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A cold breeze sweeps over the streets of Columbia, the sun just peaking it's light over the horizon, bringing false safety the busy morning streets and the ponies that walked through them, if one of them were to take the time to glance upwards, they would see a single earth pony stallion standing on top of a building, leaning against a flag pole. His muzzle hidden behind a blue bandana, as he watched the ponies go about their daily business, but something was off... wrong, this was not what he knew from watching, you could see it in the way they moved, like they wanted to be out of the streets quickly. His eyes twinkled, he had done what he had been asked to do, now he could only wait, wait for the brave, and the stupid to come, looking for HIM.

The stallion laughed, they came looking for a murderer, not knowing what they would start...the foolish would never see what he had weaved out of stupidity, and the smart would think it impossible to do it until it was too late to stop him.

The stallion grinned, letting his sudden mirth run out, turning around he began trotting to the edge of the building, looking back at the town, he let one last chuckle escape his mouth.

When the sun set…he would die, and he was okay with that.

Because he didn’t want to live through what would come next.

Dramatic music:

*A wide shot of a lighthouse is shown, zooming it to the door, a note is posted on it*

"A RP by Spymanx"

*The doors open leading to a silver bowl with the writing "OF THY SINS I SHALL WASH THEE" on a sign above it, leaning into the bowl words appear*

"In association with Fimfiction"

*Dipping your hoofs into the bowl and splashing the water on your face to wake you, the words seem to change*

"And the Bioshock: Equestria group"

*Looking up the words have changed on the sign, it now reads "HUSH NOW, QUIET NOW" in blood. Stepping backwards, you turn around to see the lighthouse doors have swung shut, trapping you inside. You turn to the stairs and begin to walk upwards, stopping to stare at another sign.*

"With thanks to MLP:FIM for being so awesome"

*Staring at the sign, blood seeps from behind it, covering the entire sign in the red substance before more words appear.*


*Walking up the stairs you come to a phone, picking up the receiver, you hold it up to your ear after hearing a faint voice whispering*

"Xenobrony as Nimbus Surfer"

*Dropping the phone, you look up at the map, seeing a posted note on it, leaning in, the words are barely readable.*

"JerryTheHouseGhost as Shadow Walker"

*Shaking your head you continue up the stairs, on the next floor, you see a dead earth pony, a bag over his head and a bloody note on his chest.*

"SandShift as Second Wind"

*You gulp as you continue upwards, finally making it to the top, as you look at the three bells in front of you, you feel something under your hoof, you look down to see a card with a sword, a key, and a scroll. There appears to also be something written on the back, turning it over, a name is imprinted on it.*

"MisterMoniker as Peridot"

*You grab onto the rail as the entire lighthouse seems to shake, you look up and down, and see red light coming from every direction. After a few seconds it dies down, and you see a red chair in the centre of the lighthouse, walking inside it you decide sit down, only to have cuffs trap you in the chair. As a strange ship begins to build around you, you see a pony like shape outside the lighthouse, with an insane smile on it's face. Before you could scream, you felt yourself being launched into the sky...*

"5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, 15,000 feet...Hallelujah."

*You burst through the clouds, into a giant flying city, as you float down you see a poster of a White Alicorn, below the image it reads 'OBEY' above the image words seem to rearrange themselves.*

"Fordregha as Tracer"

*As the craft floats down, it lands in a building, as gears grind as your craft begins moving down at a slightly faster rate, you see several different signs fly past your vision.*

"SCP Pinkamena as Straightjacket"

*The craft suddenly screeches to a halt, before crawling down extremely slowly to a stain glass window. A picture of the same White Alicorn leading a flock of unicorns, Pegasus ponies and Earth ponies onto a ship, with a flying city in the background, the sun high in the sky. Before your very eyes, the image shifts, the sun is at one side of the picture, the moon is at the other, blood covers the faces of the ponies. and you hear an insane laughter echo around the room. The letters at the top of the window finally stop moving, revealing its message.*

Bioshock Equestria: Sunset

*You feel the craft stop, mere inches from the floor, suddenly, blood covers the window, and it shatters inwards, revealing the same black pony from before, only this time it has wings and a horn, before you can react it leaps at your craft, cracking the glass, it jumps at you again, and again and again.*

"Special thanks to Irrational Games"

*As the creature jumps at the craft one last time, and the glass shatters, you feel paralyzed with fear, it seems to reach for you, but instead pulls something from your neck. A small key, on a chain, the key is half gold, half silver. As you feel everything begin to go hazy the creature whisperers one thing to you in a hissing raspy voice.*

"Hussssh Now, the sun has not set yet, you are ssssstil safe... be weary, asssss even time will not sssssssave you from the cold of the night."

*The edges of your vision begin to blur, as you start to wake up. The creature smiles*

"Sssso, I cannot help you anymore, thissss path is yoursssss alone to travel, but do not fear, othersssss will sssshare your path, but it issss sssstil yourssss to walk alone. Be quiet now...jusssst remember... That thissss isss a time of change... everything you know sssshall be broken, keep true to who you are...or become nothing more than a tool of fate. Good will need it..."

*And then, everything goes black, before a surge of power goes through you, as you open your eyes.*

*And begin the last day of your normal life*

Date: 1910 A.A. (After Ascension) day of the Raffle
Location: Columbia
Time: 7:00 AM

This will be the last day of your normal life, make NPC as you please, and do what you want, this will be your opining post, use it to introduce your personality & writing style, to give a bit more idea on how this will work, you will each post about what your Char does, (be detailed! 500 - 2,000 words is normally a great post!) and once you all post, I do an Event post, that tells you what happened, and then you can post to reaction to what happens and so on. Remember PM me if you have a question!
-For those who are still unsure on what you are "reacting to" you just woke up from a horrible nightmare...the details are still a bit fuzzy...well, at least your 'safe' now in/at...

Remember, this is my first RP thread, be easy on me if I made a mistake, there may be a bit of trial and error. The main goal of this is to have fun crafting a story!


[Can I just jump in? Or was there a character submit sheet I missed somewhere?]

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948525 The Role Cast I believe is closed, but you can make another RP Thread. Just read the rules here

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948483 Well first off: VERY GOOD!

Second: I like the fact how you made it all movie opening credits and stuff.

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"Mister Jacket? It's time to take your medication." The nurse said. Of course, being deep in thought, he didn't hear a word she had said. The nurse knew it would be useless to talk directly at him, so she gently placed the food on the floor and slid it in the cell. Two magical arms sprung to life and picked up the plate and slammed the cell door.

