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Every story I have come that is either Human or Anthro and rated Mature, that has Blueblood as a side character (support), he is an ass and/or a traitor. Can someone PLEASE direct me to a decent story (that isn't over 100K words and counting) with Blueblood as at least a decent side character? I'll even try other ratings, as long as it has a human (not humanized) and/or anthropomorphic ponies.

5255831 well, when i get back to it and furthering the story, Blueblood will be portrayed as a decent guy in Mother's Protection, an anthro where Trixie becomes Twilight's mother to save her life after Eris tries to kill her, if that helps

5255831 I have one where not only is he a nice, he also a total Badass... But the story go pass 100k sadly

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