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FAQ (Cause it's in fashion to have frequently asked questions before making something public)
updates as of 4/14
updates as of 4/7

email us at

This thread will be kept up to date with current information as things change. Also find links to other threads with their related questions.

Feel free to skip to the following via you internet search function (Ctrl + f) on internet explorer or Firefox.

Who will be in the documentary? - Link to related forum thread. With confirmed guests.
How long will the documentary be?
So you will be airing this at conventions? - Convention discussion forum.
Why are you doing this/what’s the point?
Why are you making fimfiction the primary site for reaching out to the community?

Will we feature original music?

Is the only site you will be reaching out through? - Link to non-fimiction site discussion.
Are you reaching out to different media groups?
Will you cover clop? What about gore fics?
What about troll fics?
Will you be covering the international scene or just the American/English speaking scene?
How you can help/submitting your own fics Process and Guidlines
How to contribute art. submit art or ask questions here.

Who will be in the documentary?
We will be aiming for 7-8 main guests. This will hopefully include:
1+ site admin (not necessarily
1+ cover artist
1 composer, who creates music in tribute to fan fiction (fingers crossed here.)
1 reviewer (again, fingers crossed.)
And at least 6 authors (as many authors fulfill other rolls as well.)
I will be insuring that at least 2 of the people interviewed will be female bronies.

We will be making sure to have both popular and lesser known individuals. The nice thing about not doing this for money is that we don’t need to try to draw a crowd with big names.

We will include the list of confirmed guests bellow. We do not expect to start posting confirmations until April.

Link to related forum thread.

Wanderer D

And Kkat, of Fallout Equestria, will be contributing in a smaller roll, follow the thread link to find out more (at this time not much).

How long will the documentary be?
We are aiming for a 40-45 minute initial release at a convention, though this might go up to an hour depending on circumstances. The actual length might be as long as 90 minutes but more than that is unlikely. The intent is for the convention to be the core standalone documentary and beyond that would be extras or a few topics that we might not be able to get to in the time allotted.

So you will be airing this at conventions?
The initial intent was to release this in tandem with a convention that we have been in contact with. However until we get closer to a release we will not give the name of the convention. If we do not think we will make the date then we will pull out and release the documentary later without having besmirched the name of the convention or giving them extra work. This project is independent of any other aspect of the fandom and we want to respect the image of those who are interested in partnering with us.

We would be happy to let other conventions and meetups air the documentary for free. However scheduling and cost might be an issue for visiting, but we are more than willing to try.

Convention discussion forum.

Why are you doing this/what’s the point? (warning, contains info dump)
When the big production documentary, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, aired I liked it. But I was saddened that it did give stories and authors more than a passing mention.

Then again, after thinking about it, I couldn’t blame them, nor any other documentary. Unlike music you can’t play a 20 second clip, or have something going in the background. You can’t put it up on the screen for a moment like a picture or a clip from an animation or pmv and expect the audience to “get it” or feel connected to the art.

Enjoying fan fiction takes an investment. It doesn’t have to be the 607282 word investment from Fallout Equestria, but it does take more than few minutes to get into most stories. Explaining a story is faster loses all of the impact.

At the same time that I was feeling sad that authors weren’t being covered in documentaries, I had been hearing from others that were disappointed in the fandoms reception/perception of fan fiction. It doesn’t headline at cons, it doesn’t get talked about often by voice actors or DHX employees, and we don’t even have hopes of official Hasbro recognition, but it is one of the more popular aspects of the fandom.

According to (as of 3/24/2013) Equestria Daily is ranked the 23,543 most popular site in the world making it the most popular site tagged pony. Fimfiction is second, ranked 29,586 worldwide. is also the second most popular fanfiction site in the world, losing only to (ranked 6,298 ) which includes 11591 fandoms. actually ranks fimfiction higher than Equestria daily at #25,497 compared to Equestria Daily’s #26,005.

And yet, MLP:FIM fiction isn’t mentioned by popular media, it’s only casualty mentioned in documentaries, and many fans of MLP:FIM fiction feel that it is overlooked even within the brony community, even looked down upon.

I didn’t like those negative feeling. Music and pictures and even videos are created in tribute to fan fiction. We give to the community as much as we take and all we want is to share the love.