He sighed heavily before he nosily ate his food. Still bland, as usual. He stared at the plate before crushing it with his fist. He growled at nurse behind the door and punched it leaving a dent. Once again, he sighed, rubbing the scar on his horn with a magical hand. The deep blue magic arms dimmed and disappeared, leaving his forelegs in the confines of the straight jacket he was in. "...Damn..." He muttered and fell down on his back.

He needed to think. He liked thinking. He remembered things when he thought. The Battle of Wounded Flank... The Bucker Rebellion... His magical arms came back in a fury and slammed into the walls, making dents. The scar on his horn began to leak magical fluid, and he repressed his arms. Being skillful and careful on two legs, he walked to the bed on the side of the room.

"As if the nightmare five minutes ago wasn't bad enough..." He murmured before he closed his eyes and fell asleep...

The nurse had silently walked in, taking the small pieces of the plate and levitated them out of the room, still staring at him. She sighed and turned to leave... but not before a magical hand stabbed her with piece that she missed. She choked up, and held the scream, before ripping the piece out of her flank.

"G-Goodnight Mister Straightjacket..." She said with a shaky voice before closing the door. The magical residue on his horn had finally run out, and the arms had turned black and crumbled. He sighed again, sleep finally taking him victim...

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[He's supposed to have the same role as Slate... but I'm mixing it up]

Shadow Walker's eyes shot open and looked around his room. Letting out a sigh of relief, he said, "It was only a bad dream... I should stop having those."

There was suddenly a loud bang on his door that was soon followed by two more. Shadow Walker, now completely awake, jumped out of his bed and opened the curtains so he could see the clock tower down the street. He couldn't think of anypony who'd want to see him so early in the day.

Another bang at the door. Shadow Walker turned his head toward the door. This was no longer knocking; whoever was at the door was now attempting to break it down. Shadow waited for the pony to bash the door again, listening. This one made a cracking sound. The next hit would surely break the door down. Shadow took this opportunity to run to the side of the door.

When the next hit came, the door broke down. Shadow waited for the mystery pony, now revealed to be an orange stallion, to walk through the threshold before he landed his first blow. His first strike was an uppercut with his right hoof directly to the other pony's jaw. Shadow then attempted to bring in his back-left leg in to kick his assailant, but the stallion was surprisingly ready for it; he caught Shadow's hoof and lifted it up, causing Shadow to fall onto his back.

Shadow rolled over and got up in time to be able to tense up his muscles for the pony's next hit, which was a strong whack to the ribs. After he successfully avoided most of the damage that the hit could have done, Shadow lifted his back legs and bucked the stallion with all of his might, sending the attacker to the ground. He took this opportunity to jump on top of the pony and wrap his right foreleg around its neck. The stallion soon stopped his kicking, and shadow let go.

He stood up and began to think. He felt a little uneasy. Many ponies had attempted to take his life before, but that was when he was on assignments. He had never been hunted down by anypony while he was off the job. Shadow examined the stallion that had attacked him. It was a unicorn, which most likely meant it was affiliated with the Church. Most ponies would expect Shadow to be a member of the Church as well, and he actually used to, but the truth had caused him to join the Apple Rebellion.

If I leave him alive, he'd probably end up finding me again in the future, thought Shadow. He dragged the unconscious pony over to the window. Shadow opened up the window and look down. There were some ponies walking by. Well, I'm gonna have to move anyway. He lifted the stallion's upper body and leaned it out of the windowsill, then lifted its legs and pushed it out the window.

Shadow walked out the door of his apartment and headed to the stairwell. He began to hear faint screams from outside. I might as well head to the rebellion headquarters to get my new assignment.

"Great. I Just woke up from some nightmare and I find out that someone left a not on My door. In bloody letter." Nimbus Surfer muttered to himself as he took the note off the door of his apartment. He decided to pack a revolver and his note book before flying off to his lab at the Vigorous Vigor RaD section.

He was usually accused of being neurotic for carrying a weapon to work but his thoughts on it were usually, "Considering how things are in Columbia better safe than sorry." As he walked through the building to his office and noticed that most of the machinery to be broken.

Nimbus eventually asked one of the workers, "Why isn't any of the machinery working?" The worker responded by saying, "We ran out of shock jockey needed to power the place. We're getting a shipment in a few hours."

This was a typical problem here. When he reached his lab, he noticed something was wrong. As Nimbus Surfer looked around his lab, he noticed his prototype of a vigor based on a wing spell was gone. When he realized this, he hit the alarm to alert the guards to the theft of his prototype.

While he was waiting he took stock of his office to see if anything else was gone. What he had in his office was some salts, his old shotgun, and some old notes on some infusion test subjects. Before he could finish he heard the security guards running towards his office. "I need a drink"...

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Date: 1910 A.A. (After Ascension) day of the Raffle

Location: Columbia

Time: 7:45 AM

He snored when he slept. He always snored. The time he doesn't is when he's sick, then it's just a harsh breathing. Unconsciously, his arms move about the cell, always feeling to see if anything is different. It's like a security system, somethings wrong, the image gets sent to the police. In this case: A shock to the caster of the arms. While they didn't feel anything different psychically, they could sense something was wrong...

A barely noticeable shock raced throughout Straightjacket's body, jolting him awake. With the help of his arms, he wandered to the cell door, looking out the window. Blood. Not the blood of the nurse... everyone's blood. Through the bars in the window, he could see a ring of keys. focusing on one of his arms, he thinned it out so it could reach the keys and unlock the door. Half way through the motion though, he heard heard hoof steps, and quickly grabbed the keys and pulled him into the cell.

"You know, we're supposed to be looking for brothers in arms, not killing them all."

"And where are we supposed to get them? A fucking psycho ward! Color me shocked if a sane pony actually lives here..."

"...She said they had a friend of hers locked up here... and maybe we killed him or her..." The lower rumbling voice said.

The hoof steps fell on Straightjackets door, and silence fell. "Look Bricks... I- (sigh) I'm not saying that we don't do anything, putting these ponies out of their misery is for the best. Aye?"


The door clicked from the other side and opened up to a small pegasus and a large earth pony, both staring at Straightjacket. The pegasus took a breath and pull out a pistol pointing it at his head. "Sorry buddy, you had a good- HURK!" Straightjacket's magical right arm pierced through the small stallion. He dangled on his arm, reaching out trying to pull the arm away, but his hooves soon relaxed and he let go, going limp. His magical arm whipped the body off of it, and then both arms turned to the large stallion.

*Screen goes outside the room only showing the hallway*

"RAGGH!" The large stallion had tried to run out the door, but the arms caught him by the head, one hand covering his eyes, another reaching over his mouth before the door slammed and a blood curdling scream echoed through hall...

