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I tried asking this a while back and it flopped like a fish out of water:twilightoops:

I got a question for y'all guys and would you kindly answer it:

Why do you enjoy the games of the Bioshock franchise?

I gotta say for me its because they are well-crafted pieces of art. 2K put some TLC into Rapture and Columbia. And proved that games can truly be a piece of art

Playing the Original Bioshock for the first time was an experience in of itself. Hearing Andrew Ryan's Speech and seeing Rapture for the first time made my jaw hit the floor. On several occurrences (Stienman's "Ugly" scream, my first encounter with Houdini Splicers, and those plastered splicers to name a few), I was genuinely scared:raritydespair: Nowadays, the game is definitely showing its age and the combat is clunky but it is still a fun game to play.

Another thing I enjoyed was its little easter eggs and stuff that takes a few playthroughs to notice: such as the fact Ryan's face is on the money in Rapture:rainbowlaugh:, or the barbershop quartet sing the Beach Boys

And the whole series gave us some of the best characters of the seventh console generation.

Cohen with his...... peculiarities:pinkiecrazy:

Atlas with his "catch phrase",

And a crapload of cash
Andrew Ryan with his Oscar worthy voice acting,

and Robert and Rosalind Lutece.... need I say more:trixieshiftright:

And remember my fellow bronies : There's always a man,

There's always a lighthouse

there's always a city

Truly, for me, I love it for the detail and effort the guys have put into making it such a great game. Perfect Mind-fucking story, great game-play, interesting characters, and such captivating and beckoning environments. :pinkiesmile: If I had to pick which character I have as favorite in the whole series; it would be Tannenbaum. Such a great woman.

And its a shame that I haven't popped the game in my 360 since last year:ajsleepy:.... You know what! F:yay:K sleep, time to go to Rapture:eeyup:

Actually no. The lighthouse to Rapture is off the coast of Iceland, and the lighthouse the Columbia is off the coast of Maine (so close, you can see the mainland from there).

I love the storylines. I love the gameplay. I love the original environments. I love the characters. I love the writing. If I go into any further detail, this post will expand to monstrous proportions, so I'll leave it at this.


No need to be technical:applejackunsure:

Bioshock has really transformed the gaming world, a fact that not many really appreciate. Believe it or not, but the gun in one hand and magic in another mechanic that the game had was the basis for which other games have since based in their games. Skyrim being the most noticeable use of this as oblivion was one or the other.

A masterpiece not only in environment but philosophy as well, Culumbia and Rapture explored the extremes of science and religion, and crafted the world around them to fit the philosophy.

And let us not forget the wonderful storytelling the game provided, along with its cast of interesting characters as you mentioned above. The twist from bioshock 1 to me if the 'vader being lukes father' twist of videogames, as all the pieces were there, but nobody ever saw it coming until it had already presented itself.

Overall, an amazing series, while the company making the series might be retiring, I am happy to note that almost all the workers have been picked up by other popular studios. Hopefully we'll be able to see some bioshock themes in future games. A great series, a great investment, and above all else, a great time.


I can totally agree with you man. The twist left me going "wait...WHAT?!?!?!" on my first playthrough:rainbowlaugh: I totally wasn't expecting that to happen and it totally made me question everyone who ever says "would you kindly" FOREVER

I even looked on the wiki to make sure it was correct:facehoof:

Rapture. The setting is a beautiful wasteland of shattered hopes and dreams. A good idea truly gone wrong. The steampunk inspirations, extreme amount of detail in the architecture. The audio logs and ways the lore and background is presented to you. Following the audio logs of someone during and after the attacks. It fleshes out the world more than traditional story telling, or dialogue driven cutscenes ever could.


And you get to see Andrew Ryan's Dream crash down around him



Bioshock, personally, has the best series so far. Their games are filled with so much excitement, fun, and variety that I can't find myself not to like them. I've been replaying the first Bioshock, in fact, I've played it around four times already. Played the second one once (which wasn't enough) and played Infinite once too.

Boy, I absolutely love their games. Too bad Irrational Games was shut down, but at least 2K will carry the series sometime in the future. Gotta love those damn plasmids :twilightsmile:

For me it would have to be the story and the world itself. For me a good game needs a good story. And Bioshock has those in spades. How two cities went from paradise to hells on earth. How people with good intentions soon became corrupted. How the heroes try to survive the challeges ahead of them will trying to keep an hold on their morals, humanity, and or sanity.


Same here, I've played the original about three times thoroughly through and through and it still sends shivers up my spine at times (Steinman's Ugly speech, hearing Cohen's masterpiece in Fleet Hall,


Gotta remember what atlas said

They come down here expecting to be captains of industry. But they forget: somebody's gotta clean the toilets



I'm playing it on hard this time :rainbowkiss:

It's gonna be fun :trollestia:


I've been playing it on hard... Big Daddies are A LOT harder

3086959 First off, thats some awesome artwork right there.

The reason I love BioShock is that it shows us how extreemism of any kind can be dangerous, with the first game showing what can happen if you have an entirely right-wing/Libertarian system, BioShock 2 and how it shows the dangers of Liberalism/Communism/Socialism, and Infinite and how it shows religous extreemism and again, left wing extreemism and its interpretation of the Multiverse theory, and how deep down, we're all pretty despicable in our own ways.


we are all pretty despicable in our own ways

There is a reason none of my IRL pals know internet me

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