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I'm just wondering if anyone would enjoy starting a RariTwi Group Collab, a collection of mini (under 1000 words) RariTwi fanfics. Most of you already know what a group collab is, since they pretty much exist for every other shipping pair.

But for those of you who don't here are some ground rules.
* The stories can be of any topic or subject, as long as the main focus is the relationship between
Twilight and Rarity.
*Twilight and Rarity do not have to be romantically involved, it could be friendshipping or anything else as long as Twilight and Rarity are the main characters.
*Try to keep the length of the stories under a thousand words. (but if your story goes a little bit over that is OK, this rule is flexible)
*This collab is based on the group member's prompts at the end of each story.
*You must write a story based on the prompt at the end of the newest story.
*Prompts are on a first come first serve basis.
*If you finish a story but the prompt is already taken, you may still add it, but you may not start a new prompt.
*Stories can cover any genre (Sad, Comedy, Dark, Romance, AU, etc.) and the characters can be in any form ( pony, humanized, anthro, etc.).
*Absolutely NO Mature Content!!! the rating will be teen, so keep that in mind.
*Anyone can participate, no matter their skill level.
*Most importantly Enjoy the RariTwi collab.
*The collab will be posted on the site, as soon as it gains a few stories.

I'll start us off.
Prompt: Rumors


Prompt: Rumors

The past few weeks have been very kind to Rarity. Her business was booming thanks to the upcoming winter months. She was recently contracted by the mayor of Ponyville to replace the worn and battered vests for this year’s Winter Wrap Up. She had even managed to get over that dreadful cold she had gotten about a week ago. The cherry on top of this, of course was the recent ascension of her friend, the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle.

If rumors were to be believed, Twilight must have found herself a colt, a private in the royal guard named Flash Sentry. But after all the rumors were still rumors, and as Rarity knew all too well rumors about the royals were about as stable as a one legged mule. Had she of known Prince Blueblood was actually gay, instead of the voluptuous playcolt the rumors led her to believe, she would have never approached him, or have thought about him on all those lonely nights.

She was giddy with excitement, Twilight was supposed to be visiting her today, now she could find out if the rumors were true about her friend. Quickly dashing to the kitchen, Rarity set a pot of tea on the stove and gathered a few of the pastries she had in her icebox on a plate. Leaving the kettle to boil, she trotted gingerly to her living room, setting the pastries on the coffee table as she began to clean up the toys her sister Sweetie Belle had left on the floor. After putting away her sister’s toys in their proper place, she heard the kettle whistle in the kitchen.

“Ah yes, just right.” Rarity muttered to herself as she brought the kettle as well as two of her finest teacups with her to the living room. Pouring a cup of tea for Twilight and herself, she heard a knock at the door.

“Twilight, darling I’ve been expecting you.” Rarity stated joyfully as she led her friend into her boutique.

“Thanks for having me.” Twilight said, leaving the two guards stationed by her at the door.

“You are very welcome. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time.” Rarity replied, returning to the lounge in the living room, patting the seat next to her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you girls that much.”

“Dear, you are a princess. you have an important job to do”

“I know, but maybe if I reorganized my schedule—”

“Twilight” Rarity interrupted “The citizens of Equestria need you more than we do.”


“No Buts! As long as you do not forget about us, we will all be fine.” Rarity smiled, bringing her hoof to Twilight’s shoulder as she began to soothe her.

“Thanks, I needed to hear that.” Twilight sighed as she started to relax to her friend’s ministrations.


“So?” Twilight questioned as she looked up at her friend.

Rarity quietly sipped her tea “Are the rumors true?” she asked.

“What rumors?”

“A little birdie told me, that you are involved with a certain royal guard.” Rarity smirked.

“What! Um well—” Twilight visibly stiffened as she began to stammer out a reply.

“Ooh, touchy subject?” Rarity asked retracting her hoof from her friend’s shoulder.

“Kind of, I’m not involved with Flash Sentry, not anymore at least.” Twilight slumped down in her seat.

“Oh dear, what happened”

“He said that we couldn’t be together, that it would be a conflict of interests.” Twilight said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Rarity said pulling Twilight into an embrace, as she started to rub her back.

“It’s just that he was the first guy that I’ve ever liked, you know?”

“I know dear, first loves are always the hardest to break.” Rarity gently patted Twilight as she cried into her chest.

“I’m going to be ALONE!!! Now that I am a princess, ponies are now going to be afraid to approach me.” Twilight wailed into Rarity’s chest.

“Darling, if they are afraid to approach you because of your station, then you deserve better.” Rarity looked into Twilight’s tear soaked eyes before adding “Dear, you are beautiful anypony would be lucky to have you.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No I am Not! You really could have anypony you wan—” Rarity was interrupted as Twilight planted a soft peck on her lips.

“Twilight? Wha—”

“I’m so sorry Rarity! I know you’re not into mares but I—” Twilight cried as she looked at her friend’s shocked face “I’m just so confused, I’m so sorry!”

“Twilight, I know I’ve never been into mares before.”Rarity said as she looked into Twilight’s eyes. “But, I never said I wouldn't try.” Rarity hooked a hoof around Twilight’s head bringing them into a passionate kiss.

Next Prompt: Coming Clean

But every shipping pair does the same collab format. :raritydespair:

Certain we couldn't come up with something... unique? :raritystarry:

Yes this format is done a lot, but even if it is used quite a bit. I'm on board with however we do it, as long as a collab gets done:raritystarry:


What would you suggest?

