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Have you played Bioshock infinite? If so witch guns did you use most? Myself fell inlove with the hand cannon and the machine gun.

I just used the rocket launcher and the sniper rifle for most of the game. Both weapons are insta kills against most enemies, so I simply sought to upgrade them to max ammo as soon as possible and never had any problems with that strategy

3957655 cool. Got to test that sometime.

I only had to get rid of them once I'd gotten to the asylum and from then on, but by then it's not as combat intensive so it isn't very necessary until the very end.

The machine gun was my most common weapon. I mostly combined it with the shock jockey to defeat enemies quickly. That's based on the one-two-punch from Bioshock.

Also, weird: I was just thinking about my Bioshock story and then i saw this.

3957644 hand cannon for the tougher once and the bastards i dislike a bit extra
sniper for the twats i can't bother to run to

and vigors for everything in between

The pistol. I... I just love it.

I mostly used the carbine and the shotgun. I like the other ones, but I prefer having a shotgun for close encounters and a rifle to pick off baddies from a distance.

3958144 evryone have difrerent tastes. Even when it comes to guns.:trollestia:

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