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Good day fellow Equestrian thespians,

Here marks the official declaration for the first mlp fan fiction focused documentary. I, PiquoPie, am leading this project with the intent to bring a well put together documentary to the Brony fandom focused exclusively on fan fiction and fan fiction accessories.

We hope to have the documentary put together for a summer release, with a budget of under $25. That’s right folks, no fund raising and the cost to you will be nothing.

HOWEVER! As we get everything in motion we will be looking for feedback. We have put up some discussion boards and resources and by contributing you can help make this documentary better. We are very interested in getting some original music or art done.

HERE is a link to the FAQ which has oodles of information including:

Who will be in the documentary? - Link to related forum thread. With confirmed guests.
How long will the documentary be?
So you will be airing this at conventions? - Convention discussion forum.
Why are you doing this/what’s the point?
Why are you making fimfiction the primary site for reaching out to the community?

Will we feature original music?

Is the only site you will be reaching out through? - Link to non-fimiction site discussion.
Are you reaching out to different media groups?
Will you cover clop? What about gore fics?
What about troll fics?
Will you be covering the international scene or just the American/English speaking scene?
How you can help/submitting your own fics Process and Guidelines
How to contribute art. submit art or ask questions here.

Of course, you are free to ask questions or leave comments below as well as email us at

If you want to submit a story for us to use during the documentary please go to HERE

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I was at the Everfree screening, looking forwarded to seeing it when it's finished. Good luck :twilightsmile:


The same way 95% of authors write fanfiction. Editors will take a look at it. Unlike this group which is managed by my dyslexic self.

How are you going to make a documentary if you can't even spell?


I've been thinking about this. As we will release on you tube I think I will have a pop up thing, can't remember what their called as I am abut to go to sleep. They link to what I want and sit over the video. I might put these in the corner.

I will also have a very, very long list of credits. Like 100+ preferably.


Interviews will be self conducted. The whole zero budget thing is somewhat limited but we will see how it goes.

Would the ideal format be a live action interview? I live in the UK but I would love to be featured but I don't have the means to travel very far.


We will be looking at a number of options. At the end a list of auhors, the story, and the prefered site is a option but I think we can do something more tastful. That said I need to work with some of the people who will be helping and we will need to look at the options.

If my story does get in the documentary, (Pray to Celestia, dataninten,) how will you credit it? In the credits or something?

Sorry if this is asked before, or if its a stupid question thats already been asked.

Comment posted by Dartrunner deleted Apr 3rd, 2013
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