That is why I am doing this documentary, for the millions of authors and readers who have given me so much joy and given so much happiness to each other.

Why are you making fimfiction the primary site for reaching out to the community?
1) Price point. It costs us nothing to do this here. While making our own site might be cooler and lead to a better interaction, fimfiction is free. And our budget is limited to a celebratory drink.
2) It works. The group setup should fulfill all our needs and if it misses something or doesn’t do it well we can always link out of it.
3) Fimfiction is also popular ala the previous question. We are also in contact with many people on fimfiction who are interested in this project. is the community I am most involved with, and I could not think of a better group of friends to help us make this the best documentary we can in the limited amount of time we have to do it.
4) I expect a lot of the more interested individuals already have fimfiction accounts. This cuts down on the clutter of logins and passwords that people need to remember and yet still let us reach our target audience.

But make no mistake. is a separate identity from the documentary staff. Any crossover is coincidental.

Will you feature original music
We would like to but without volunteers this won't be possible. We are interested in getting someone to speak on why they make music for/based on fanfiction. We are also interested in using fanfiction music.
If you would like to apply/would like to volunteer somepony please do so in the forum here.
If anyone has any input/suggestions feel free to plop them in the forum as well.
Is the only site you will be reaching out through?

Yes and no. As stated above a lot of people we want to contact/have been in contact with already have accounts. This means that even when we want to reach out past fimfiction, say to RBDash47 who runs ponyfictionvault and ponyfictionarchive, it comes back to

We do plan on reaching out through other sites but we will admit bias. It’s one reason we want community feedback. We (people in general) end up in surprisingly tight nit circles, even with people we will never see over a medium where we might not even know when, or if, the other is there. This is not fair to the part of the community that is not familiar to the documentary staff and we recognize that.

YES, we do plan on talking about not fimfiction sites in the documentary EVEN if we can’t get someone from the site to be on it we will do our best to report on the other great aspects. This documentary is about fan fiction for MLP:FIM

Link to non-fimfiction site discussion.

Are you reaching out to different media groups?
Yes! We are planning to reach out to several groups. Again the FIM fandom is large and we only have limited contact with various groups. So if you want us to get in contact with a group let us know and we would be happy to reach out. It would be even better if you could ask different media outlets if they intend to contact us. That way contact can go both ways. We will add a link to discuss this soon.

The easiest way to get a hold of me or the group in general is to message me here on fimfiction.

Will you cover clop? What about gore fics?
Not specifically. This is meant as a g-pg rated documentary and as such topics covering more mature matter (either intense relationships or gore/torture/grimdark) will not be included.
HOWEVER, that does not mean that writing about adult topics excludes anyone from being a part of the documentary. They do need to have non-adult content or content that does not focus exclusively on the adult.
For instance I like Fallout Equestria. If Kkat was interested we would be happy to have her but would not talk about the grimdark specifically. We might cover why did he/she do this to the colorful equines we love so much, but we would not go into detail. We would also skip over or tactfully address the adult relationships in the story.

What about troll fics?
This tends to link with the above question. We are possibly interested but will be more critical of who we talk to. Preferably we would want to talk to someone who has done something famous like Cupcakes, so that they can explain it a bit. One of the things I like about this fandom is that people can do troll fics and they usually make it obvious beforehand. This is actually a community that has places for trollfics to go and a lot of people will enjoy them and thank the author.

It’s fascinating. It speaks to love and tolerance, and I will admit that on occasion I want to read something terrible (terrible as in “Oh my god what the heck,” not terrible as in poorly written.)

We may include a discussion on this topic, but it is not our top priority.

Will you be covering the international scene or just the American/English speaking scene?
We do not actually know at this time. I have been in contact with 2 UK bronies and am hoping to get at least 1 of them. Australia is the second most represented country on fimfiction so that is also a possibility.

However the small team we currently have has limited exposure to non-English speaking parts of the fandom. So while we are happy to reach out and to have others reach out to us, we can’t make promises. The thing we would like most would be to get a well-respected translator to give their opinions and to share how the translation scene works.

There are potential added difficulties, such as with translating and software, and in truth we don’t know what to expect or how much time it will take. So as it is we will chalk this question down to if we can. Any help in this area would be appreciated as we feel it is the weakest part of the documentary.