Hm... what about a CYOA fic with one of our favorite mares in (or pursuing) a relationship with the other. The group as a whole decides the ultimate decision (usually 2-4 choices available) and the writer(s) are ordered in a queue. :raritystarry:


I'm ok with doing something like that, but if you want to do that, you can start a new thread to avoid confusion.

I'm interested in this. I'll send something soon.

Sam Cole
Group Admin

1974954 I love the concept of this little game, and was actually planning something like this as a hold over till I started Round two of our Creation Contests. This is exactly what I wanted to see, members becoming proactive and generating content rather than just waiting for more. So I'm too assume all post are being made here, seeing as that 500 word stories are not permitted on Fimfiction? Hmm, I'll take a whack at this.

Prompt: Coming Clean:

"Get it off me!" The once delicate voice of a beautiful white mare rang out through her parlor. "Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off!"

"Hold still and I will," Twilight snorted in anger as she watched her friend thrash about. "Calm down, it's only pottery clay."

"It's adobe! Red Clay Twilight! Red Clay! Do you have any idea what Red Clay does to white fur?" Rarity snapped back, fire in her eyes.

"It stains," Twilight sighed with a roll of the eyes. "But hey, you were the one who said we should try more couple activities."

"Well, yes..." Rarity admitted.

"And you did shoot down my idea of joining a book club," Twilight reminded as she began to scrub out the mess in her lover's fur.

"Dear, you run the book club. I wanted us to expand our horizons!" Rarity whined as she flopped down in the warm water.

"Reading expands the horizons," Twilight noted with a small frown. "Besides, your idea of wine tasting tours was really..."


"Yeah. I hate to admit it Rarity, but we just have such different tastes when it comes to leisure activities."

"Not true dear," Rarity corrected. "We both loved going to the theater. We both loved the forest jogging. And I can't remember a better time in all my life than when we played in the rain coming home from the opera."

"That was a really fun night," Twilight blushed, remembering the water running down her mane, the look of Rarity's mane besieged by the weight of the water. "That was the night I fell in love with you..."

"Wait, you what darling?" Rarity asked. She had as of yet not been privileged to those three little words.

(I hit all known variants and cliches of coming clean that I could in one shot. Enjoy)

Next Prompt: Stepping up for...


Thank you for participating

On the prompt 'Coming Clean', I meant that as coming clean to their friends/parents, or coming out with their relationship. I should have phrased the prompt better, but thank you for the wonderful entry.

Sam Cole
Group Admin

1982366 I personally like it better when you are just given a trigger phrase, and watch what another comes up with. Of course their idea will differ from yours, that's the whole point if you ask me.

Since this is a collab, what picture do you think should be the cover picture of the collab when it gets published? (please include the picture and a link to the artist, so they can get the proper credit for their work)

Also, should it be called RariTwi Group Collab, or something else? Leave your suggestion in a comment bellow.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the collab better? If so, please let me know.


I'll take this prompt. Just a few minutes and I'll have it written...

Edit: Or maybe I should say 'eventually'... If someone wants to write it, they can. :facehoof:


This one. :heart: (Link leads to the pic on Deviantart, where you can find the artist just below.)

I think we could just stick with what everyone else is going with, and simply name it the RariTwi Group Collab. :twilightsmile:

Got one right here.

Prompt: Drunk

The door to the main bedroom of Carousal Boutique, and with it entered two Unicorn mares.

More specifically, two Unicorn mares whom have just returned home after a long night at the (for the most part) disastrous Grand Galloping Gala.

And one of them was quite intoxicated at the moment.

“I tol’ you –hic- darling…” Rarity slurred, leaning onto Twilight, whom was struggling to guide the drunken fashionista to her bed; “I… I appreciate whut you’re doin’… but I… I… can get home jus –hic- fine…!”

Twilight however was having none of it. As she finally got Rarity onto her bed, she spoke firmly; “Rarity, considering how much wine you drank after we left Donut Joe’s place, there was no way any of us were going to let you go home alone. You’ll thank me in the morning."
Rarity for her part lazily looked around the room she was in and exclaimed, “Oh mah gosh… Twi-Tw-Twilight… we’re in my –hic- room!”

Twilight let out a groan as she began to undress herself. “Yes Rarity, I know. We’re standing in it.”

About two minutes later, after Twilight had carefully removed her Gala dress and neatly stored it away, she then went over to the bed and started to get Rarity undressed; determined to not let her drunken friend use her dress as a makeshift set of pajamas. A couple more minutes later, both Unicorns were out of their dresses.

Just as Twilight began to tuck Rarity into her bed, the white-coated mare asked; “Why don’t you –hic- sleep ‘ere tonight?”

Twilight was about to decline her offer when she suddenly felt the effects of a long and (for the most part) disappointing night take a hold of her. Her eyes grew heavy and her movements slowed to a crawl.

Admitting defeat, she replied, “Oh to Tartarus with it. I did tell the other girls that I may wind up sleeping here anyway.”

After climbing into the bed with Rarity, Twilight tried to fall asleep, until she heard what sounded like soft sobbing coming from her friend. Turning towards her, she saw that her suspicions were true, for Rarity had moisture building in her eyes and was in fact looking quite depressed.

“Rarity,” Twilight asked in a concerned tone, “What’s wrong?”

After a brief pause, Rarity replied, “How coul’ it all go scho… wrong?! H-he was shupposed to be a –hic- kind and gentle prince… and all I got wus a –hic- jerk!”

Not wasting another moment, Twilight pulled Rarity into a gentle hug and let the drunken fellow Unicorn cry.

“It’s going to be okay Rarity…” Twilight whispered into her ear “…Just let it out.”

