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The flying city of Columbia...the last stand of ponykind, Celestia has given us everything we, the ponies need to thrive...Unicorns, the majority of Columbia live happily, the Pegasus share similar views to the Unicorns. The Earth ponies...well, somepony needs to do the work, right? The Zebras...well, in Columbia. The church of the Celestial Sun makes sure that we all know Celestia's greatness...and make sure those that don't see her greatness... see the error of their ways. Yet when the sun goes down, and ponies snuggle into their beds...something has been happening...

It started out small, loud noises waking up the population, and grew quickly, soon, stores were being robbed, Churches defiled and statues knocked down and broken, everypony blamed the Apple Resistance for the events, even though it seemed strange, even for those scum. Eventually, it seemed to calm down...

and then the body showed up.

a unicorn priest for the Church of Celestial Sun, found dead, hung on his own bell tower, his horn cut off at the stem, with a simple message written on the bell.

Hush Now, Quiet Now.

Our great leader Celestia had finally seen enough, and took direct action, setting out a warrant for capture/death of whatever caused this evil. A reward of 1,000 Bits for information leading to what happened... and a personal favor from Celestia herself.

So, brave soul, forget your life, forget who you were before, because the sun is setting...

And somewhere in Columbia, SOMETHING is going bump in the night...

So hush now, be quiet now...or you may be next.

Welcome to columbia! (A.K.A BIOSHOCK EQUESTRIA: Sunset) I am spymanx! I will be playing the roll of...well, everypony that isn't you! I'll also deal with any...problems that arise between players. Anyway, this is my first RP thread I've run, but I have done a few before! Now, onto the rules!

No god-mode : Few things in a game are as annoying as a God-Mode player. The sort that pull random things out of their arse to take control of the story, making up powers and assets on the fly without any explanation and always expect things to go their character’s way. Remember, Columbia ain't your cannon Equestria, if you do something incredibly stupid that will warrant death (Like for instance attempting to assassinate Celestia with your bare fist, in the middle of a military drill) then don’t expect to just be able to just say ‘whoopse’ and walk away. Injury and death is a REAL possibility in this game.

Meta-gaming: Please keep in character information IN character and out of character information OUT of character. Just because the yellow earth pony has revealed to the green pegasus that she is a member of the Apple Resistance does not mean that the blue unicorn who was not anywhere near the scene at the time knows about it. This game will have many twists, secrets, and (hopefully) dramatic reveals, but try to keep track of what it is your characters know about your ‘allies’ and what is to be discussed ‘in character’.

Format: Please use proper narrative. Italics for thoughts, “speaking in quotations” and such to make it clear what is being thought and what is said. Use the ‘quotes’ boxes (ala [-quote-] OOC stuff [-/quote]) when speaking out of character such as to ask questions, comment on things happening as a player instead of pony, and otherwise communicate things that the character isn’t.

Story is key, not Dice: I've played my share of tabletops, D&D and all the other goodies, however, I'm following the tradition that makes these FIMfiction RP's so fun: No dice, no stats, just story. There will be a character sheet, but I'm not asking you to fill out a twenty page document.

Players: I'm hoping for anywhere between 3-5 Ponies, I MAY accept more. Rules are simple, no Mary/Gary Sues. (I'll be the judge of that) And ONLY THE 3 PONY RACES WILL BE ACCEPTED. No Alicorns, or Diamond dogs, or dragons, or griffons, or zebras. Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Ponies are your choices...there are advantages to each race, choose wisely.

Before We get too far...lets see who's who in Columbia.

Church Of the Celestial Sun- The church that serves as a symbol to Celestia's own Goals: Harmony and matter what has to be done to keep it. The Church's also serves as Columbia's military and police force. Here are some names to keep an ear out for...

Celestia- God of the church, has given her blessing to Twilight, who runs the day to day operations.

Twilight Sparkles- Head of the church, completely loyal to Celestia above all else.

Rainbow Dash- general of the military forces of Columbia, has a deep hatred of the Apple Rebellion...and Applejack in particular.

Sparkler- A very well known priest of the church, one of the few priest who seems to care about the Earth Ponies.

Apple Rebellion- Celestia has promised Harmony, all she delivers is tyranny, and one family ain't so happy about that. The Apple Rebellion, unlike what is sounds like, is made up of not only Earth Ponies, but Zebras as well, along with sympathizers. Some names to know would be...

Applejack- Head of the Apple Rebellion, very little is known about her, other than her hatred of Rainbow Dash, and Celestia.

Big Mac- Head of the Apple Rebellion military, big brother to Applejack.

Lyra Heartstrings- A unicorn sympathizer, very well known for bringing unicorns into the rebellion.

Zecora- The head of the Apple Rebellions Zebra's force.

Vigorous Vigor Company-

Pinky Pie & Rarity- Heads of Vigorous Vigor Company.

Template sheet, fill this out-


Species -

Gender -

Appearance -

Affiliation -

Special Talent -

Occupation -

Motivation -

Back-story -

Hidden Agenda - (This is information not made available to the other characters, although it may become public as the game goes on. This includes truth of loyalties and histories that are private to the character. Please send this part via PM to me for plot hooks and individual setups. A Hidden Agenda *is not required* to play.)

Other Skills:

Name- Republic Star

Species -Unicorn

Gender -Stallion

Appearance -Black Coat with a Red mane (Do not do this)

Affiliation - Church of the Celestial Sun

Special Talent - Democracy

Occupation - Solder

Motivation - To serve the greater good!

