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Is it 'Prince' Blueblood like Princess Celestia or does Blueblood have an actual first name? I'm trying to think of a specific first name for him and I'm not exactly sure what I could use here. Thoughts?

In my world he is Prince Osmium Blueblood XXIII. Marshal Blueblood while at work, Prince Blueblood to the public, and Oz to his friends and family

Apparently, in a French comic he was referred to as Vladimir, but there's no official first name for him.

I suppose it all depends on how you want to portray him. Is he secretly a communist and hates the royalty? He could be Spilling Blueblood!

Well, according to his Wikia page, his name in the French My Little Pony magazine is Vladimir...

I went with Prince being his first name for the fictions that I've written with him in it. There's no canonical view on this as he is simply a background pony with a few voice lines in the show. As far as Vladimir is concerned, Foreign publications are a bit harder to justify being canon for English speaking countries as names have been changed for a slew of different reasons. Simply look at Poke'mon and the name changes there.

Again, as it is with most of these questions, it's up to you.

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4012962 I'm using Leon Polaris Blueblood most of the time. I can't quite remember why for the Leon part, I think it was an old fic with him as a main character. Polaris is the name of the brightest star in the constellation of the Ursa Minor. In addition, it is the current northern pole star. I just figured it would be appropriate for the nephew of the Sun and the Moon. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one using Polaris either.

4012962 I once read that Prince was his first name. It depends on what the author wants to use.


Honestly, he does not really need two names. Plenty of other ponies only have one including all the other royalty, and you can shorten Blueblood to Blue easily enough so there is no need for anything else.

Yeah, this is a tough question. If we knew more about him, we could find out if he's really a prince, and if not a prince of Equestria, of what. Who knows, maybe he changed his name to make himself seem more important?

4013063 It was also the name of an alicorn colt that looked like him in some European magazine.

my name for blueblood in i can be your hero is blueblood alistair emir.i choocse emir because it means prince in arabic and alisatair means protector.

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