We might have to release an extended version at a later date if we want to include this area in the documentary. And we really would like to do something.
A discussion link will be put up soon. I would very much like to request those with international and non-English speaking experiences to chime in. The bigger the response the more motivated we will be to include this. Please also include non-English media. We have zero exposure so we are basically forced to rely on the advice and knowledge of others.

How you can help/submitting your own fics
We will not be accepting guests who ask to be in the documentary themselves. We will investigate requests for guests to see if they are fit. However we do have some space to use existing stories as backgrounds while our guests talk.

Submit any fic that you might want noticed in the Process and Guidlines post.

How to contribute art
We need some artwork. we will take existing art but would lik eto get some custom stuff done. So submit some or ask if you can help in the art thred.

We have a lot of plans and are willing to listen to feedback. If you want to know something and it is not here, message me.
Or email us at


We will be aiming for 7-8 main interviewees. This will include:
1+ site admin (not necessarily
1+ coverartist
1 composer, who creates music in tribute to fan fiction, (fingers crossed here.)
And at least 6 authors.

I'd recommend making sure you have a critic or two as well.

Piquo Pie
Group Admin


I forgot about those... Hmmm. I have a author that I want to contact and will probably say yes... I think he is a critic as well and his stuff is good.

P.S. Damn, I wanted to get some of the other forums up before getting people involved.

But I am glad you found it and hope you look forward to it. Extra eyes are always appreciated and people finding this on their own make me smile.


P.S. Damn, I wanted to get some of the other forums up before getting people involved.

Shoulda closed the group :rainbowwild:


Piquo Pie
Group Admin


Nah, if people find it themselves before tonight that's fine. It gives me some valuable info and I doubt it will explode in the next 12 hours.

812752 DPV111 does weekly fic recommendations. That should qualify him as a critic, I think? :applejackunsure:

He'd be one of my top choices. Or perhaps one of Seattle's Angels.

Here's a question. You keep referring to "we", but who is that? :rainbowhuh:

Author Interviewer

Okay. Interesting. I'll bite.

My question, though, is what exactly do you mean by 'documentary' (i.e., what format is this going to be in), how do you plan on interviewing numerous people around the world, and what, if I may be so bold, qualifies you to enact this sort of project in the first place? I will admit a certain temerity while reading this writeup, vis-a-vis the numerous spelling errors.

You might want to plug this on MLPchan's /fic/ board.

>Documentary on writing
>"Will we feature origional music?"
>Not "original"

Anyways, I might be interested in offering my experiences from being a writer, reviewer, editor, and organizer within the realm of MLP-related fiction. My resume includes:

Several top-three placements in various fanfiction contests.

Editor of Slywit's Paradise series, several stories by Pen Stroke, and both editor and inspiration for Chris' Six-Star rated Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story The Purloined Pony.

Long-time member of the Ponychan (now having moved to MLPchan) /fic/ crew, who specialize in story reviewing, idea generation, and character development, amongst other services. Also one of the main driving forces behind the creation of the reviewing system used on /fic/ to this day.

If you would like to see what my writing is like, feel free to take a gander at these:

Reviewing the Potato: A review I wrote for a story that, suffice to say, did not entertain me in the least. On the bright side, the dissertation I made seemed to tickle people's funny bones.

Playing Along: First-place in user votes for the Hearth's Warming Care Package fanfiction contest, beating the work of both Pen Stroke and Chris, each an author with a Six-Star rated fanfic on Equestria daily. The story covers Twilight's growth from a fanciful filly to the studious workaholic we all know and love, and how the losses she incurred on the way almost tore her childhood innocence and imagination apart.


You know I'll help if you need me.

Enjoying fan fiction takes an investment.

Truer words have never been said. :twilightsmile:

I, like you, am the most active in our little fanfic community (albeit, only as a reader and an occasional critic :twilightblush:) and enjoy it the most. I don't care much about being neglected by the main stream media, but why I will definitely look forward to your documentary.

Also, just joined the group to post this, so welcome everypony. :pinkiehappy:

I would very much like to request those with international and non-English speaking experiences to chime in.

Is Canada international enough for you?
And are you going to do anything with/about editors?

I offer my services as a possible author to be interviewed for the documentary. My only credentials however are the two stories that I got onto EQD:

Therapist Visit: A Second-Person fiction that explores the psyche of Princess Luna only through her dialogue and responses.