After a couple of moments, Rarity –both physically and mentally exhausted- finally fell asleep.

Just as Twilight followed suit, she couldn’t help but think to herself. “Maybe the one you’re meant to be with is still out there, wondering when you’ll find him... or her…”

Sam Cole
Group Admin

2016353 Nice, but you're supposed to leave another prompt for the next writer to follow. Like Secrets: or Medicine: or Sniper rifles for bucks sake! Anything to test the next writer and keep the game flowing. Though I do love your entry Spartan, good job amigo.

Oops, guess I missed that part while reading the rules on this. My bad. :twilightsheepish:

Next Prompt: Brothers and Sisters


Prompt: Brothers and Sisters


The wheels of The Friendship Express clacked quietly as it traveled down the track. A cold wind outside was howling, as a new blanket of snow was being added to the northern landscape. Colorful carriages being pulled by the locomotive shook ever so slightly, rocking their inhabitants slowly to sleep. The soft snores of the passengers filled each carriage of sleeping ponies.

“I wonder what they’ll say?” a mulberry mare sighed quietly to herself as she gazed at the moon above the frozen landscape.

“Twilight dear, come back to bed.” Rarity yawned softly, rolling over to see Twilight staring out into the night sky with a forlorn expression on her face.

“Sorry to wake you with my worrying.” Twilight apologizes before giving her lover a soft peck on the forehead.

“Darling, you haven’t a thing to worry about.” Another yawn escaped her alabaster muzzle. “Tomorrow will go smoothly, just you wait.”

Twilight settled into the covers, starring into the azure eyes of her marefriend. “It’s just with the changeling fiasco, and Sombra’s attack, I just don’t want to stress them out more than they already are.”

“You act as if coming out with our relationship is a threat to Equestria itself.”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to—”

“Do not apologize to me.” Rarity pulled her sweetheart into a short embrace. “Now hush, I wish to spoon with you.” She added, giving Twilight a kiss, before resting her head into the crook of her beloved’s neck.


“I’m really not sure about this.”
Rarity shook her head slightly. “We are going to be fine love.” She nuzzled Twilight,s side as they walked to The Crystal Palace.

“Ok.” Twilight said solemnly as they approached a pair of guards posted by the Palace entrance.

“State your business.” A gruff voice came from the smaller of the two guards.

“We’re here to see my brother and my sister in law.” Twilight raised her eyebrow, expecting her brother to tell the guards of her upcoming arrival.

The two guards looked at each other. “We sincerely apologize, they are waiting for you in the dining hall.” The tallest guard apologized, while the two of them opened the Palace doors.


“Twilie!” A familiar voice called out to her as her brother and former foalsitter walked up to them.

“Shiny!” Twilight exclaimed rushing to meet her B.B.B.F.F. in a loving embrace.

A tired looking Cadence looked at the two siblings with a small smile. “Hello Twilight, Rarity.”

“Good day, your Majesties, I hope everything is well in the kingdom.”

“The kingdom is doing well, thank you for asking Rarity” Princess Cadence responded looking at the alabaster mare. “Let us sit down, the letter Twilight sent seemed to be very urgent.”

“Of course.”

They all sat down at the large Palace dining table, Twilight and Rarity sat next to one another holding hooves, while Shining Armor and Cadence sat across from them.

“So, what did you want to tell us about?” Shining Armor asked his sister as he took a ship of his black coffee.

Twilight turned to look at Rarity and gulped. “Rarity and I are dating.” She looked at her brother and sister in law.

Shining smirked. “Is that all? The way the letter was written we thought something terrible must have happened.”

Rarity was stunned by the lack of shocked gasps and incredulous stares. “Y—You’re not surprised?”

“Not really, I mean I’ve had my suspicions, but she just confirmed them.” Noticing his little sister was now quieter than when she was caught wearing their mother’s makeup when she was a foal, Shining Armor added, “C’mon Twilight, nopony I know can miss as many flirts as you do, even you can’t be that clueless.”

“Wha—” Twilight unable to deal with the turn of events, promptly passed out, hitting the floor with a *thump*

“Oh dear, she did the same thing when we came out to our friends.”


Next Prompt: A Day At The Beach

I'll post the collab as soon as I've advertised it a bit, and get a response from the cover art's artist.
(If the participants with more followers and connections would spread the word too that would be great.)

Sam Cole
Group Admin

2050073 Yeah, I'll toss up a blog about it here soon. And I'll pitch it to my local brony group here in NM, get them all on board with it also.

2050073 do we just say that we are doing the next prompt or what? Either way I would like to participate in the collab. More fun :)


If you want the next prompt you can claim it. but, if for what ever reason you don't write the story please say so, so that the others can have a go at the prompt.

And Thank You for your participation in the prompt.

I'm on board with this, If no one has claimed the next prompt than I shall. Or if someone has, I'll be waiting for the next:derpytongue2:


The next prompt as of now remains unclaimed, the current prompt is A Day At The Beach.

Thank You for your participation.

So I can claim it now?


Just say 'Claimed: A Day At The Beach' or whatever, to let the others know it's been claimed.

Okay Claimed:A Day At The Beach

Prompt: A Day At The Beach

"This is relaxing, isn't it?" Twilight sighed contentedly, as her eyes scanned the pages of the book floating in front of her.

She was lying down on a blanket near the edge of the water, with an umbrella shielding her from the sun.

"It is a very nice day to be out." Rarity agreed from beside her marefriend. She gazed around at the rest of the beach, and found that Twilight and herself were the only ponies on the small expanse of sand.