Second Wind sat straight up, breathing rapidly. Her eyes took stock of the barracks and all the other bunks with sleeping ponies. To her relief, nothing seemed out of place.
The blue mare relaxed slightly in her bunk, running her hoof through her messy mane before looking over to a nearby clock on the wall. The old black clock ticked loudly, the second hand slowly making its rounds.

7:00? Really? Second Wind groaned inwardly at the realization. Not only did she wake up thirty minutes early, this was the fifth time this week that she had woken up at a random time from a nightmare. She knew it was because of everything she has been experiencing. So many dead ponies, she thought with dread.

Lately, more and more ponies had been found dead, tortured, or mutilated because of the rebellion. Since she was one of the few corpsmares in service, she had to interact with these ponies a lot, trying to heal those who were injured and identify those who weren't.

Not only that, but she had started to witness tortures taking place within the Church. Since the Apple Rebellion had started getting more active, so had the Church with trying to sniff them out.

Shaking her head in an attempt to shake the various images, Second Wind went to her footlocker by her bed and grabbed her uniform and started to quickly put on the blue linen pieces. Might as well get started on today’s duties, Second Wind sighed.

After getting her uniform on and making her bed, she made her way out of the barracks and into the wide courtyard of the military base.

The air was still brisk as Second Wind stepped into the brick courtyard that included all the military buildings of the base. It was quiet here since it was too early for the changing of the watch, and too early for most ponies to be awake. With that, Second Wind’s journey to the mess hall was very uneventful. Peaceful and uneventful. Just the way she liked it.

The large building in front of her was square and made of stone, intimidating with its size but unassuming with its detail. The large wooden doors in the center of it were flanked by a few small windows that were dimly lit. With no hesitation, Second Wind pushed her way through the doors and instantly felt the warmth of the mess hall.

Inside were a bunch of wooden tables, some occupied with ponies and others vacant. On the far side was the kitchen where the smells of culinary work were coming from. With no hesitation, Second Wind started walking towards the kitchen.

Casting a sidelong glance at some of the ponies she passed, she noticed a few from her company, as well as a few she recognized. One group she noticed was one she really dreaded.

To her right as she walked towards the kitchen were a group of stallions, all hunched over and talking. As she passed them, they all looked at her, and one was smirking. Hot Shot, Second Wing thought with disgust. That sorry excuse for a stallion was always riding her about one thing or another, and never hesitated to make a comment about her flank. Ever since boot camp, he had been causing problems, and she expected it to continue for the foreseeable future.

Before she even passed the group, she heard a voice behind her. “Now, that’s a flank I’d love ta buck.” This comment made her pause for a moment, which caused the group to snicker. Hot Shot’s voice commented in an even more snide voice, “I hear she begs for it.”

It’s too early for this, Second Wind inwardly groaned. With that, she quickly turned around and her left hoof rocketed into Hot Shot’s muzzle, knocking him off of his seat.

Immediately, his three friends all jumped off of their seats, and circled her. Second Wind crouched and was ready to start defending blows, but the stallions paused as Hot Shot pushed his way into the group. His muzzle covered in blood, his usual sneer seemed a lot more menacing now.

Well, I really bucked this up, Second Wind thought gloomily.

“Ya know, ya could’ve just asked for it to be rough,” Hot Shot said. “Although, I think it might get a little hot in here, what do you guys think?”

His group of thugs all laughed a little bit, which didn’t boost Second Wind’s confidence. She gasped in surprise as Hot Shot’s forehooves started to melt as flames appeared around them.

Hot Shot started to approach menacingly, but a stern voice caught them all by surprise. All the ponies turned their head to see their commanding officer, Double Time, standing at the entrance of the mess hall. “No vigors in the mess hall, Private!”

Immediately, Hot Shot’s hooves lost their fire and gained their skin back, but Hot Shot still had an air of menace. “Sorry, sir! Just was feeling a bit cold, is all.”

Double Time trotted over to the group and looked around. “I bet you were, Private. Stand at attention when I address you all.” All the ponies in the group, including Second Wind, jumped to attention, straightening their posture and raising their muzzles into position.

Double Time, a tan stallion with a brown mustache and a buzzed mane, watched them with silent intensity, looking for any flaws. After a minute of nopony moving or talking, he stopped his inspection and turned towards Second Wind. “Seeing as you are too bored here, a duty has just so happened to come along. Come with me, Private.”

“Sir, yes sir!” Second Wind saluted crisply before weaving her way out of the group, quickly catching up to her commanding officer who was making his way out of the mess hall. She matched his pace and walked through the doorway with him.

Outside, she allowed herself to strike up a conversation as they headed over to ammunitions building, a smaller brick building at the edge of the courtyard. “Thanks for the save back there, sir.”

“It’s nothing I wouldn’t do for any other pony, Wind. But you really are playing with fire with that stallion.” Double Time smirked a little and chuckled quietly while Second Wind groaned quietly. “But in all seriousness, watch out for who you start fights with.”

“Understood, sir.” Second Wind said. Then with her curiosity piqued, she asked, “So, what is the duty you had for me?”

The two stopped at the front of the building, and Double Time looked at her. “We just got a report that somepony was thrown out of a window and fell several stories onto the ground. We think it’s the Apple Rebellion, so we’re rounding up a few soldiers and a medic or two to investigate. Lucky for you, you’re one of the medics.”

Second Wind sighed sadly as they proceeded into the doorway. Why can’t there be a better way to resolve this than all this killing?

Another thought occurred to her as well as she walked through the building towards the armory: This morning’s nightmare was only the beginning.

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979094 (I'll message him, if he says he wants nothing to do with it, I'll tell ya)

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Thanks, Due to a bit of IRL stuff, I will have the post up by friday at the latest, don't worry, once everything gets sorted out and the ball gets rolling, things will go quicker. :derpytongue2:

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Sorry for the LONG wait guys, life sucks sometimes; I promise I’ll do better!


Tracer enjoyed the thrill of running the roofs, but his thoughts still lingering on a strange hope that something would happen. As he cleared another rooftop and began towards the next one, he had the strangest gut feeling that something was wrong…but what was it? With a sudden burst of Agility, Tracer darted out of the way as a heavy lead pipe missed his head by mere inches, reaching for his pistol, he was surprised as he came face-to-face…well face to eyes with his attacker. A earth pony stallion with a blue bandana over his muzzle and a strange blue jumpsuit on. Not missing a beat Tracer lifted his pistol and pulled the trigger…and heard a sickening empty clicking sound. Tracer’s attacker seemed amused by this.

“Looking for this?” He spoke, his voice smooth and refined as he lifted the clip for Tracer’s pistol and waved it around. Before Tracer could even open his mouth, the stallion continued “Swiped it off of you when you were avoiding the lead pipe swinging at your head. But, to get to the point, I believe you have something that belongs to me?” Tracer quickly weighed the options, the stallion didn’t looked armed, but Tracer had learned that vigors gave you a reason to stay on your hoofs. Tracer turned away to see his chances of running, but before he could decide, he head the stallion chuckle darkly.

“Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head…” And with that, Tracer noticed the lead pipe instantly jump to life and begin flying towards his head…

And everything went black.

Sending you a PM with what happens next


Straightjacket cell door creaked open slowly, as two magical arms slowly helped Straightjacket walking out of the cell, he turned to move down the hall, his straightjacket covered in speckles of blood from the two unfortunate ponies who had tried to “put him out of his misery” that was no hero’s death. He slowly moved down the hall on his two back legs, his magical hands steadying him, he knew where to go, just follow the trail of blood. Before he could move any further, the cell door next to him opened, revealing a simple cell, with a note in the center, and nothing else. Slowly, Straightjacket moved inside, looking about for traps before picking up the note, he took a moment to read it, the crumpled it in his magical hands, he threw it into the fire. He was now armed, not with a weapon, but with information…

he then made his way to the exit relatively undisturbed, if there were any more of those fools around, he hadn’t seen them. As he stood before the exit, he took a deep breath, took his magical arms.
And pushed.

The note will be PMed to you

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker quickly started to pack, he knew he didn’t have much time left before someone called the guard to come investigate, his packing was interrupted by the sound of slow clapping coming from the door, as he turned, he found himself, face-to-face with a earth pony, he then realized that he hadn’t even noticed the lights being dimmed. Trying to get a good look at this new pony, he sqinted his eyes, this seemed to amuse the stallion to no end as he started laughing before speaking.

“Oh, you have no reason to fear me good fellow! I’m just a messenger, no reason to shoot me.”

Shadow didn’t let his guard down, he stayed ready for anything. “The Rebellion normally isn’t this direct.”

The new pony laughed again. Shadow then realized that this pony may not be...all there. “Did I ever say I worked for the rebellion? I work for my own gain, and right now, what helps you, is what helps me. So here you go, something you could use.” The stallion took a small file from under his jumpsuit and threw it as Shadow, who caught it, and read the number on the front.

“#77…what does this mean?” As shadow looked back up, he found the stallion to be gone. Against his better judgment, Shadow opened the file…

And began to read.

Heh, at this rate, I’m going to get old PMing you guys. You know the drill

Nimbus Surfer

Nimbus Surfer gave one final look around the office, before spying a note tucked into one of the barrels of his shotgun, he hid it under his wing as the guards ran into the office. The leader of the guards a Unicorn by the name of Cold Steel, was the first to make it to the office.

“What seems to be the problem Nim?” Nimbus groaned on the inside, Steel always called him Nim, and it annoyed him to no end.

“The problem is, even for all your steel doors and fancy guards, my flight vigor were stolen! Damn shock jockey must of let him or her through…whoever IT was.” Steel looked around for a second before giving Nimbus a pat on the head.

“No need to worry Nim, we will have your vigor back before tea-time, why don’t you take the day off! Go enjoy the raffle! Live a little!” Nimbus sighed; however, he knew that staying would be useless with guards crawling all over his lab for the rest of the day.

“Just…don’t break anything” And with that, Nimbus flew outside he took out the note from under his wing. He began to read the short, hastily written note, before sighing.
This was going to be one of THOSE days…

You know the drill, PM incoming!

Second Wind

And was she right.

She sighed as she looked over the corps outside the building, it hadn’t taken very long to get here, the rest of the guards began entering the building where the body came from, but she couldn’t help but inspect the body, she felt sadness that she would never know this pony’s story…was he rebellion? Church? Or none of them, just an unlucky chap who managed to be in the wrong place and the wrong time?
That was when she noticed the note.
She looked in shock as she realized a note had been placed inside his mouth sometime after death. Second Wind looked around for a second, before reaching down and pulling the note out, she took one look at it, gulped, and realized that the nightmare had just begun.

Do I even need to say it? PM incoming


Location: Somewhere over the roofs of the fair

The stallion chuckled, he had done it! Soon he would be free! Free to use his powers once again! He let his chuckle die in his throat as he felt a rush of worry as he saw several ponies in the crowd…

Ponies that were not suppose to be there.

Ohhhhh…this would complicate things…badddddddd

The stallion began laughing once again, going from chuckling to full on batshit insane, but then again…


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He squinted at the sunlight. It had been a long time since he last the sun. The note was simple: Go to the fair, and something or someone would be there. He took a long breath in, and then a longer breath out.

"Am I ready to play? You bet your sweet little teats I am..." He said, a scowl on his face. He growled with anger as he remembered... him. He looked around for a something that could bring him off the ground to get a better look at the surroundings. Straightjacket spied a flag pole sticking out of a building, and using his arms launched himself up onto the roof tops. He looked at the ground below, and turned to the right, just in time to see two ponies, one with a pipe, one without. The pipe came and crashed to the back of the stallions head, and he fell unconscious. The pony with the pipe stood there, unmoving before jerking violently and jumped off to another roof.

Straightjacket at first was confused, then he thought nothing of it when he wandered closer to the stallion. He had a brown coat with a grey mane, and he had the cutie mark of a rabbit mid jump. What it meant, he didn't know, but he didn't care. Straightjacket searched the Stallions belongings, and found an ID Card.

Name: Tracer
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony

He silently judged his smiling face on ID Card.

"...Pathetic, not even I would give you a hero's death..." He said coldly, putting back the card. Tracer suddenly shuffled and gave Straightjacket a shock before he quickly jumped onto a rooftop out of his vision...

...But not before a pair of grey eyes watched him jump...

Comment posted by xenobrony deleted May 19th, 2013

Shadow Walker put on a black jacket and put a wad of money inside of one of the pockets. He took one last look at the file before taking a match and lighting it on fire.

"The raffle, eh? Interesting place for somepony this important to be," he said aloud. Shadow slid his suitcase under the bed. He left for the raffle, which wasn't very far from his apartment. After descending the stairwell, he went through the door and began walking down the street.

When he saw the crowd for the raffle, he began looking around. Sure enough, there were no churchpony guards to be seen. You've got to be kidding me, thought Shadow Walker. This may actually be easier than I thought.

Shadow pushed his way into the crowd so he could get a good view of the stage. The raffle had obviously not started yet, since everypony's attention was on anything but the stage. Well, I'm here now. I guess making small talk with somepony could pass the time. He turned to the closest pony to him. "Quite a nice day we're having, isn't it?"