The Coltbert Report: It's exactly what it sounds like.

Piquo Pie
Group Admin

I plan to. However I have had very limited experience with that aspect of the fandom and wanted to hear from aspects of the community I was more familiar with first. At this point I have done that and will be looking outward. Do you have any suggestions about who or how to approach MLPchan's /fic/ board?



I like you


am the most active in our little fanfic community


Re-reads I, like you, :facehoof: Dyslexia

Dohhhhh, I mussed up.
Also you might want to wash your shoes…

I’ll take a look over some of your stuff on the marrow.

In fact I have reached out to at least one Canadian, and am looking at two others to do a duel spot.

America is not the only country in America/hail the kings of maple syrup.

I will include some individuals who are also editors. At this time I am still figuring out if/how to include editing into the doc. I have a few ideas.

Also I will be heading up a Editing/Pre-reading panel at a unrelated (or is it) summer convention that will likely be put online.

Well, let me put it this way. Why do you or anyone else in the community have the right to judge and challenge others on the internet?

Love for this community. This is not meant to be THE definitive documentary. It’s not something that is meant to explain what being a brony is all about. As I said I started this because I wanted there to be more out there. Fanfiction for My Little Pony has become a big part of my daily life. I just want it to be a bit more appreciated and to share some of the love.

If you do not like the doc, than I am sorry. If you want assurance the only thing I can give is that if the documentary is looking bad then I will pull the plug. If it needs work than we will delay until it is fit. But let’s face it, it won’t be perfect and we won’t drive ourselves into the ground because of that.

As to your trepidations: I am a terrible writer when it comes to technicalities like grammar and spelling. It mostly comes down to me not putting in the effort to overcome some problems when I was young. This is not an excuse; it is not an acceptable reason. It is a piece of information meant to help you understand me. If it makes you more worried than so be it but I won’t hide it.

What I can do is promise that multiple people will be working on this project, double checking each other’s work (unlike maintaining this group which, for the time being, is being done exclusively by me). Before posting this I secured assistance from a real-world friend who has audio and video editing experience from college, personal projects, and work for a time and have sense received several offers for help. I also secured input from a separate entity whose sole responsibility is to provide feedback at major benchmarks, thus removing the bias from one reviewing their own work. Since posting this and messaging EQD and DHN several people have volunteered their expertise, and I expect that we can recruit more if need be. Though I want to keep the core group limited.

Now, the big issue that you raised is the recording. This documentary will be relying heavily on self-recording. We will send questions and guidelines, the guests will record themselves answering each question several times. They will also be recording a number of extra shots. We will combine all this information together to make the video. We will also be using shots from several websites as well as works of fan art to fill in where the video is weak. We will likely have most participants do a few second takes. They will be fully informed about this before agreeing I assure you.

I also recognize that this will lead to a variance of video quality. It is a shortcoming of the methodology but we feel like we will be able to mostly correct this in editing with some intelligent shot placement, timing, editing, and supplementation ala other community content.

Lastly, while we will be asking a number of general and personalized questions, we will not be having every response in the video. We will be choosing the best.

So there you have it. It won’t be perfect but it’s not meant to be. Before starting this I looked at the pros and cons and decided that we wouldn’t be able to do everything the best. So we are focusing on the core content. If you think that your expertise would be a benefit than please let me know what your skills are and we will happily consider you. If you decide that this is the worst project idea ever then so be it. I give you full permission to rant or raise support for getting this project canned, and I will listen because I hope to at least learn from a difference of opinion.

Please note that I did not find your concerns offensive. I thought your raised some valid points and I wanted to address those completely.

Thank you,
Seriously all of you for your interest in this project.

One reviewer? I get the idea, but things like stories and fiction are almost as subjective as music. How are you planning on making sure the review are "fair" in everyone´s eyes? Or is it just going to be a "This is what I think" and leave it at that?

Please do tell me a bit more about this, you piqued my interest.

Author Interviewer

Well, let me put it this way. Why do you or anyone else in the community have the right to judge and challenge others on the internet?

I'm someone who cares about the community, the writing community in particular, and I want to make sure that anything reflecting on said community is high quality.

What I can do is promise that multiple people will be working on this project, double checking each other’s work (unlike maintaining this group which, for the time being, is being done exclusively by me).