Turning to face Twilight, she said "So, what are you-" she was interrupted as a giant wave crashed onto the blanket, drenching Rarity and Twilight.

"AH! My mane!" Rarity dramatically squealed. Her mane was straight and dripping with water, so was Twilight's but she didn't mind. After all, the book was bone dry.

Twilight rolled her eyes "C'mon Rarity, you still look amazing." She chuckled "You shouldn't get so worked up about these things."

"Worked up!?" Rarity glared daggers at Twilight "This is a travesty! How could you not be upset about this!?" Rarity frowned as she saw Twilight barely contain a chuckle.

"Oh, you think this is funny, do you?" Rarity tried to keep the angry look on her face "You know what I think would be funny?" Twilight shook her head.

Grinning, Rarity enveloped Twilight with her magic and tossed her into the water. Twilight fell through the surface with a shriek, and surfaced with an unamused expression.

Rarity was giggling on the beach towel, when she found herself being levitated above the waves "Wait please don''t!" Rarity pleaded to the grinning Twilight, before she dropped Rarity into the water.

She emerged spitting water out of her mouth. Rarity and Twilight glared at each other for a few moments, before bursting into laughter.

"You're right." Rarity said splashing Twilight playfully "This was relaxing."

"Told you that the beach would be fun." Twilight nodded before planting a small kiss on Rarity's cheek.

Next Prompt: An Interesting Evening
2053918Hope I did okay for this little short.

Claiming "An Interesting Evening."

I finally figured out a plot after spending a good ten minutes thinking about it, so now I just want to flesh it out.

Will post soon.

An Interesting Evening

Pinkie Pie’s parties were always...interesting. For Rarity, though, “interesting” did not necessarily mean “good.” Yes, they were lively. Yes, it was fun to dance with her friends and enjoy a little bit of spiked punch, but sometimes unpleasantries would occur. Usually somepony got too drunk (and alarmingly often that somepony was Berry Punch) and either got sick all over the floor or started a fight. Rarity hoped this wouldn’t be that kind of party. What she was looking for was a bit of harmless fun.

She glanced around Sugarcube Corner, seeing if there was somepony she could talk to, perhaps flirt with. She was just buzzed enough to have herself a bit of fun, but not drunk enough to walk away with any old pony. He would have to impress her first.

Twilight was standing in the corner. Normally she’d be talking to her friends and enjoying herself, but she had come to this party with a purpose. She gazed over at Rarity over in the opposite corner and felt unsettled in her stomach. She was sure it wasn’t the punch she was drinking; Pinkie didn’t spike it that much. It was all thanks to the stunning mare across the room, the mare she had been wanting to ask out for weeks but couldn’t find the courage. Twilight downed the rest of her punch, took a deep breath, and pushed her way through the crowd towards Rarity.

A fleeting thought of Spike almost slowed her to a halt. What would he think if Twilight took the love of his life for her own? But it couldn’t be helped. Rarity saw her and was waving her over, and if Twilight didn’t do it now she knew she never would.

She finally broke through the crowd and stood beside Rarity. The room was crowded, so personal space was a bit lacking, and the proximity to Rarity was making Twilight blush. Twilight hoped that Rarity would assume it was the alcohol.

“Did you just get here, Twilight?” Rarity asked, speaking loudly to be heard over the music.

“I...well...I guess I’ve been here for a little while, sure. I was just off in a corner, kind of like you.”

“I see. Well, I would be letting loose on the dance floor, maybe talking up a few stallions, but I just don’t see anypony that catches my interest. Do you?”

You have no idea, Twilight thought. Rarity had applied just the right amount of makeup to accentuate her stunning eyes, her devilishly smooth lips, her creamy complexion. Twilight could feel her heart pounding, but a sudden surge of energy compelled her to take the leap of faith she had been fearing for so long.

“Yes, you,” she said plainly, with absolute sincerity. Rarity looked puzzled, blinking at Twilight a few times.

“‘Me’ what?” she asked, but even in her slightly buzzed state she soon put two and two together. “Oh... Twilight, please. You don’t have to kid me like that.”

“I’m not kidding you,” Twilight said, feeling her breath quicken. “I’ve really liked you for a long time and I didn’t know how to tell you. But then you just had to ask that question and I—”

“Twilight, I’m just a little surprised. You walked up to me and told me out of the blue you have feelings for me, and I guess I’m just a little confused.”

Twilight was now visibly shaking, and Rarity quickly realized how upsetting this was to her. She put a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder, and Twilight winced at the touch, but as Rarity rubbed it she began to calm down. There had been no abject rejection...yet.

“I just think...” Rarity said. “Well, now that you’re bringing it up, I have to think about my own preferences. I’ve always been looking for that perfect stallion, the one who would sweep me off my hooves. But after Blueblood, I lost my naive thoughts of marrying Prince Charming and tried to look for somepony a bit more down-to-earth. Every party I’ve been to, I’ve looked for a stallion who I’d be at least somewhat interested in, only to find disappointment that none of them fit the bill."

“Rarity, you don’t mean...”

“Twilight, I’ll be blunt. I never believed I would be attracted to mares, but your confession struck a chord with me. I find myself giddy at the thought of dating you, and I can’t begin to explain why. I think, perhaps, that I’ve been feeling this way for some time, too, but I’ve been denying it all this time at the thought of finding a stallion.”

“Does that mean you want to go on a date?” Twilight asked tentatively, still in disbelief that this was somehow working out.

“Well, we’re already at a party. Let’s have ourselves a good time and see where it goes from there.”