Second Wind shakily put the note in her saddlebag quickly, and looked around to see if there was anypony that could have placed the note. However, now that most of the Guard had blocked off onlookers from the scene as well as complicating the whole crime scene, it was a lost cause.
She then decided to find Double Time and try to pass the information onto him somehow. Spotting him directing a few other Guards, she ran over to him.
“---And I want you to sweep the room, but be careful. Celestia knows what could be hidden in there.” The three Guards he was talking to saluted quickly and trotted quickly into the building. Double Time turned to her. “Ah, Second Wind. So, you think he killed himself?”
Second Wind shook her head quickly. “No, sir. Somepony definitely did it. And I think I know where they’re going to strike next. But,” she paused, “I can’t tell you.”
Double Time looked at her doubtfully, but waited for her to say something.
“I need you to let me have a few guards so that I can try and prevent the next assassination. Please,” she begged. “You have to trust me.”
With a sigh and a hoof wearily rubbing his temple, Double Time nodded towards her. “Alright, I’ll give you a few to help you out. The rest you’ll have to do on your own.” Second Wind saluted and was about to leave but Double Time leaned towards her suddenly. “Don’t make me regret this, Private.” With that, her commanding officer quickly got the attention of three other pegasi, two stallions and a mare, and gave them orders. “Follow Second Wind to wherever she goes, and listen to her orders. As of right now, she is a Temporary Corporal.”
The four pegasi saluted Double Time before making a small group. Second Wind was quick to get this moving. “We’re looking at a possible assassination. I want two in the air and two on ground when we reach the point.” The corpsmare pointed to the light yellow stallion in the group before pointing to the mare who was a light green. “You and you; names.”
“Tumble Weed, ma’am!” Said the stallion.
“Cloud Spotter, sir!” Added the mare. Second Wind nodded at them both before continuing.
“You two are gonna be my eyes in the skies. I want you to keep tabs on any possible hostiles or anypony with guns or vigors.” The two saluted.
Second Wind then turned to the other stallion, a thicker orange pegasi with a lighter orange Mohawk. “What’s your name?”
“Storm Wall, marm.” He said with a salute and a bit of a smile. She could tell he had quite a personality.
“You’re with me on the ground. We’ll see if we can’t sniff out any suspects.” This elicited a bigger smile and a crack of Storm Wall’s forehooves. “I want you all to follow me, and assume your positions when we get there. I’ll give the signal. Watch your partner, and if you find any suspects or hostiles, subdue first. If they attack, you are good to go on using force. But we’re trying to get information, not make graves. We clear?”
The trio saluted. “Sir, yes sir!”
She readied her wings. “On me. Troops, move out!” With that, she ran for a small bit and shot up into the air towards her destination, followed immediately by three other pegasi.
As the group neared towards the Columbia Raffle, Second Wind started feeling really nervous. What did I get myself into, she thought. This was going to be a lot harder than she had anticipated. But she had to succeed. Upon reaching the row of buildings around where the Raffle would take place, Second Wind slowed slightly so she could give a nod to Tumble Weed and Cloud Spotter.
The two pegasi immediately saw her signal and flew swiftly to the right, leaving Storm Wall and Second Wind alone. She turned to the orange pegasus and nodded, which got a big grin in return. She smiled at his energy, but quickly turned back to business.
Diving down to join the throng of ponies, Second Wind landed softly on the ground, with Storm Wall doing the same behind her. Second Wind tried her best to steer clear of all the ponies, but it seemed that she was gradually forced deeper into the large crowd.
Resignedly, she went the direction that the rest of the crowd was, keeping an eye on her partner, who was having an easier time with the surge of ponies.
“Mares and Gentlestallions, welcome to the Annual Columbia Raffle!”
Second Wind felt her stomache flop at the beginning of the raffle. They didn’t have much time. She quickly forged her way through the crowd to try to get closer to the stage where Twilight Sparkle was beginning the ceremony.
At one point, Second Wind paused to look for her partner, and didn’t see him anywhere. Moreso, she still had a ways to the stage. Second Wind was feeling more panicked every second.
It was at this time, a stallion next to her commented, “Quite a nice day we're having, isn't it?"
She numbly shook her head and replied, “And it just might get worse.”

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He jumped from one roof to another, narrowly avoiding Tracer's eyes and landed on one of the lowest roofs in the city. His magical never faulted on bit throughout the entire thing though. Why? Whenever he strains too much magic, the arm simply turn black and crumble. But now, they're both still here, shining with the elegant deep ocean blue that the always had been.

He sighed and tucked away that answer for later. Leaping off the building onto the ground, he saw where he turned up. The Fair Grounds. He remembered what the note had said, "In a fair of fun...". While it looked like the place he needed to be, something else nagged him. He brushed it off and continued to walk through the fair, ignoring and not bothered by the stares he got the entire time. When he reached on of the gates and found it closed by a animatronic, he picked up one of the Possession bottles and drank it. He touched the the robotic ticket vendor with his Possession filled hand, and the gate opened almost instantly. For a moment, he thought he saw something fly through the air, but shook it off as a bird and nothing more.

"Hey! You!" He heard someone scream. He turned to find a stallion with a tannish coat, white mane and tail, and a cutie mark with a hand saw crossed over a 2X4. The stallion walked over to Straightjacket, and poked a hoof in his chest. "What do you think you're doing here! Didn't you know the zoo ain't hiring?" While Straightjacket ignored his insult the stallion once again poked his chest, harder this time, however. "Oh, I bet you're on your way to the raffle, huh? Well guess what? No animals allowed!" He said with a laugh at the end. Straightjacket still ignored him.

"Oh, what's wrong? Afraid of talking because it come out a little 'mew!'? Or are you just stupid?" The stallion asked again. Straightjacket was now beginning to loose his cool... "Okay, how 'bout this? You're only pretending to be a pony so you can save the day and become a biiig hero," Straight's eyes went wide. "and you're only a bunch animals in a suit, making you a FAKE HER-" The stallion never finished that sentence. Straightjackets hand wrapped all the way around the stallion's head, and he was breathing heavily.

"Fake hero you say? Were you at The Battle of Wounded Flank? Or the Kick-Boxer Rebellion?" He said putting more pressure around his head. "Were you there?! Were you there when my horn was almost blown clean off my head?!" He said, pointing at the gash around his horn. "Huh?! Were you?!" By this point, his was wrapped around his head with so much pressure, that a simple twist would off the stallion.

And that's exactly what happened. A small twist and loud, sickening crack and the stallion went limp. Looking around to see if anyone had seen, he quickly took the body, and threw it off the railing, letting it fall to the ground below. His walk to the raffle was uninterrupted, and in the crowd, he stopped behind two ponies.

"Quite a nice day we're having isn't it?" The stallion said.
"And it just might get worse." The mare replied, shaking her numbly.
Straightjacket bent down to join in. "Oh, I wouldn't say that..."

