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After having nothing to look at other then the prince's ears and horn in the banner column for a long time now I decided to finally change the group banner to one that this fantastic person called Pump It Up went of their way to make. They made it a long while ago but I didn't use it because I had another from a person on DA who was taking requests, that I was waiting on. I didn't think however just how many requests that person already had on their plate so instead of waiting I'm using this one till the other is finished.
I want the banner changing every once in a while in the year to be kind of a thing since a little change every once in a while is nice to see. Maybe sometime this summer or something. Hope everyone like the currently new banner and if anyone has banner ideas for the future let me know.

4050263 I like this one alike better the other one wasn't meant to be a banner anyway

4050263 Could use some edge smoothing (dat black pixellated outline!) but it's sure better than before.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3