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Okay, many people have different theories for Songbird's Creation (Even though Fink made him and the blueprints are in the factory) and a lot of people have theories in whether or not he was in BioShock 1 or 2
(Bioshock 1)

(Bioshock 2)

You might need to turn your volume up a bit to hear the screeches.

These are not me playing, just so everyone gets the record straight here.

When playing Bioshock 1 and 2 the first time, I thought these as nothing, but when the videos of Songbird in 1 came out, I thought "Ho-ly shit." Then rumors start spreading about songbird in Bioshock 2... and, well from the video I think we can say:

So... here's where the fun starts. What do YOU think that songbird is screeching about? Because compared to the Death Screech and the ones in 1 and 2, they definitely do NOT match each other. So, work those brain and rev up those fryers, because it's

I played the first BioShock after beating Infinite. After getting to the part where you supposedly hear Songbird's death screams, I came to the conclusion that it's part of that level's soundtrack since you actually hear it multiple times throughout.

We can truly have no idea. Bioshock 1 and 2 both accrued about 10 years apart. Elizabeth's powers let her traverse between time AND space so she could have transfer d them anywhere, anytime. There's also the chance that it's just one big similarity, but not actually song bird. There's also the possibility that somewhere, somehow there's a version of songbird still alive, or another version that had been transfer d to both jack and delta's times. Who know's really. Maybe 2k. :unsuresweetie:

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My theory is that, while yes it MAY be apart of the sound track, I think it is Songbird that came in around the time Jack's presence in Rapture. If you look at Infinite and then Bioshock 1, the area you cross after getting the Electro-bolt Plasmid, one is smashed and blocked by a rock while the other is where the plane comes crashing through. The Welcome Center is technically where everything starts. And that got me thinking, if the Bathysphere was destroyed by a Splicer, but it was still operational, why didn't Jack try it?

Something tells me that Ryan didn't build Rapture as a Paradise to get away from the Government, but what it literally was: A rapture, a safe haven to get away from Columbia attacking the land. Elizabeth is older in the future that Booker crosses over to, like... say 40-something alright? Well put that in the Game Calculator, and 1912 goes up to 1945 to where I believe Ryan started to build Rapture. Then during the Prologue cutscene in Bioshock 2, when he's talking on the T.V. he doesn't look happy, or joyful, but regretful, and sad. Ryan must be connected to Columbia in some way, shape, or form.

Which once again got me thinking. Is Booker not only Comstock, but Ryan as well? While yes the facial differences are... HIGHLY noticeable, you need to remember Plastic Surgery was available in the time of Rapture.

...I think to much, don't I?

Indeed you do. I don't think that it's such a big deal now, and we should just wait for the DLC before we assume anything :twilightsheepish:

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Yeah, I think to much

how do we not know that everyone is Booker (Delta, Ryan, Jack, etc.) how do we not know that Elizabeth and Eleanor aren't the same Fink and Fontaine, Lady Comstock and Sofia. anybody could be anybody Songbird could have an undersea version a whale or something tasked with keeping Rapture safe the possibility's are quite literately endless:moustache:
so all theory's are right and wrong at the same time

Now I have a theory The firs time you hear song bird is it dying and after it died Ryan found it brought it in and tried to replicate it but he died. Fast forward 10 year Elizabeth finds the dead song died and continues trying to replicate it to protect her daughter and what you hear are screams of pain.

I think these elements were used for infinite as loose ends



Which once again got me thinking. Is Booker not only Comstock, but Ryan as well? While yes the facial differences are... HIGHLY noticeable, you need to remember Plastic Surgery was available in the time of Rapture.

That's pseudo-confirmed, because Booker could use the bathyspheres despite the lockdown, which implies some heavy degree of relation to Ryan/Jack.

That being said, I don't think they're in the same timeline per-se... I'd put them more as parallels. In the same way that there is always a lighthouse, there is always a man, and that man's place in the universe is basically the same-- Jack and Booker fill basically the same "spots" in their respective universes, as do Comstock and Ryan. They're equivalents.

I thought the screeches were big daddies?:derpyderp2:
Guess I was wrong...:facehoof:
Anyways, Elizabeth can channel through time periods now...right? 2 questions that hit me.
1: In Bioshock Infinite, how was the Songbird able to channel to Booker and Elizabeth if they channeled way beyond his abilities?! :pinkiegasp:
2: Maybe that the Songbird isn't fully would that mean Bioshock Infinite 2? And how ticked off would he be right now? :twilightsheepish:
Anyways, just wanted to say that I joined here a few days ago and I could use some support on how to write a freaking story here. :facehoof: Can't even find my own fingers (take this as a metaphor...) but I shall give you 5/5 Mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


so would that mean Bioshock Infinite 2?

I hate to be a killjoy, but I find that sorta unlikely, unless they have a new set of protagonists, which would make the Songbird... sorta a random addition. The issue is that a sequel would mean giving an "official" interpretation of the ending, which they had intentionally left vague in a number of areas (Does Elizabeth still exist, where the hell did Booker go, etc). Inevitably, there'd be fandom rage as headcanons were overturned (which probably wouldn't deter them), and (more importantly) critics would see it as more evidence that games are getting dumbed down and start stirring up memories of Mass Effect 3 all over again (which I suspect would be better avoided).

So, yeah. More Bioshock, I could certainly see. Maybe even more Bioshock set in a Columbia. But I doubt it'd be the specific Columbia we've already seen, just as I doubt it'd be reusing any protagonists.

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While yes, they both fill the same "spot", You need to remember that Booker is also Comstock, so could that be the same ideal with Jack and Ryan since the relation is so close?


Thats kinda what I was saying but my thoughts were more what if Booker is Jack just from a different "path" as it were what if all the male pro/antagonists are Booker? I mean Lady Comstock was ripped from somewhere whose to say not rapture? but thanks to all the "paths" all theorys are true in at least one place or "path"

Mhm, absolutely! I was trying to indicate that, but I guess my words got jumbled.

That game severely broke my mind with the jumping of dimensions and all that. I really struggled to follow the ending and I am happy to say that my theory was debunked rather quickly. There was the idea that perhaps these things were happening along a similar timeline and that the multiverse doesnt conform to any one set rule. So in that being the years these actions happen mean nothing and these are all happening at relatively the same time.... I just dont even know what I'm saying anymore.

I don't really think there was any purposeful reference to the song bird in the first bioshock. They probably had no idea that infinite was going to be made so I doubt it. The second one how ever is possible however I have my doubts… Thats what I think at least

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