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Let’s get this show on the road!


Location: over the streets of the fair.

The mysterious stallion crawled along the rooftop, giggling like a small filly. The players were all on the field, the cards were on the table…

And now…it was time to let the show start.

Twilight Sparkle

Location: Columbian raffle.

Today was a good day to be Twilight Sparkle, Twilight thought to herself as she continued her speech, she had told it so many times, that she barley needed to pay attention anymore. Still, she couldn’t shake that feeling in her gut that something was off. She cleared her throat and smiled. Ending her speech, she began part two. “Mares and Gentlecolts, now is the time you’ve all been waiting for, the Columbian raffle!” Cheers broke out from the crowd, she put on a fake smile as she took out a small strip of paper to read out the winning number.

“Number 54!”

A young mare in the back held up a baseball and yelled “That’s me, I won!” She giddily ran up to the front of the stage, Twilight took note of her horn with satisfaction, it was only proper a unicorn won the raffle.

“Now receive your prize!” And with a grand hoof wave, the curtains opened, and a mockery of a wedding song began to play in the background. One the lights turned on, the audience was granted a view of…

A unicorn mare tied to a pole…and a noticeably empty pole beside her.

Twilight paled quickly, how had he escaped? However, before Twilight could even order the guards to see what happened, the sound of gunshots echoed in the background, Twilight gulped as she turned around…

And saw an army of Apple resistance solders docking at the fair.

On second thought…this was a BAD day to be Twilight Sparkle.


Location: Outside the Columbian fair

Applejack was taking a risk, going all in on this attack, a unknown source had confirmed that Twilight would be unguarded at the fair, so Applejack rounded up what she had, and pushed on to the fair. If she could get Twilight, it would send a clear message to the princess, and anypony else who wanted to mess with the resistance.

The cards were all in play, now it was just time to see who had the best hand.


The ropes were tight, but after squirming around for a bit, the ropes came lose, a quick yank later, Tracer was free. Well, as free as one could be in his position. Slowly, Tracer made his way around the room, suddenly, he heard somepony start speaking nearby, thinking quickly, he dove towards the side, only to find that he collided head first with a door. Shaking his head, he opened the door and stepped outside, after regaining his bearings, he realized he was in the middle of the Columbian fair. Suddenly, he heard a collective gasp behind him, and assorted screams of “IT’S THE RESISTANCE!”

Tracer gulped.

This would not end well.

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"Hahaha! It looks like the party's started!" Straightjacket laughed as he was surrounded by Resistance soldiers. He was shot in leg, but no where vital, he had a cut on another leg, once again nothing serious, and to top it off, his magic never gave out.


'Either way, this will be fun.' He thought to himself as the soldiers threw them selves on him. "You're going to fight like that?! Tin Ponies! All of you!" He yelled letting out a magic discharge, knocking them back. He loomed over the nearest pony, a mare with a pink coat and green hair, and let his magical fist fly. He wasn't expecting a buck to his back and a push to the side, as he fell and saw the mare get up and fight with the others. 'Should I...' He thought, reaching back to feel the buckles of his jacket. "No... When I see his face again, then I can..." He said softly and turned to fight again. Three stallions stood behind him guns drawn, and in battle poses, he merrily grinned and let out a wavering scream, letting his (in)sanity control him... Just this once...

As the sound of gunfire began to replace the chatter coming from the crowd of ponies, Shadow Walker saw Second Wind take off into the air. "Windy, wait! It's me!" Shadow watched as the rebellion soldiers began to surround him and the odd stallion in a straitjacket. "Hold on; I'm with you guys!"

"That's what they all say," said one of the rebellion troopers.

"I was hoping you wouldn't say that," replied Shadow Walker. Without any hesitation, Shadow sprang towards the closest rebellion trooper and ran into him, causing the trooper's gun to go off and hit the straitjacketed stallion in the leg. Everypony was silent as they stared at the stallion, who never reacted in any way. "Have fun!" said Shadow. He began to weave his way through the crowd of scared ponies and toward the stage.

When he arrived at the stage, Twilight was nowhere to be seen. Where could she have gone? thought Shadow Walker. Wait, Second Wind took off towards the stage, so that must mean that she's taken Twilight away. Dammit! Wait, Twilight obviously didn't walk all the way here, so that must mean... "An airship," Shadow said to himself.

Since every other direction was being blocked by rebel troops, Shadow began to run through the nearby alleyway. He was about to take a turn to go onto a small street, but decided to go the other direction when he heard voices coming from around the corner. When Shadow finally got out of the alleyway, he saw the airship not too far away, but he also spotted a pony checking it out. Not wanting it to get stolen, he began to charge at the pony, knocking it off the edge and sending it falling down to the distant ground.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" screamed the pony as it fell.

"Oh, shut up!" yelled Shadow Walker. He entered the airship and began to start it up. What's taking them so long?

After a while of waiting, the sound of hoofsteps started coming from outside of the airship. Second Wind and Twilight ran in, but immediately stopped when they saw Shadow.

"It took you long enough, Windy!" said Shadow with a smirk.

Second Wind stood there staring at Shadow for a moment, then walked over and slapped him. "How dare you call me that after all this time, Shadow Walker."

Twilight approached the two. "You know this stallion?"

"I'll say," said Shadow, eliciting a glare from Second Wind.

"We've had the... Misfortune to have met before," answered Second Wind, who then looked at Shadow and asked, "Is the airship ready?"

"As ready as it'll ever be."

Second Wind nodded. "Good; let's get out of here." She then looked at Twilight. "Where to, ma'am?"

Twilight pointed out of the airship's window. "To Celestia's palace."

Shadow watched as Second Wind walked over to the levers and set the coordinates to Celestia's palace.

How am I gonna pull this off?... thought Shadow.

And that's when all hay broke loose.

Second Wind heard the gunshots immediately and sprung into action. She quickly jumped into the air, not hearing a voice behind her call her name, and flew by a rather strange pony fighting a group of Rebellion troops. Now is not the time to get involved with them, she thought grimly. She then zoomed towards Twilight Sparkle, who was hiding behind part of the stage.

Twilight noticed her and quickly put up a shield around her, assuming a defensive position. Second Wind ducked to the side of the stage before trying to assure Twilight. "I'm here to help get you out of here. Names Corporal Second Wind, ma'am." She quickly showed her military stripes to try and convince Twilight. Twilight brightened at the sight of a soldier, but upon noticing Second Wind's wings, there was a small grimace.

Nonetheless, Twilight let down her shield and approached her. "Good. Get me out of here." Twilight's tone of superiority bothered Second Wind, but she overlooked that for the time being in order to focus on the situation.