Okay, this is paragraph is going to ends to assuage my fears. You're at least coming at this from the right angle.

This documentary will be relying heavily on self-recording.

Seems legit. Hopefully the quality won't be too variable, but that's definitely not the worst thing that could happen.

Please note that I did not find your concerns offensive. I thought your raised some valid points and I wanted to address those completely.

Good. I did not mean to offend you. :) Sometimes I find that challenging a person can help bring out more information, and sometimes even help them.

I would in fact like to throw my hat into the ring of possible interviewees, as a writer, editor and former EQD pre-reader. I keep up with fanfic-related stuff, so I'd say I'm fairly knowledgeable about the community in general. If you need any other info from me, feel free to PM. :)

Comment posted by Dartrunner deleted Apr 6th, 2013

I assume that these will be live interviews(skype?) or are you going to email back and forth?

As for a duel spot...
And for less know author, myself and more so Speed Jumper. I think our story is interesting, though he lives in America.

Actually, if you want to reach us in a faster and more convenient way, you could try the #fic channel on Canternet.

Actually, that made me appreciate commas some more. They often go neglected. :rainbowlaugh:

Dyslexia is an awful thing. :pinkiegasp:
I hope you've never had to re-read this old example sentence "PiquoPie helped his (her? :rainbowhuh:) uncle jack off a horse" to find it saying "PiquoPie helped his (again: her? :rainbowhuh:) uncle, Jack, off a horse". :rainbowlaugh:

>Looking for a Canadian
Did I mention I hail from the Great White North as well? Look, I even have a beaver, eh?

Edit: I managed to respond to my threaded reply rather than yours at first DX

First, just wanted to say I'm happy to see a project like this taking off. Your points in the FAQ about the fanfiction community being an overlooked and underloved part of the fandom definitely hits home. It would be great to see a docu like this be displayed at a convention or even to just go up on the Youtubes.

We are aiming for a 40-45 minute initial release at a convention, though this might go up to an hour depending on circumstances.

I'd probably recommend more like 30min for this cut. Attention spans and competing panels are things to consider, as well as that hour-long panel blocks are pretty common. You'd want a little buffer time for setup and tech difficulties (a given at conventions), and more importantly you'd want empty time at the end for Q&A. Being able to say "here's a highlight reel, and the full-length video is currently uploaded on YouTube" would be an effective sell.

Piquo Pie
Group Admin

So the first post never made it apparently. Sorry for the delay in responses.


45 minutes was with credits. The slot for the convention will probably be an hour and a quarter. There is time allotted between events to double check everything and as integrated time for technical issues.


Exactly what I thought about.


I'll get on that today.


Can't remember. I think it was a comment about how citizens from the USA are called Americans but there are two continents called America and it's rather pretentious of us to be "THE Americans." Also Canadians are kind of the well behaved cousins and I am rather fond of my cousins.


You did in-fact help me a bit.


I think I am going to just do a reviewer and a editor. Then I can put out bonus content that goes more in depth.

Comment posted by Dartrunner deleted Apr 6th, 2013
Piquo Pie
Group Admin


Unfortunately true, a bit off topic, but my point still stands. America has a good view of Canada and I think we are a bit full of ourselves, then again who isn't sometimes. And I personally have a Human race is a big dysfunctional family outlook. Nothing personal, I didn't mean offense.

Comment posted by Dartrunner deleted Apr 6th, 2013

Hmm... color me intrigued.

Comment posted by Dartrunner deleted Apr 6th, 2013
Comment posted by Piquo Pie deleted Apr 6th, 2013

Who are "We?"

You are not doing this alone but I would like to know who else is working on this and what their position/job is.
Perhaps a new forum thread would be appropriate for this.

A couple of folks said something about the inclusion of critics. Maybe be more specific please? What do you mean by 'critic' ?

Ohh, it would be interesting to be interviewed as a cover artist, hmm...

Piquo Pie
Group Admin


I'm just pinging people who wanted to submit stories.

Please do so here after reading the guidlines.

Piquo Pie
Group Admin


I see what you did there. :trollestia:

At the very least I would love to use some of your art.

We arn't taking self promotions for guests, but if we have trouble getting suggestions then I might just ask you.

Also the art submission post needs a friend :duck:

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