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Welcome to all stoners, pothead, weed smokers (thanks Chuckward for taking that a different way). Feel free to post stoner pics of ponies. Ther group must expand a little before I make this any more serious, so think of this as a beta group.

-Fanfictions with weed related ideas or themes
-general discussion of weed experiences with ponies
-pictures of ponies and weed XD
-pictures of ponies smoking weed
-mascots perhaps?
-Stories best to read high
-A thread dedicated to high morals gained from the show
-A thread for things realized while being high and watching the show
-Legalizing news (important for stoners)
-Best fan made music to listen to while high (wargamebrony)

As for the 'illegal' aspect, remember it is legal in some areas so it isn't outright illegal.

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Fellow Bronys that smoke weed.. ..... My god it's real! There is a corner of the internet for me! It's awesome to see you all here, any of you guys interested in making more stoney stories?

This is just the perfect group.

Happy 4/20 everystoney.

Hey guys, just joined and i would like to say, hello. :)

Well finally a group full of assholes that I can tolerate.

Oh and Keep Calm and Smoke On

For the love of Prince Solstice, I must join.

307732 This is relevant to why I came to this page.

Comment posted by Wargame deleted Apr 15th, 2013
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