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An early concept for ADAM gatherers was genetically modified animals instead of little girls, see

not exactly cute, but what if the game makers ran with this and ended up with something like a MLP:unsuresweetie: salvaging ADAM (Maybe with a organic blood extracting needle for a horn), how would that affect the game.
Would they be brainwashed like the sisters? They might be intelligent, innocent and harmless natural scavengers. How would you save them?
In Bioshock2, in place of Big Sisters, this little ponies might be reviled to grow up to be alicorn lanky with longer needle horns, psychic powers, super strength (Heck we could have them sprout wings). We could go with or without the suit with the right gene tonics, the basket could be replaced with Organic Pockets. I might be getting cared away. Who would Eleanor Lamb be in this AU anyway? Lot to think about.

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