“Um...okay,” Twilight said, but before she could take a second to think about it Rarity grabbed her hoof and pulled her into the dance floor.

As the two of them began to dance close, all Twilight could think of was that this was going to be a very interesting evening.

Not my best work, but it’ll do, I think. 1,000 words is a tight limit for me, so I had to compress a lot into a little bit of space.

Next Prompt: Trust

Sam Cole
Group Admin

2063228 Happy to see you here Cooper. Loving your story Spread Amigo.

So now, on to the writing. Prompt: Trust-


That question. It had to be that question. Of course she would follow up her request with that question. Why wouldn't she? That's who she is! It's part of her, right down to her very being. She knows that question prompts a response from me.

"I don't know Twilight..." I finally manage. "I just can't bring myself to say..."

"Why not?" She almost snaps. I wish she had. Her anger would make it easier for her to make the right choice. "Don't you trust me?"

"Implicitly darling." I stutter, almost crying. Oh how I trust you. No, not trust, though that does play it's part. No, the word I should be using is love. I love her, more than the mountains love the skies. But just like the mountains, my love will forever be out of my reach. And I can't even blame the poor boy's love for me. That would not be fair to him. No, he is only guilty of a childhood crush, and should not suffer my sins for his heart.

No, what keeps us apart, is us. I'm a nervous wreck, one missed stitch away from a crying fit. And her? She's just a tightly bound ball of nerves, too edger to please those she loves most. Her best qualities outshine mine any day of the week too boot. She's a star pupil, a dedicated caretaker, and just effortlessly the greatest friend and confidant I could ever hope for. I have nothing to offer her. A relationship between us could only ever end in disaster.

"Rarity, listen, I know you like somepony. I like somepony too," Twilight rallied, and thus succeed in breaking me out of my self induced bout of hate. "So how about if you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine. Deal?"

"I- I can't... I don't want you to think less of me..." I mutter.

"Rarity, I could never think less of you. You're an amazing pony. You make the most beautiful things. You're always so kind, so proper. Yet you're not stuck up. If I could manage to somehow think less of you, the universe would have ended."

"Do you- do you promise?" I squeak. Yes, squeak. I've sunk that low in my fear of her discovering my feelings. But she smiles for me.

"I promise."

"I- I would like a relationship with you, Twilight..." I manage. I can't meet her eyes. She's quite. She must hate me. Morbid curiosity strikes a hold of me, and I look. She's- She's smiling?!

"I know," Twilight says with her gorgeous smile. "I've known for a while now. About a month ago I was walking past the boutique, when I heard you singing. I stopped to listen for a minute, till I realized you were singing a love song, about me. At first I was shocked, but only because I never thought you liked mares. But I also secretly hoped one day, you'd work up the courage to tell me."

"Twilight, are you saying...?" I stutter, looking at those hopeful eyes, tears brimming on them as she readied herself.

"My crush is you too, Rarity."

Not bad for ten minutes of thought. So how about a exit from serious style prompts, and one that's a little bit silly. For Halloween, next up
Prompt: Nightmare Night Party


Prompt: Nightmare Night Party


The chilly autumn wind blew softly as it shook red and orange leaves off the trees, creating piles upon piles of leaves for the foals to play in. The townsponies were out and about, enjoying the pleasant scenery around them. Nightmare Night decorations lined the houses on Manestreet in preparation for the annual Nightmare Night Party. Only one house was not covered in decorations for the upcoming event. The Carousel Boutique, home to Ponyville’s biggest diva was bare, neither a ghost nor a foam tombstone could be found anywhere.

Rarity stepped out of the bare boutique, shivering slightly as a she was hit by the icy October wind. She stepped out into the cold, donning her Istalion made saddlebags, as she trotted carefully to her destination. Traveling across town to get to the library ran by her friend, she skillfully avoided the lingering puddles brought about by last night’s storm. She approached the library and let herself in, the bell above the door letting the library’s occupants know of her arrival. She walked into the foyer and stared around the room, noticing a lack of a certain purple unicorn and dragon.

“They must still be asleep.” Rarity murmured to herself, knowing very well how late the duo would sleep in after an all night study binge. She contemplated waking them up but decided against it, she would simply leave a note informing them of her returned book, and a warning about leaving their door unlocked while their sleeping . She placed her book down on the counter as she began to look for some parchment and a quill. Rarity perked her ears as she heard a soft rustling sound from behind her, she turned to see a pony with a shaggy grey mane and tattered clothing made out of burlap on her friend’s couch. Seeing the pony was asleep, she quietly tipped hoofed past them and walked into the kitchen.

‘This is exactly why I was going to warn them’. Rarity thought to herself as she got her weapon of choice, a rather fierce looking broom. She quietly sneaked back to the couch, the broom levitating beside her as she eyed the intruder. Lining up her swing, Rarity took aim at her sleeping opponent. The broom came down with a solid *THWACK* on the pony’s midsection, immediately waking the pony as it tried to defended itself.

GET OUT!!! THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU!!!” Rarity screeched at the top of her lungs as she got in a few good whacks in.

“Rarity? OW! Rarity STOP!” The bum on the coach hollered in a familiar voice.

“Twilight?” realizing that she was attacking her friend instead of a bum; she dropped the broom and smiled sheepishly at her friend.

“Honestly Rarity, what the hay was that for!” Twilight said as she rubbed her stinging side, that was no doubt bruised now.

Sitting down on her haunches, and rubbing one foreleg with the other. “I’m sorry darling. I thought you were a bum.”

“Why would there be a bum in my home?” Twilight looked incredulously at her friend/attacker.

