love.
Celestia gasped as she woke, finding herself to now be in her sleeping quarters.
"In nine hundred years time, they will meet. Chaos shall be reformed."
Next prompt: Laugh


I'll take laugh

I'll take Hangovers!

Discord floated into Fluttershys bedroom and almost slammed down a glass of water on a bedside table. A yellow hoof slowly wiggled it's way out from underneath the covers on the bed and made small shaking motions towards the noise. "Please... my head," Fluttershy mumbled as she retracted her hoof.

"Well who was the one who decided to drink too much last night hmm?". He didn't give her time to answer, "And guess what poor soul is left to deal with said ponys hangover! It's Tuesday today Fluttershy, you know, the day we have our tea party? Or have you forgotten?" Discord whined like a foal.

A tired face emerged from the top of the covers and peeped over toward Discord, wincing slightly as the sunlight from the window burned her eyes, "I'm sorry Discord. I had no idea they were alcoholic drinks. Otherwise I wouldn't of-"

Discord cut her off, "Who doesn't notice that they're drinking alcohol!"

Fluttershy blushed lightly, he was right and she felt silly. "Y-you can go if you want. I'm sure I'll be fine on my own."

Discord sighed, "Well I'm here now so I suppose I might as well stay and take care of my best friend."

She gave him a smile of thanks before snuggling back down into the warmth of her bed. "You're a good friend, Discord," she mumbled from underneath.

"That's not what you were telling me last night."

Fluttershy bolted straight up, immediately regretting it and tightly holding onto her head as it pounded, "W-WHAT!?" she huskily shouted (though it was rather quiet, considering it was Fluttershy).

Discord inwardly chuckled to himself, "You don't remember, dear?"

"N-no I don't. What... what happened? What did I say?"

"Oh not much really." This relaxed and calmed Fluttershys heart rate. "Just that you love me and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me blah blah blah you told me you wanted to have my kids. Oh and you even attempted to propose to me right before you fell flat on your face and passed out."

Fluttershy's typically innocent yellow face now resembled the shade of a ripe tomato. She felt that she was on the verge of passing out, though considering the situation, she figured it would be a good option to do so right now. However, instead she pulled her duvet tightly over her head and curled up into an impossibly tiny ball.

"So?" Fluttershy heard from under her protection of softness.

"W-w-what?" she managed to mumble out, her face still burning.

"So, is it true?"

Such a serious question coming from Discord left her more flustered than she already was. But after a couple of minutes of silence, other than her hazed breathing, she shut her eyes tight and slowly nodded.

"HA! I knew it! Of course I knew it, I'm always right! I knew I would be able to get you to spill the beans and prove my theory!" Discord screamed with joy as he did a victory jig in the air over her bed.

Fluttershy peeled the covers down to her eyes (still trying to hide her red face), out of confusion. She took a second to stabilize her spinning head before asking, "W-what? You mean that I really didn't say those things to you last night?"

"Nope!" he replied rather too excitedly.

"B-but... Oh dear," she shrunk back down. But before she could fully delve back into her cave of blankets a pair of lips pressed themselves against her forehead.

"I'll go make some tea then shall I?" Discord said softly after releasing from the kiss.

Fluttershy nodded in reply, still shocked.

Just as the draconequus left her room she cuddled the covers close to her chest, a small smile and blush resting on her face.

Nooby writer here aha
Next Prompt: Listen

4431148 I'll claim listen!

This prompt was brought to you by cheese. All the cheesiness. sorry

Fluttershy loved the night. It was quiet and still, with the exception of Angel when he had trouble sleeping or when the Cutie Mark Crusaders had their sleepovers at her cottage and didn't even bother sleeping. She would take in the silence like music.

Recently, however, things took a slight change.

She couldn't begin to describe how they got there, yet there they were, wrapped in one another's embrace. Even though winter had long since arrived, she felt warm in his comfortable and surprisingly gentle hold.

As she lay her head on his chest, she could hear his heart beating. There wasn't anything strange or different about his heart. It wasn't in his stomach. He didn't have two of them. Just: thump-thump. Thump thump. It was completely normal.

Not just that. This whole moment felt normal. Not an ounce of chaos to be seen. He didn't snap his fingers to make something different, but instead he ran them through her mane. Not a furniture out of place, and the gravity didn't turn off. There was only peace and quiet.


“What is?”

Fluttershy flinched, letting out a tiny squeal. “I said that out loud?”

“Just that one word. What's weird, though? Now I'm interested.” She could practically see Discord grinning like a child, even though she couldn't glance up at his face.

