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If you've got stories about security officers, colony ships, rampant AIs, or journeys through alternate timelines to stop an all-consuming entity, they go here, BOB.


About Marathon:

Marathon is the game that put Bungie on the map in the gaming industry, at least for the Mac OS9 computer world. Yes. Bungie. Makers of Halo. No, the two worlds are not connected. Officially. Unofficially, the references are abound. We could spend this whole thread just pointing them all out, and I'm sure we will sometime in the future.

The official Marathon Series begins with Marathon. It's about a security officer that ends up going throughout the entire ship of Marathon to save it. More details in the game itself. Or a later thread. Because of the unique storytelling method, M1 is great for hardcore story enthusiasts, but not just them.

Marathon 2: Blood Tides of Lh'won, also known as Marathon 2: Durandal, takes place on a different planet entirely. Check this part. The planet it's based off of in real life? It might actually sustain life. Off topic, I know. M2 is the main story point of the game. If you just want to play one game of this series, this is the one to play. It's even been ported to XBLA with HD textures. You can buy it for 800 Microsoft Points, which equates to $10 US.

Marathon 3: Infinity, is where the magic happens. This is also where most of the net-games are played. Even after... 15(?) years, there are still a fair number of people who play it online with each other, or against. They manage to do it with Project Aleph One.

Aleph One is the Marathon engine updated for all three modern OS's. Mac, Windows, And Linux.

Aleph One.There is the Aleph One source forge page, where you can download and play the original trilogy, along with links to some of the most popular scenarios created by players themselves. I would suggest RyokoTK's Phoenix, once you're used to the controls.

Anyway, I'll leave this as this for now. I'll edit in more information as is needed, and maybe elaborate on the plot-lines of each game.

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