“I came to return my book, and saw you dressed like a bum, and took the necessary precautions.”

“I’m not a bum! I’m the third Episcopal, a former member of the knights templar.” Twilight stated the obvious fact.

“Dear, if you dress like that to the party, everypony will assume you’re homeless.”

“Oh Yeah? Then what are you going as, a fashion model?” Twilight retorted angrily with her brows furrowed.

“I’m not going to the party dear.” Rarity flipped her mane with a hoof.

“You’re not?”

“No, Fluttershy and I are going to the Salt Lick on Clydesdale Street tonight.”

“You’re taking Fluttershy to a bar!” The purple mare’s hooves shot into air as she looked at her friend skeptically.

“Yes, you know she doesn’t do well with large crowds.” Rarity said as she got up on her hooves to leave.

“I know that, but how did you manage to get Fluttershy to agree to go with you to a bar?” The lilac mare shook her head.

“I know, I’ve been trying to get her to join me for years. however, last Nightmare Night’s surprise visit from Princess Luna finally convinced her.” Rarity replied with an airy laugh, as she headed to the door.

Twilight was contemplating what she had just been told. Rarity was taking arguably, the most shy, soft-spoken mare to a place with enough booze to give the Royal Sisters a hangover. She wished she could be a fly on the wall to see that, however she had a party to attend; a party that she would have to correct ponies constantly all night on her costume, just like last year. She would probably wake up with a headache, just like last year. It also didn’t help that her costume was incredibly itchy. Perhaps she should go with Rarity and Fluttershy to the bar, at least there she could enjoy getting a headache. Quickly throwing the costume on the couch, she ran after her friend.

“Rarity wait! I wanna go too!” Twilight called out to her friend in the middle of the street. ‘Spike will probably be fine by himself for a few hours.’ She thought to herself as she closed the distance between her and her friend.


I got the OK from the artist for the RariTwi Group Collab cover art and I will post the collab today as soon as I can.

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The Collab is pending moderator approval, and should be up shortly.
If you see any problems(Formatting issues, spelling error, you wish to change something with your submission, etc.) with it once it is up, let me know.

2066618 Sounds great. Thanks.

Claimed: A Bit Too Much To Drink
2066618Glad to see that the stories up:twilightsmile:

Prompt: A Bit Too Much To Drink

Twilight giggled softly across from Rarity on the couch. Rarity raised an eyebrow, as nopony had said anything. Twilight took another sip of the wine she was drinking, before bringing up a thoughtful and important topic.

"I...I hate it that books are flamea-flumab. " Twilight closed her eyes trying to find the word. "Flammable, yeah that's the one." Twilight hiccuped.

Rarity was trying to hold in chuckles. The night had started well enough, a few kisses, talking, more kisses. Then Rarity brought out the wine. It was a downward spiral from there.

At first it was fine, she'd occasionally mispronunce some words, or stumble around. But five drinks later she was comparing turtles to newspaper.

"I think you've had a bit too much to drink." Rarity grinned as Twilight tried to pick up her glass.

"Not a chance, Twilight." Rarity shook her head "I think you've had enough." She said as she levitated the glass away from her marefriend.

"But I'm fine! Your the one who's had enou-enough!" Twilight argued throwing her hooves in the air before falling onto Rarity's lap with her eye's closed.

"Ow." Twilight muttered nestling her head against Rarity "This is probably the softest pillow ever."

Rarity just smiled broadly, making sure that she wasn't missing any of the priceless antics in front of her

"I rem-rememebr when you and I went to that fancy restaurant." Twilight yawned "Fun times."

Rarity absentmindedly ran her hoof through Twilight's mane "Yes, of course I remember. It happened only a few hours ago!"

"Oh...right."Twilight mumbled sleepily, as Rarity laughed.

Twilight blearily opened her eyes and gasped loudly "Rarity! Your stom-stomach is a pillow!?" Twilight opened her mouth to say something else, but instead she collapsed.

Rarity frowned "Are you okay?" She asked worridly. Then Rarity heard the sound of snoring.

Shaking her head Rarity picked up Twilight and carried her into her bedroom. Making sure she had a blanket over her, Rarity kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Twilight." She whispered before climbing into bed next to her.

Next Prompt: Anniversary

Claimed Anniversary

I'll get it up as soon as I can once I get a good idea of what I want to do with it.
It'll be a comedy.

Sam Cole
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2065500 Damn, my prompt sounds like fun. I have to take a crack at it, and do a cross over with one of my favorite anime in the process...
Prompt: Nightmare Night party-

With a ring of the bell, a flip of her mane, and a certain tweak to her skirt, Rarity made herself ready for this night. A cosplay party at Fancypant's estate, and just in time for Nightmare Night. The perfect cover to trot around in her skimpy attire, though that was just the character she was portraying. Rarity had dressed expertly as Fancypant's favorite anime character, just to win him over. Just the sort of chance she needed in her otherwise loveless life right-

"Rarity!" Fluttershy squealed with glee, throwing open the doors to a very startled Rarity. What is she doing here? "Oh my gosh! I love your Rosario + Vampire costume!"

"Oh, hello Rarity!" Fancypant's greeted, though his smile soon faded. "Are you supposed to be a school girl of some kind?

So much for my tip that he liked this manga... Rarity mentally growled. "Yes my dear. I though it was cute."

"Well, it's certainly you, Miss Rarity." Fancypants chuckled as he was lead away by Fleur De Lis, dressed up as Maid Marion to Fancypants' Robin Hoof. And that explains my source...