Backstory - (Insert backstory, birth, childhood, motivations, be detailed, and please don't make your char BFF with a Mane6...)

Hidden Agenda - (This is information not made available to the other characters, although it may become public as the game goes on. This includes truth of loyalties and histories that are private to the character. Please send this part via PM to me for plot hooks and individual setups. A Hidden Agenda *is not required* to play.)

Example: Is an earth pony sympathizer, not completely sure in Celestia's power.

Other Skills: Is good with a battle-saddle, even better with the Mare's Leg shotgun

name-Nimbus Surfer



Appearance-Cobalt coat with a short cut grey mane red eyes and severely damaged wings

Affiliation- Vigorous Vigor company

Special talent- aviator related science

Occupation-R@D researcher/soldier

Motivation- searching for way to restore wings

Backstory-former soldier who was recruited to help with flying based vigors on Colombia and act as a security guard if needed after he was court martialed for supposedly killing an important contact and relocated to Colombia to hide until his charges are dropped

Other Skills- skilled with a shotgun carbine due to years serving in the military

Name - Shadow Walker

Species - Unicorn

Gender - Stallion

Appearance - Dark-grey coat, black short-cut mane and tail, dark-blue eyes. Cutie Mark is a total solar eclipse.

Affiliation - Apple Rebellion, former Church of the Celestial Sun member

Special Talent - Espionage

Occupation - Spy for the Apple Rebellion

Motivation - Wants equality for everypony in Columbia

Back-story - Born and raised in the Church of the Celestial Sun. Worked as a spy for the CotCS before getting captured by ponies in the Apple Rebellion. Was convinced to join the Apple Rebellion to fight for equality.

Other Skills - Almost invisible in shadows and has decent hoof-to-hoof fighting skills

Name- Second Wind

Species - Pegasus

Gender - Mare

Appearance - Sky blue coat with a long sandy mane. Cutie Mark is a red cross with two rifles behind it.

Affiliation - Church Of the Celestial Sun

Special Talent - skilled at healing, surgeries, medical things, and knowledgeable about the Equus physiology/anatomy.

Occupation - Corpsmare of the Columbian Military Force

Motivation - Searching for her missing love who "mysteriously" disappeared

Back-story - Part of the military, and is becoming jaded with the violence that is all around her. Coming from an orphanage, she carries the baggage of his past.

Other Skills: Socialite!: Has a knack for persuasion and information gathering; has contacts to help her do so.

Name- Peridot
Species - Earth Pony
Gender - Mare
Appearance - Pale green coat and bright yellow eyes; simply-styled golden mane pulled back into a ponytail
Affiliation - Currently unaffiliated
Special Talent - Largely unexplored due to social status, but has an affinity for architecture and construction
Occupation - Servant
Motivation - To pursue freedom for herself and the ponies around her, no matter the cost
Backstory - Grew up alongside the city of Columbia as an indentured servant, passed from household to household and mistress to master. Currently in the employ of a minor lord among the Columbian nobility; formulating a plan to leave his service and, possibly, start her life anew
Other Skills: Extraordinarily strong due to her life of servitude; clever concerning various facets of city architecture and engineering

SCP Pinkamena
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Giving the shear fact, I say this because you're the only one so far, I'll throw mine in too.

Name- Straightjacket
Species- Unicorn
Gender- Stallion
Appearance- White coat with a grey mane, and dark ocean blue eyes, Cutie Mark is unknown due to the straight jacket he wears.

Affiliation- The Tin Soldiers (Shut up, Slate had a point)

Special Talent- Unknown

Occupation (if you can call it that)- Mental Institution Patient.

Motivation- Fight against the Church and The Rebellion.

Back-Story- Every true hero deserves a heroes death. He was denied that. Gone mad with anger and stricken beyond capability, Straightjacket was a current patient in Nurse Redhearts' Psychiatric Ward. With the Apple Rebellion, they destroyed the building calling to brothers for help. Being in a Ward for 5 years, he had time to practice his magic and learned to manifest things by will, so with two deadly arms with clawed hands, he wanders the streets of Columbia, looking for the one who made him a false hero.

So. 7 companions. So be it. We are, the Fellowship of the Infinite RP.... That didn't sound right, hold on :twilightblush:....

I'm so excited for this to start, I can hardly contain myself. :pinkiehappy:

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I plan on having the first post up by Saturday!

I'm just as excited, the best part of an RP is when somepony does something you couldn't see coming...

Even if that pony is the GM

941654 Oh no, what are you gonna do?! :fluttershbad:

941893 You're totally gonna be the first pony to get killed off!:twilightsmile:

942027 AWWWW:fluttershbad:.... AGAIN?! :trollestia:

942880 Hahah, yeah, just messing :twilightsmile: *ends up dead*

Also, since I'm a pegasus and mare, I'm gonna be about an average height for a mare, and lightweight due to pegasi composition and my character is agile (but not amazingly agile.)

Like Muhammad Ali said, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."


942901 Please, no :fluttercry: I don't wanna die, yet....

Unless you want to join me *pulls out bomb*:pinkiecrazy:

942911 Oh... Dang... :unsuresweetie: You sure?

942027 How about you, Jerry. You want to join me and my bomb?

942921 *Begins defusing bomb* How much time do I have, Grim?

942983 No time at all :moustache:

943000 I'm your bomb-buddy. We blew up together.

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