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Friggin Jake
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About the main folder: only use it if you are not sure of what folder in which to place a story. If you add a story to the main folder, please PM myself or Scorpan and give us a rundown of what is in the story. We can handle it from there.

If it so happens that a story contains elements from different folders, then go ahead and add the same story to said folders.

Any questions?

853829 Yeah, i have a question. how do i add stories and can i add someone else's story to the group?

Friggin Jake
Group Admin

854723 Yes, you can add other people's stories.

As for how to add, you just go to the button that says "Add to Group", select Polyamory, and then the appropriate folder(s)

Group Admin


To clarify Jake's post, there is an Add to Group button on same level as the character tags on any story's main page, right next to the stats button.

Fimfiction gives any user the ability to add any story to any group, so yes, you can add someone else's story, just choose Polyamory from the list of groups you are a part of and place it into the proper folder(s).

Edit: You can also add stories from the group's page. Just click (or tap, if you're on a phone) "Folders," select the folder you want to place the story in, and then click "Add Story" and choose the story you want to add to the folder. You can only choose from stories in your favorites list, however, so be sure to favorite any story you think would make a good addition to the group.

What do we do if said story has 'mature' scenes but is mostly story based and only rarely features said scenes? Does it class as clop because there is sex? Most people looking for a real story won't look into that folder because the title makes you assume there will only be short fics focused on purely clop.

Some stories are really good but are hindered by their rating that is there due to nessecity. Some people don't really care if sex is featured as long as it's focused on a real story.

You should probably make a sub-folder to adress this issue.

Group Admin


You should probably make a sub-folder to adress this issue.

What issue?

Some stories

Some people

Nah. Edge cases can just be found by looking inside the broadly applicable folders. Narrow folders just make a lot of clutter.

What do we do if said story has 'mature' scenes but is mostly story based and only rarely features said scenes?

You put it in the right folders. Even if it's just a little bit. If your story is mature, it's mature. What you're attempting to ask for involves a bunch of subjective opinions. How much mature/not mature does a story need to have before it does or doesn't fit in the folders you imagined? Why would any of those not fit in the mature folder anyway? Let's say you come up with a percentage or something and also, for sake of argument, say we all agree your percentage is correct. How do we go about assessing if a story meets that percentage? Who's going to do the work making that judgment? Are you going to read each and every story to ensure it meets that criteria?

And what benefit would we get from that? Someone might get to avoid looking in the real mature folder to find slightly mature stories they'd enjoy? Some people, as you note?

So, small benefit, large effort. No, there should not be a change to the folders for such a trivial piece of nonsense.

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