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Surprisingly pretty decent ideas

5113696 When Blueblood is better at diplomacy than the Princess of Friendship...

I have to go buy comic books.

5113696 and Twilight almost caused a fucking war..... Yeah Twilight your basically worthless as a princess


Is the rest of the comic like this? Or is this just a one off page of Blueblood?

5113696 nito, Blueblood is in the comics now or something, eh?

5113777 yes mlp friend forever #26

5113780 awesome, thanks dudebro

Ha! Very nice.

5113747 by the look of the few pages on derpibooru I said Blueblood is competent and likeable.


Seems so from what I'm seeing. I feel somewhat proud that my version of him is now canon.

5115575 you think this will change how do some see him?
Probably not

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