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Do you save the Little Sisters or Harvest them?

I always save them:pinkiesad2:

Save, of course, whether you look at them emotionally or from a game stand point, saving them is the smarter investment.

Saved. In both Bioshock 1 and 2. I couldn't even think of harvesting them. When ever the harvest option came up, I wanted to punch that part of the screen. Who would kill a little girl?


I know how you feel. I happened to press the reload button when next to one before I was going to save her while I was playing last night... Guess what other function uses the X button in that game for a 360:flutterrage:..... I was so pissed about that that I loaded the autosave which sent me back a good two hours:flutterrage:

At least I got to spend another evening with Cohen :rainbowwild:

3118374 I make that mistake sometimes.


And It pissed me off even more because of the fact that I was playing on hard:flutterrage:

I did both. First play-through, I saved them all. Second play-through, I harvested them. Oddly enough, I didn't notice much of a difference (overall) in the amount of ADAM I got since Tenebaum's gifts cover the lost ADAM.

Yeah i saved them all too. And now after DLC it seems that good ending is canon.

I save them I don't have the heart to harvest a child

Y'all are probably gonna hate me for this, but I harvest them. Think of it this way: They're basically mindless freaks with Vampiric qualities, and if you don't save or harvest them, they'll grow up into Big Sisters, while if you save them, they'll remember all the grisly acts they commited in Rapture. So in a way its mercy killing.

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