"Come on in!" Fluttershy greeted, pulling Rarity into the house full of adult ponies doing absolutely nothing that interested Rarity anymore.

A few minutes later saw Rarity in the corner, huffing about how she misread the invitation, and worse yet, believed her luck had changed. All I wanted was to flirt up Fancypants, have a fun night, and possibly wake up next to my special somepony! Rarity mentally screamed, though really even she knew that her plan was low.

But she was desperate. She was so sick of being alone. Of knowing that she had a special somepony in her future that refused to be hers now, when she needed them most.

"Rarity?" The concerned voice of a friend cut in, breaking Rarity's trance.

"Hmm?" Rarity asked as she let her gaze fall upon her friend Twilight, who looked none to happy.

"No pony understand your costume either?" Twilight huffed as she sat down next to Rarity with a snort of rage almost. "Seriously? Does no pony recognize my Mareium Curie costume? She discovered a new periodic element for buck's sake!"

"I think you look great," Rarity absently shrugged. "But no, the pony I wore this stupid outfit for didn't even understand what it was!" And after Pinkie told me the love of my life would fall for it head over hooves! So much for Pinkie Sense...

"Hey, don't call Moka stupid," Twilight chuckled.

"Wait, you like Rosario + Vampire?" Rarity chuckled. "I never took you for a manga fan darling."

"Well, I only know that series because of Fluttershy..." Twilight blushed. "But yeah, I came to really love the manga. The love story, Moka's hidden dark side. It's all just so..." Twilight blushed again, looking away.

"Twilight?" Rarity asked as she reached a hoof of support over to her friend.

"Your costume's not stupid is all I'm saying." Twilight muttered.

"Do you like Moka?" Rarity chuckled.

"I like how you pull off Moka..." Twilight said, biting her lip afterwards.

"You do like Moka!" Rarity laughed.

"Stop!" Twilight pleaded with a laugh. "I'm weak against awesome no none sense vampires!"

"Come here darling!" Rarity toyed. "Let me just get a light snack. A Twilight snack." Rarity laughed as she pulled Twilight over.

"Ah! No!" Twilight protested jokingly, hiding behind her hooves as her blush grew. "I'm saving myself for that special vampire..."

Rarity smiled. Pinkie Sense still had a flawless track record after all. "Maybe I'm that special vampire darling?"

"I... I would be okay with that..." Twilight nodded as she let her hooves down to kiss Rarity. A light kiss that was not shy about biting the lip apparently. A perfect kiss, as far as these two were concerned.

Prompt: Anniversary

“Twilight?” Spike asked, “Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?”

His question was ignored however as the lavender-coated mare looked between two dresses, one being the dress she wore at the Grand Galloping Gala and the other a simple light blue gown.

“SPIKE!” Twilight yelled, “Which dress should I wear?! Is my Gala dress too flashy for tonight or- wait, WHAT AM I SAYING?! Our six month anniversary is tonight! Maybe I should wear this one… except for the fact that I already wore this one at that opera we went to! SPIKE, HELP ME!”

Spike could not suppress the groan as he gave himself a face-palm. To him, this was all too similar to when Twilight was called to Canterlot for Princess Celestia’s test; shortly before they went to the Crystal Empire for the first time. Just like before, Twilight was in a frantic hurry to prepare for her upcoming event, ignored almost all reason, and was not thinking clearly. The only saving grace was that this was still nowhere near as bad as the “Smarty-Pants Incident” (Something Twilight still to this date preferred not to talk about).

Realizing that Twilight’s brief insanity was only going to get worse, he gave her an answer.

“The one on the right I guess.” He said in a neutral tone.

After nodding frantically, Twilight took a couple of minutes to slip on her dress. She then used her magic to grab a notepad from a nearby table and checked off “FIND SUITABLE DRESS” off the list that was written on it. Above that particular part of the list were other parts that have been checked off.


Below it were:

“Hmm…” Twilight thought to herself “…I can’t help but feel as though I forgot something…”

There was no time to investigate however, as she and Spike both heard knocking coming from the front door. Before Twilight went downstairs to greet her, she performed her calming breath technique Cadance taught her. Now prepared to meet her date, she approached the door and opened it.
On the other side was Rarity, wearing a lovely silk red dress and smiling warmly at her.

“Hello my dear Twilight,” Rarity greeted, “Are you ready to leave?”

Just as Twilight was about to say “yes”, it was then that she noticed what she was forgetting; when she saw what was on Rarity’s face.

“MAKEUP!” Twilight yelled, startling both the seamstress and the young dragon, “I knew I was forgetting something! Oh Rarity, I’m so sorry! I was in a bit of a rush to get ready for tonight and it just slipped my mind and-”

Twilight’s rambling was cut off when she felt a pair of warm lips meet hers. After realizing that Rarity was kissing her, Twilight calmed down enough to return the kiss. When Rarity pulled away, she again smiled warmly towards Twilight and spoke to her.

“Twilight, you look absolutely perfect. I honestly don’t care if you have makeup on right now. Because it was when you didn’t have makeup on that I realized that I love you. And I always will.”

After a brief silence, Twilight returned the smile, said to Spike; “Spike, you have a good night; and don’t stay up too late;” and trotted out the door with her marefriend.

Next Prompt: Roller Coaster

2078176 Claiming Roller Coaster. Sounds perfect for a little slice-of-life snippet.

Roller Coaster

It was a beautiful summer’s day at the Canterlot Fair, and Twilight and Rarity were hollering at the top of their lungs. The wind rushed past their faces, causing their eyes to water, as the mechanical ride they were on twisted and turned. The sound of the wheels grinding against the track failed to mask their screams. They were the loudest ponies on the ride, although a few other ones were yelling as well. Rarity’s voice was piercing with its high pitch, and what Twilight lacked in frequency she made up for in volume.