Several more gunshots were heard amongst the wild screaming. Second Wind looked quickly around to assess the situation, and noticed a back door close to their position. "Stay close to me, ma'am." Twilight nodded and let Second Wind guide her quickly towards the door. Pulling out a pistol, Second Wind prepared for what may be on the other side of the door.

Second Wind and Twilight quickly reached the door, and paused. Second Wind looked around once more before trying the handle. With some satisfaction, the door was unlocked. She turned to her purple charge and nodded towards the door. "I want you to let me go out first and make sure the coast is clear. I'll signal you when it's clear."

Twilight nodded and moved to the side of the door. Second Wind readied herself before quickly opening up the door and looking about, gun at the ready. Thankfully, nothing was in the alleyway behind the stage. She did one more check before taking a few steps out. She then called for Twilight, who immediately came through the doorway.

Second Wind looked at Twilight. "We need to find a safe place for you, ma'am. Do you have any safe houses close by?"

Twilight nodded. "Yes, my personal airship is tied at a dock near here. Escort me there." She then proceeded to run down the alleyway, to which Second Wind quickly matched.

At this point, the noise of the chaos at the Raffle had increased, many ponies running wildly and screaming. This made it hard going for the two ponies. However, Twilight created a shield around herself and pushed on easier. Second Wind noted this with some disapproval. Could've included me, she thought as they weaved their way through the throng of ponies.

Dodging onto another street, a relatively small airship was docked not too far from them. Second Wind gave a small burst of speed, trying to scope out the path ahead.

As the two got closer, she noticed that there were two ponies scanning the surrounding buidings. They were both earth ponies, one mare and the other a stallion, armed with repeaters. She slowed and made sure to call attention to them for Twilight's benefit. "Get down, two hostiles." Second Wind ducked with Twilight behind some boxes. "I'll take care of them. Just try and find a way to get to your airship without them noticing."

Twilight nodded once again, and started to sneak off to the left. Second Wind took a quick peek at the two ponies, who hadn't noticed either of them yet. She ducked and started to creep slowly towards them.

Unfortunately, Twilight must have bumped into anything because the sound of crashing metal sounded off to her left. The two ponies quickly looked for the source of the noise, aiming their repeaters in that direction.

Buck! Second Wind sped up a little more to try and eliminate them before they saw Twilight. However, they must have already seen her, since they started unloading bullets. There was no time to try and find alternatives way to take care of the two. With regret, Second Wind stopped behind a wall, and aimed her pistol.

Distantly, she heard a scream and feared the worst. She quickly shot at the two ponies, unloading her whole clip in order to kill both of the ponies. Rest in peace. With that somber thought, she made a mad dash to the area she thought she heard the scream.

Second Wind stopped on the edge of the dock by the airship and looked around. Twilight was no where to be found. Then she heard Twilight's voice to her right. Turning, Twilight was waving at her from the ramp to the airship. "Come on!" With no hesitation, Second Wind galloped over to the ramp.

She looked around with confusion as she made it to the ramp. The airship was already started and all the preparations were made. Yet, Twilight was right here. "Twilight, stay behind me. Somepony has beat us here."

With that, Second Wind reloaded her pistol and carefully slid open the door to the airship. Searching inside, the airship was empty and quiet. The corpsmare quickly made her way to the ship's helm, where a dark grey stallion with a dark black mane was facing the two.

With a smirk, the stallion called out to them, "It took you long enough, Windy!" Second Wind dropped her pistol and stared at him in shock. Then, anger gradually overtook her and she walked over to the stallion before slapping across the face.

"How dare you call me that after all this time, Shadow Walker."

Twilight approached the two. "You know this stallion?"

Shadow Walker replied, "I'll say." Which elicited a glare from Second Wind.

"We've had the... misfortune to have met before." Second Wind answered. Then, looking at Shadow Walker, she asked curtly. "Is the airship ready?"

"Ready as it'll ever be."

Second Wind nodded. "Good. Let's get out of here." Then she looked at Twilight. "Where to, ma'am?"

Twilight pointed out of the airship's windows. "To Celestia's Palace."

Second Wind took to the levers of the airship, quickly adjusting to the destination. This day just gets keep getting better and better.

[Hey, everyone. Sorry about dipping out with no warning; I just got back in-state from a month-long training exercise out in Louisiana that my unit kinda sprung on us. Am I still welcome to hop in? If not, I understand.]

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{...While I'm not the ruler of this particular RP, I would say yes you may join. But I'd wait for Max's word}

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Why not! The more the merrier, but you'll have to both introduce your pony and get to the fair...though it doesn't have to be before the attack. I'll send you some information you should know.

1055648 And that means we can haz updates nao? :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see how he gets involved in all this chaos!

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U can haz update soon...want to wait for MisterMoniker to post first.

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Wax on. Wax off. The rag wiped away at the thin layer of dust that had gathered above the mantelpiece, leaving a streak of fresh polish behind it.

Wax on. Peridot hummed quietly to herself as she worked, sweating slightly as she put a little more effort into rubbing away the grime. She'd already finished most of the other household chores for the day, but she was beginning to feel exhausted; the packing she'd finished the night before had taken longer than she had planned.

Wax off. She drew a mint-green hoof across her brow and sighed as she took a quick break. Almost done, now. She'd feel just terrible if she left the place dirty. The telltale clip-clop of hooves on the hardwood floor behind her warned her of the master's return.

"Nearly finished, girl? Make sure you begin preparations for lunch and see about drawing me a bath later on this evening. Celestia above, it seems like you get slower every day."

The unicorn behind her strutted across the room and lowered a pair of bags - full of recent purchases, no doubt - to the floor. Truth be told, Minor Councilstallion Aspen wasn't the worst-looking master she'd ever had the distinct pleasure to serve.

"Ah, but I admit that I do love to watch you work."

He was, however, the most vile. Wax on, Peridot thought to herself as she rubbed furiously at the lacquered wood. She felt his hoof on her flank. Wax off.

She calmly lowered the rag into the dustbin she had brought along with her and wrapped her hoof around the handle of a very large, very red pipe wrench at the bottom. "Please, Master Aspen...I've told you before."

Peridot could almost hear his smirk behind her as he started to run his hoof down her left hindleg. "Oh? What's tha-" the weight of the wrench shattered his jaw and choked off whatever poison was going to come out of his mouth next.

"I'm not that kind of mare, you disgusting bastard." His horn sputtered with a panicked flash of light before the wrench dropped on that, too.


Oh, buck, buck, oh buck me. The pair of pegasus policeponies zipped through the air behind her, firing shots wildly from their semiautomatic pistols. A round careened off the stone pavement half a meter to her right, kicking up a small spray of debris and forcing her to turn down an alley to the left. She had hidden the body without a hitch, hoping against hope that nopony would come to call on the good master before she was...well, anywhere other than in that house.