She hesitated. “Well... this. ”

"This?" he asked, for once confused by what she said. How the tables turned. "Might want to be more specific, Fluttershy."

"I don't know how to describe it. We're... sitting here. And it feels normal," she said. Thump-thump. "No chaos or anything."

"Should I be offended?" he chuckled

"No!" Fluttershy nudged him playfully. "I'm... I'm just surprised a little. I didn't expect sleeping with you to be so nice. I-I like it," she admitted, and she could feel a soft blush rising to her cheeks.

Discord shrugged. "Being too crazy all the time can become too consistent. A little peace and quiet doesn't hurt every once in a while. I simply hope you don't start to lose interest in what I do."

She smiled. Though he tried to hide it, he wasn't really good at hiding those little insecurities. “You know I love that, too. Just like I love you.”

His heart began to beat faster, and she could hear him gulp. Fluttershy giggled and looked up at him. Sure enough, he looked shy and nervous, because those words always did that to him. He didn't respond, just stared at her.

And as she pressed her lips to his, Discord's nervousness melted away, allowing him to return the kiss.

Yes, these nights were different, not as alone and not as quiet.

It was a good different, though.

Next Prompt: Light

(cuddles ftw)


Cuddles definitely ftw. :yay:

Alrighty, time for more writing!
Kids Warning: If you don't like OC's, don't read this.

The little, white filly stared up at the murals of glass on her Auntie Tia's walls. They depicted many scenes from Equestria's past, from when the Crystal Empire was saved by Spike to Princess Twilight Sparkle's descent into princesshood. She wasn't interested in those, though; she was more intrigued by the stained glass picture showing her father being defeated by the Elements. Crazia knew the stories about how her father was evil once. She knew that his chaos could get out of hoof from time to time, especially when he was upset. However, this made Crazia (or Crazy as most called her) worry. She was born a pegasus like her mother, but she could use chaotic magic here and there. She never meant to, it just happened. She was often criticized by the adult ponies, the foals being too young to understand and turn in her as well. In a way, she was grateful that her playmates didn't know about her horrid mistakes. Then again, it made facing adults harder and harder.

"The painting is very intriguing, isn't it?", the Princess of the Moon said from behind her, startling the filly.
"Auntie Luna! I didn't see you there.", the filly replied, hiding behind her jet-black mane to hide her embarrassment.
"It is alright, child. But why are you so invested on this window in particular, other than it being a fine work of art?", the princess replied, gesturing toward the art.
"Well, I was just thinking about how ponies say I only cause trouble. How they say I'm worthless and that I shouldn't exist.", the filly sadly, yet quietly stated. The room was once again filled with silence. Luna wanted to console her niece, but she didn't know how. She had been banished before she could hear such terrible things said about Nightmare Moon, and even afterwards, ponies feared her, but didn't hate her. Crazia had barely done anything wrong, but Luna did not feel telling her that or giving her one of those inspirational speeches about being unique that were heard a million times would benefit the child. She was so lost and felt terrible.

Suddenly, one of her guards-in-training entered the room.
"Hello Princess!", the little colt said, smiling up to her,"Your sister is looking for yo-". The colt stopped in his tracks as he saw Crazy staring up at the picture, tears in her eyes. Slowly, he trotted up to the filly and sat next to her.
"That's Discord, isn't it? He's one of my heroes.", the almost-guard stated.
"Not very many ponies say that. Why do you think so?", Crazy asked, a bit confused.
"Well, he gave the key to Princess Twilight, helping save all of Equestria. Sure, he may not have been the best guy before that, but the fact that he admitted what he did was wrong is what we as guards say is 'the honorable thing to do'. Plus, he became good after that, married the Element of Kindness, and I heard they had a kid too. She's probably my age now, I bet.", the colt said, "Oh, my name's Ray, by the way. Sun Ray." He extended his hoof to shake hers. A bit in shock, the filly shook hooves with Ray, one of her father's few admirers. Luna cleared her throat, reminding Ray of his duties.
"Right. We best be on our way. Farewell, Miss-"
"Crazia, but you can call me Crazy."
"Farewell, then, Miss Crazy.", the guard-in-training replied, saluting before taking the princess to see her sister. Luna knew that because of the colt's adoration for the being of chaos, the product of it would soon learn to accept herself, one way or another.

LONG. That was super long. Oh, well. Oh, yeah, and that had little to no Fluttercord in it. Oh, well x2.

Next Prompt: Why?

