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SCP Pinkamena
Group Admin

Hello fine members of society, you probably already know my name, but in case you had no idea, my name is SCP Pinkamena. Here at Rapture, we have everything you could every need here...

Father Comstock... the prophet... our savoir has led us to the Eden that is Columbia. When the angel came from heaven and told him what to do, he led us here. And now, with no signs of the False Shepperd, the Lamb with take the throne and wash the mountains of man with fire...

In Rapture, everything is at a fingers touch! Need a light? Use "Incinerate!" Something to far away? Use Telekinesis to grab it!

And now a toast! To Rapture! 1959...

Now we pray to Father Comstock, and Columbia! Let us celebrate! 1912!


  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 2