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Hello there, I need some help for my upcoming story. I'm putting in OC in a Columbia Where the Vox Populi does not only consist of the lower-class Citizens but the entire city as a whole is Divided. War is inevitable and my main characters caught up in the middle of it. I got some ideas from the American Civil War where entire country was divided in half so it's a similar situation where the character doesn't really want to be on one side. I however, do not wanted to be where the main theme is mostly concentrated on the fact that the main character has friends on both sides. I would like a deeper plot can any of you help me with that?

There could be plans to literally split the citiy apart, dividing it into two separate entities - all things considered they are more of a contingency measure, but none the less some engineers are already working on them.

Well, you could try and get it to where your character is literally caught between the lesser of two evils, working on both sides at different times and trying to figure out who can really be counted on. Then, they learn that both are unworthy and work to create a third movement to restore balance?

1037864 Geralt of Rivia doesn't believe in lesser evil.

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