4438584 I'm not claiming the prompt, I don't have time to write anything tonight (same thing that happened last time). I just want to say I really like this OC. I have a Fluttercord OC, too, but she kinda fell away from the original idea after I developed her a bit more. Crazia, on the other hand, could have her own story without pulling away from what you mean her to be.

Thank you! I actually might have something in store for Crazia, but it's still a work in progress. There are a lot of bugs that are being fixed currently, but there's at least a 75% chance Crazia might get her own story.


Fluttershy was having a Bad Mane Day. No matter how much she brushed, the normally sleek strands of mane seemed frizzy and tangled.

Discord was coiled up at the foot of her bed, playing lazily with his talons as she sat at the dressing table.

"Oh dear," she said in frustration as one of the brush tips broke off.

"Surely it doesn't matter, Flutters," said Discord, watching her.

"But it does!"


"Because I want to look presentable."

"Ugh. Societal norms."

Fluttershy sighed. Discord was going to go off on one of his long rants about how ponies were so restrictive and unwelcoming towards anything that was different, she was sure of it. Instead he simply said:

"I like the way you look."

The brush stopped in mid stroke as Fluttershy felt a blush spread across her face.

"Um...what did you say?"

Discord uncurled his body and got up from her bed. "I said," he continued, moving closer "I like the way you look."

"Oh..." She was unsure of what to say. Surely he didn't mean it the way she thought he had?

He was looking down at her now, his eyes unusually bright.

"Why?" she said. The minute the word was out of her mouth she felt like an idiot. Why had she even asked that?

"Oh, Fluttershy. Surely you don't need to ask me why. You have a mirror right in front of you."

"Yes," she squeaked. "And the mirror shows me a tired looking pony with unkempt hair."

She felt his paw and talon rest on her shoulders and his voice as he said "Well, yes, I can see that in the mirror too...”

See? I knew he didn't mean it that way.

“But that doesn't make you any less alluring.”

“Alluring?!” she said, the blush on her face now approaching critical levels of scarlet.

She could see him grinning in the mirror.

“Really, Fluttershy. Your blushing only serves to prove my point. No matter what you do you're a rather attractive pony.”

He finds me attractive? Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to gather her thoughts.

Normally when males were interested in her she felt like barricading herself in her cottage with a book and cup of tea until they took the hint, but this was her friend telling her this. She felt none of the usual urge to avoid the male complimenting her. Why didn't she mind?

“Discord...do you...”

She didn't finish her question, because he was kissing her, and after a few moments, she was kissing him back.

He pulled back, and ran his talon through her dishevelled mane.

“You're not going to ask me why I did that, are you?” he said.

“I think I know.” she said softly and smiled.

He held her against his feathered chest as they looked at each other in the mirror.

“Good. Because as devilishly handsome as I am, it's not every day someone like myself works up enough guts to kiss a beautiful girl."

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It was a Tuesday night, the night of the annual April Showers Dance. Usually Fluttershy avoided social events like the plague, but this time her friend Rarity had been on the planning committee and had invited her personally.

She'd been hoping to go with a friend, though. The other Elements were all busy tonight, and she didn't know many other ponies very well - certainly not well enough. Then there was Discord, but she hadn't seen him since she spoke to Rarity.

She was broken out of her glum mood by a familiar, although somewhat frantic knock on her front door. She quickly adjusted her dress before going to open it, if only for the sake of a distraction.

Discord floated in, smiling like a foal. "Good evening, Fluttershy! I'm not late, am I?"

Fluttershy frowned. "For what?"

"Our weekly tea, of course! I thought I might have missed it, but if it's okay..." He stopped when he realized she was giggling at him. "What's wrong? Is there something in my head? Oh, that's where I put my book!" He innocently picked up the dictionary that had mysteriously appeared there.

She smiled at him, reluctant to break the news. Then again, she couldn't just let Rarity down. "Actually, I'm going out tonight. I tried to tell you before, but you kind of vanished. I'm sorry."

The draconequus' grin faded, giving way to a look that, if she hadn't known him well, could have been mistaken for something other than disappointment. "Oh. Well, I'm sure we can do this tomorrow, correct?" He turned to the door again.

"Okay. Although if you want, you can come with me. If it's not too much trouble, I mean."

Discord stopped in his tracks, weighing the situation. The answer was obvious, but he couldn't let himself look too... What did ponies call it? Needy? "... Will there be cake?"

The yellow pegasus' smile widened. "I think so."

"I'll come, then." He snapped his fingers, and suddenly he was wearing a white tuxedo clearly out of his budget. Well, assuming he actually had a budget.

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