Rest in peace, DaemoN67.

Welcome to the National Socialist Unicorn Party of Equestria. Based upon the ideals of national socialism, the goal of our movement is for the complete overthrow and eradication of the Equestrian monarchy, namely the triumvirate of princesses that unlawfully govern our realm. For too long have our leaders looked to governance based on emotion and love instead of truth and facts.

We, the Unicorns, have always been looked down by the Pegusai and the Earth Ponies. Our grand contributions to greater Equestrian society and history have been largely ignored for sake of racial unity, while our very cultural virtues are threatened by the danger of multi-culturalism. Why should we continue to let the weak ride on our backs?
We remain opposed to the growing cancer of communism that threatens to undue the civilization our forefathers worked so hard to build over the last one thousand years.

The Party Inner Circle:
DaemoN67: Founder and Eternal Leader (Rest in peace, brother.)
Risec: First Consul, Head of Party Security and Head of Party Propaganda

Aside from being a roleplay group, this group also serves as an archive to store Nazi-related stories. If you have written one, feel free to share it.


Join us if you feel looked down upon by your leaders. Join us if you want to be more than a cog in Celestia's machine. Join us if you want to be part of the great movement. We will cleanse Equestria of its enemies, and establish the greatest empire this world has ever seen. Those who look down upon us today from their towers in Canterlot, will soon be dragged through Cantrot begging for a second chance. Equestria belongs to its people, not Celestia and her loyalist Elites.
Long live the Magic Dawn. Long live the Unicorn Party.

Party stance on the races:

Unicorns: The Master Race, pure blooded and masters of magic. All Unicorns are welcome. All unicorns are first-class citizens and are eligible for Reich citizenship.

Pegusai: Not as desirable as unicorns, but those loyal will be rewarded. Pegusai must prove their loyalty through official Party testing. Only Pegusai members of the Party are eligible for Reich citizenship. Those who are not will be designated as 2nd class citizens.

Earth Ponies: Single contribution to Equestria is labour. Peasants of Equestria. Membership to Earthponies is not allowed. Earth Ponies are third class citizens, and will be relocated to special housing districts provided by the future Reich. Earthponies are not eligible for Reich citizenship.

Alicorns: Pure blooded Alicorns who are loyal to our cause are welcome in the Party. 'Alicorns' created by magic, and those who are part of Celestia's Inner Circle are considered enemies of the Party and thus will be executed. Pure blooded Alicorns are eligible for Reich citizenship, but are not allowed to assume positions of power within the government for security reasons.

Zebras: Useful only in the Medicine and potions industry. Zebras are banned from membership. Zebran civilians not in the labour front are banned from settling within the borders of the Equestrian Reich, and are not eligible for citizenship.

Violating the following rules will result in eviction from the Party.

1. Respect the members of the Inner Circle.
2. Do not speak out against the ideals of our movement. Communists, socialists and other left-wing degenerates will be banned.
3. Earth Ponies will not be tolerated.

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Is this group even active anymore? Have all those who realize we are the Master Race gone into hiding?

Dear Party Members:

Today I have discovered that our founder DaemoN67 has passed away. It made me very sad to hear of his untimely passing.

For those who want some history, DaemoN67 founded the N.S.U.P back in 2012. After a series of negotiations, I merged my National Socialist Equestrian Worker's Party with the N.S.U.P and together we formed the backbone of this group. We would not be here were it not for him and we spent many days joking around and commenting on each other's stories. I may not have known him in private or that well, but his death has greatly saddened me and I wish his family and friends my deepest condolences.

Therefore effective immediately, I am declaring him our Eternal Leader in honour of his memory and the time we spent together building this group.

(Casket should have an Australian flag, but it's close enough.)

I hope you're happy up there, Matthew, and God bless you.


nobody cares

It occurs to me that this group went just like the NSDAP.
All it's leaders are gone.

It's actually kinda funny.

412596 We will not allow the degenerate leftists destroy what we love.

Sieg Heil! :yay:

Nice to see that I'm not alone. When you think Borny, you don't usually think National Socialism.

Sieg Heil! :yay:

Fur das Vaterland und lang leibe Deutscheland.

Sieg heil! May we take down Celestia and her lunatic kingdom!


Late as hell reply. The Pegusai who share our ideals will be given a place in our New Order. Those who help with our rise to power will be rewarded for their services.

367646 the Führer was drunk

337870 Butthurt, because Führer died by his own hand, and not by dirty communists, Ivan?

337870 What are you telling, brother? Don't you know of the glorious medic who saved us both many times?

Your so called führer killed himself and left you to die. Facists are cowards

What's the policy on Pegusi?

There should probably be a Minister for Magical Research, it'd kinda make sense. Unless that falls under 'MINISTER FOR SCIENCE AND EDUCATION'.

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