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What is your headcanon for what Blueblood does in Equestria? How did he get his title?
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I like to think Blueblood works at a thankless collector or something like that (They got to get money for repairs all over Equestria somehow). I think he, like Cadance, was born into the title through ancestry of some sort. Celestia probably calls him nephew because giving the exact relation would be too complicated.

While we do not know what he does, we do know that he was born into his title. He was born to someone on Celestia and Luna's mother's side of the family 52 times removed... which actually makes him more of a cousin than a nephew.

He does proper princely things like rule ponies and be better than (almost) everypony else.

He gained his title and position from his mother when she abdicated from being Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Monoceros, the ancient pre-exodus Unicorn kingdom, and the title of Crown Prince/Princess. That position is mostly ceremonial, though he does vote in the Rohirrim, and when the Princesses are unable to govern he does help form a council to fill in.

His day job however is being a Concordiat Marshall, Equestria's equivalent of the Texas Rangers.

5059934 I like the idea that Blueblood is the heir to Princess Platinum's title of Prince(ss) of the Unicorns. In my headcanon, he has a make-work government job, of the kind many nobles have, and it relates to his special talent of surveying.

5059934 In my headcanon Blueblood is the latest in the line of Unicorn royalty descended from Princess Platinum.

His Prince title is separate from the Princess titles Celestia and Luna hold, a cultural inheritance from the Unicorn tribe leadership which also had princes and princesses whereas the Pegasi had military commanders and Earth ponies had chancellors. I imagine the 'Prince / Princess' title alone has evolved (or failed to evolve depending on your point of view) keeping an implicit connection to the thrones of the Two Sisters as well as everything Unicorns historically value: the natural Unicorn predisposition toward eliteness, the primacy of Magic in the world keeping the Sun and Moon moving followed by Pegasi stewardship of the weather and Earth ponies' tending of crops, and the importance of an inherited aristocracy. All these play a factor in keeping Canterlot the center of Equestria - economically, culturally and bureaucratically.

In contrast Pegasi became a large part of Equestria's military, their military Commanders shifting from a leadership position akin to a Warlord to the subordinates of the Princess with Cloudsdale retaining its essence as a mobile fortress city (if need be); and Earth Ponies lost most of their autonomy (Chancellor Puddinghead does come across as incompetent), their leaders' influence consolidating into the city level until they were only Mayors and Sheriffs with the rest of society expanding into other roles in infrastructure, science and trade.


I've always used him as a diplomat, in fact, head of Foreign Affairs for Equestria. He's usually never in the country, as he's almost always travelling somewhere to spread the will of Celestia. The title of "Prince" is one he earned upon taking a vow which goes as follows.

I hereby renounce my life. My mission shall be my life.
I renounce my father. Equestria shall be my father.
I renounce my mother. Discernment shall be my mother.
I renounce my inheritance. Lordship will be my inheritance.
I renounce my body. The nation shall be my body.
I renounce my tongue. Wisdom will be my tongue.
I renounce my hooves. Promptness shall be my hooves.
I renounce my will. The will of my superiors shall be my will.
I renounce all these things before the Court, and the Council, and Celestia herself.
I accept my new life as Prince of Equestria.

5060838 That sounds a bit like the samurai creed.


Yeah, it was inspired by it. I wanted something that sounded similar, albeit a less militaristic version.

I peg him as aide to Equestria's Minister of Trade and Commerce, his age is keeping him from the position himself, but he's making good deals and earning his future role.

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