As luck would have it, she was in fact almost half a block away when the call to alarm came. One of the neighbors must have let themselves in just as soon as she had slipped out the door. Fortunately, she had a bit of a head-start on the police.

Unfortunately, she did not have wings.

"What a wonderfully-executed and daring escape, Peri. You must be the envy of zebra slaves and Earth pony coolies everywhere." Another round ricocheted off the alley wall. The sound startled her so badly she almost missed the freshly-painted letters in the middle of the road ahead of her.

TURN RIGHT, the note declared. She weighed her options, wondered briefly who the hell paints all over the middle of an alley, and leaped around a corner to her right side. Her momentum carried her out into the street, and for just a moment, gut-wrenchingly close to falling over a guardrail and into the great, white unknown beneath the city.

I need to lose them,, she wondered as she dragged herself back from the edge and began sprinting again. But where-?

The rat-a-tat-tat of repeater fire sounded off in the distance, followed by a chorus of shouts and screams. Well, something was happening over there. And judging by the level of commotion, it would be the perfect place to ditch a couple of pegasus chumps.

THIS WAY, another hastily-scrawled splash of paint across a vending cart informed her. It was so comforting to know that some random lunatic out there was taking time out of his busy day to give her directions.

Following the sounds of chaos and gunfire, Peridot ran for her life and dove into the surging crowd of terrified citizens trying to get away from what was apparently a heated firefight. Even more policeponies held the line alongside members of the Church against what looked like a ragtag invasion force of Earth ponies with devastating firepower. She managed to lose her pursuers as she wove her way through the crowd easily enough.

Naturally, her luck ran out. A morbidly obese unicorn stallion slammed into her in his attempt to escape, throwing her bodily to the ground and scattering the contents of her saddlebags. More ponies came running, tripping over her body and stomping on her as they fled. As the civilians began to thin out around her, she became acutely aware of the fact that she was the only Earth pony stuck directly in the middle of a full-stage battle.

And the police were aiming in her direction.


But I thought you were a ghost. D:

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1062202 1062722
A Gentlemanly Ghost

1063540>>1062202>>1062722 He's actually really mean and violent to me :fluttershyouch: Not very gentlemanly, in my opinion.


Did you insult his favorite haberdashery?

1065435>>1065449 No! Don't listen to him; he's lying!

1065449>>1065536 Nary a haberdashery have I made comments of. He is a warmonger of the highest degree. I warn thee, be wary of his silver'd wit, for he will entice thee to turn a mind in such a way against his true being. Be steel'd to his tricks!:moustache: (This is what I get for reading Shakespeare for class)

I definitely read that last part as "steel'd to his dicks."

I can't

Ah, understood. Well then, all other gentlemen who believe that Jerry should be shunned for a total of 30 seconds as is ancient gentlemanly custom, say "aye."

1065619 So, we now know the Shakespearean way to say "prepare your anus."
1066396 Thank thee, Sir Dregha. I appreciate your input immensely!:moustache:

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Twilight Sparkle knew this was going to be hard to explain to Celestia...not only had the Raffle been overrun completely, but she was now leaving with two strange ponies from who knows where. And to top it all off, she still had that gut feeling that something was amiss. At least they were about to set off to the palace.


Twilights ears perked up at the sound of distant, slightly insane laughter. She turned to the two ponies standing around her, they both seemed to have heard it as well. Suddenly, a voice sounded from outside the doors of the airship.

"Ah! Guests! Come in, come in! Welcome to my home friends! We have MUCH to discuss...huh...I thought I invited more of you...oh well, I guess a few are already, NO that doesn't sound about, Welcome Welcome, to your DOOM! NO celestia no...that's worse..."

Twilight looked around frantically at the two ponies in the room with her before whispering to them.

"Do you ponies know who that is?"

The mare dropped to the floor, standing up suddenly, she turned to the stallion smiling at him, she spoke.

" passed."

Tracer was suddenly very worried by the mare's tone of voice. "Passed what?"

The mare laughed, he suddenly remembered the Laugh of the mysterious stallion...and how similar it sounded. Before he could react, she reached behind her back and pulled out a small map.

"He will be waiting...but not for long."

Tracer looked at the map, it appeared to be a crudely drawn path to an airship in the dock.

"What is this?" Tracer looked up to find, to his horror, that the mare was on the floor, foam coming out of her mouth, he had seen this before, a cyanide pill.

Tracer could only gulp.

opened his eyes, his mind returned to him once again, he realized that all the ponies who had attacked him were now dead. He shook his head, returning to the real world, he noticed more enemies approaching, but before he could attack, the first church pony suddenly dropped, a bullet through his head, looking up, Straightjacket turned to see a Stallion hidden in the shadow, he turned and walked off. Straightjacket decided to follow this strange Stallion, twisting through the Alleyway of the Fair, he eventually came to an open docking area, he then noticed that the biggest airship there had a small group of chairs set up in front of the entrance, and sitting inside the entrance to the ship, was a stallion wearing a blue bandana, he appeared to be talking to himself. Straitjacket cocked his head to the side, this stallion was obviously crazy...

Now lets see HOW crazy.

As the police aimed at her, she stood up and dashed off to the side, somewhat aware that bullets were being fired at her. As she made it to an alleyway she dashed inside, she came out in a small clearing, catching her breath, she realized that she was somewhat close to the docks, if she could hide on an airship, she could escape. Before she could move, she heard a loud voice behind her.


Slowly turning around, Peridot noticed a lead pipe laying on the ground. As she came face to face with a church police unicorn, time seemed to slow down,
the pony pulled the trigger,
Peridot picked up the lead pipe,
the pipe hit the pony's jaw,
the pony stumbled back,
and then fell off the railing.

Peridot ran away as she heard the pony scream as he fell to his death, as she made it too the dock. She noticed that right in front of her, there was a gigantic airship, sitting in the archway to the entrance of the airship, there was an earth pony Stallion who appeared to be talking to himself. There were several chairs set up in front of the airship, she could make out the ocational word.

"...welcome...right...guest...NO...prepare...not right..."

Peridot then realized it was only a mater of time before the church found her, and realized this crazy stallion was probably her best chance of escape...

Peridot sighed, this was turning out to be one hell of a day.

1066684>>948655 Hey! New development! Take a look!

1148259 No, it's going on still. We're just trying to find a little more info from Spymanx :twilightsmile:

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? What do you mean...I thought I replied to your message...did you send another one? I didn't get it if you did :applecry:

1149435 I did send another one :raritydespair: I've been waiting for your response without food or water for days. Lemme resend.

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