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Is it because we believe he's actually good on the inside?
Or do you believe that the character himself could be worthy of redemption?
Why does anyone truly believe Blueblood can or would change? What do you think?

3805627 Maybe it's that Sombra scenario as many writers have the oppourtinuty to write their Sombra without canon getting in the way, eh. So, there isn't too much known about Blueblood and that allows the writers get really creative with the character, eh.

3805627 I think Blueblood is just sick of others being all over him just for the position it would get them, so he acts like a pompous asshole. :eeyup:

Because I want to think there is more to him than being an arrogant jackass.

Thus he became the rightful heir to the Ancient Kingdom of Monocreos, direct defendant of Princess Platinum, an Equestria Marshall, and a rather likable stallion provided he isn't at any official royal function that is full high society mares.

3805627 My belief is that he only pretends to be like that and really keeps an eye on the other nobles for Celestia

We know just enough about him to have a framework to work with, but not so much that we can't bring forth multiple layers to his character.

3805627 Well like everything else in MLP. We don't that much about him beside his first appearance, So there a lot story that can be written about him.

I like to think he had some kind of reason for why he acted like a total jerk. I've said before that, as much as I love Rarity, she didn't really give a damn about "Blueblood the pony" instead focusing on "Blueblood the rich prince". I doubt Rarity was the first pony to try and court him on his title alone and she likely wouldn't have been the last.


Honestly, a big part of it for me is the incredible stupidity in the community on this subject. Blueblood really gets shat on hard by the community who completely ignore the fact that Rarity was very much at fault there and if you shoved Rainbow into Blueblood's situation you would get much more brutal beat downs than what we saw in the show.

That makes any story where he is a real character much more interesting to me because it means the author is actually thinking for him/her self and putting in the effort to build a real character rather than following the mass of stupidity which is usually a good sign for the story as a whole. In this way, the characterization of Blueblood really does serve as a useful indicator of the amount of thought and effort the author is investing in the story which is directly related to story quality so meaningful characterization of Blueblood usually means the story will be good.

Blueblood. I never hated him. To me, Rarity was more at fault for what happened to her at the Gala than Blueblood. If Rarity had taken the time to read up on those gossip columns she likes so much, she would have had an idea of what she was in for. As for Blueblood himself, we have no idea what goes on in his day-to-day life. We don't know if his behavior at the Gala was the real Blueblood, or his just didn't want to be there, or he somehow knew why Rarity was there, or any number of things. This is what draws me to stories with a good Prince Blueblood.

So we get to shape the character into a more engaging character in our works is what you're saying, correct?
That seems to be a topic I see when it comes to the prince. Was Rarity really at fault or was Blueblood being over the top rude? Both sides are at fault but I want to know does it matter in the end? Did Rarity deserve what she got or was it just because of the spoiled prince?
Thanks. I like the idea of turning into something better than just pissing on another because of how he was portrayed as two dimensional.

3805931 Exactly. For all we know he was having a very bad day or was doing all he could to shake off a gold digger. We don't know him, so we can only guess at his motivations.

Pretty much this. I don't think I'd be be quite as annoyed with Blueblood's rep in this fandom if we didn't have people actually running around deifying and defending characters who've committed far worse acts, like trying to conquer Canterlot or the planet. But a vain, silly fop who's scared of cake getting on him and doesn't like "common food" is unredeemable? Or a child-molesting rapist and murderer? Really? I know he's a blank slate, but making him a sociopath seems like overkill, y'know?

I'm also just personally sick and tired of the whole "rich/or royal = pure evil" sentiment that's so rampant within this fandom.

That said, I'm drawn to him because I find that snobby characters and flawed ones cast in the buttmonkey role tend to be my absolute favorites in the cast. He's not quite as big of a blank slate like a number of the background ponies are. Enough's been shown about him that I have enough to work with and develop.



I'm also just personally sick and tired of the whole "rich/or royal = pure evil" sentiment that's so rampant within this fandom.

I know exactly what you mean here, and I think the shit Celestia gets is really the perfect example of this even more than Blueblood. She has never been anything but kind and motherly in the show (even if she is a bit of a prankster), yet a significant portion of the fandom tries to portray her as some evil tyrant. :facehoof:

Yeah, the Celestia hate is weird. I mean, I know why it happens (well, I have theories), but it's just so silly.

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