Soon the track was coming towards a loop that would leave them completely upside down. They could feel their stomachs churning as the cart careened towards the loop. Their screams got even louder as they flipped upside down, the safety restraints being the only thing keeping them from plummeting to the ground.

Once they got out of the loop, they calmed down a little...until the ride plummeted down a nearly vertical track. Rarity felt as though she were going to faint, and Twilight was having a hard time catching her breath. After that drop, however, the ride slowly ascended and ended. Twilight and Rarity finally stopped screaming and stumbled off the ride once the restraints were lifted.

“I feel quite ill,” Rarity groaned, her face even paler than normal. Her voice had given out from all the screaming.

“I know what you mean,” Twilight said. She suddenly belched, and she feared what might come after that, as her stomach felt like it was ready to jump out of her mouth. “Excuse me.”

“You’re excused, darling,” Rarity said. She convulsed, and it was only by means of self-control that she didn’t start retching. “Oh, I’m going to kill Rainbow Dash.”

“What’s that now?” Dash asked as she approached with Applejack close to her. She saw the looks on both of their faces and started laughing. “Wow, was that ride too much for you?”

“Don’t even try to antagonize us,” Rarity said menacingly, “or I might upturn the contents of my stomach in your direction.”

“Oh, okay,” Dash said, turning to Applejack and smirking. The two of them started laughing, and Twilight and Rarity glared at them.

“Ah mean, ah’m sorry we’re laughin’ at ya,” Applejack said, “but Dash and ah rode it just fine and we thought you’d enjoy it.”

“To be fair,” Twilight said after belching again, “you and Dash are used to taking high-speed flights, so you were more prepared for that kind of experience.”

“Oh, ah guess you have a point.”

“Hey girls!” chirped Pinkie Pie as she bounded towards them, Fluttershy lagging behind her. Pinkie looked at the roller coaster and her jaw dropped. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Fluttershy, do you want to go on the ride? It looks like fun!”

“Oh, well, I don’t know...” Fluttershy said as she caught up. “It looks awfully scary.”

“Aw, you’re no fun,” Pinkie said. “Hey, have you girls been on the ride? Can you tell us what it was like?”

Applejack and Dash responded with “awesome,” while Twilight and Rarity simultaneously replied with “terrible.”

“Oh,” Pinkie said, her smile fading slightly. “Well, I’m still gonna go on. Fluttershy, you can join me if you want.”

“I think I’d prefer not to, if that’s okay with you,” Fluttershy said.

“Okay. Your loss!” Pinkie chirped as she took off towards the ride.

Rarity suddenly started gagging and quickly looked for the nearest trash can. When she found one a few feet away, she sped towards it and lowered her head in before vomiting. Dash and Applejack stopped chuckling when they realized how bad off their friend was. Concerned for Rarity, Twilight rushed to her side.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Ugh, no,” Rarity said in between her retching. “I never want to ride a roller coaster ever again.” Rarity stayed stooped over the trash can until she was sure she had completely emptied the contents of her stomach.

“Here, let me clean that up for you,” Twilight said. She used a bit of magic and cleared the spewed matter from Rarity’s muzzle.

“Thank you,” Rarity said, gasping for breath. Twilight was thankfully starting to feel better, so she wouldn’t be sharing in Rarity’s discomfort. Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy came over to see if Rarity was all right.

“Wow,” Dash said, “I didn’t realize it would be that bad. Sorry, Rares.”

“It’s all right,” Rarity said. “It was my fault for eating that fried dough beforehand.”

“Wait,” Applejack said, “you ate before ya went on the ride?”

“Rarity did,” Twilight said. “I warned her not to, but you know how she is at these fairs. She has to try all the food.”

“I didn’t expect to be tasting it a second time, however,” Rarity said, and Dash suddenly started laughing again. Rarity glared at her and she stopped.

“Well,” Fluttershy said, “they say riding a roller coaster is a good bonding experience. Do you two think you’ve bonded a little more?”

Applejack and Dash turned to Fluttershy in alarm, and Fluttershy cowered at their look. Twilight and Rarity didn’t know what the big deal was, but their friends had seen them together a lot lately and had suspected that they had a thing for each other. Nopony had wanted to bring it up, though, and Fluttershy’s question skirted the line a little too closely for Dash and Applejack. Twilight and Rarity, however, took the question in stride.

“Well,” Twilight said, “we were already close friends, so this is just one more experience to share. What do you think, Rarity?”

“Personally, I’d like to forget the whole thing happened, but it’ll be a funny story someday. Why do you ask, Fluttershy?”

“Oh, um...no reason,” Fluttershy said, pawing the ground and hiding behind her long mane.

“Well, now that that’s over,” Twilight said, “what should we do next?”

“Well, Rarity,” Dash said with a smirk on her face, “are you hungry?”


Clocking in at 999 words according to Google Drive. I must be more verbose than I thought.

Next Prompt: Shy


Prompt: Shy

A rhythmic clicking filled the air, as the mare with a royal purple mane fed the machine more fabric. This was the third time today that she had to start over completely. The rest of her ‘creations’ lacked the special charm that all of her designs shared, or had stitching mistakes that made the piece unusable. Her whole week had been an utter disaster. She knew the reason why her creative juices were flowing, but wouldn’t admit it to herself.

The creative slump started a week ago, when a dear friend confessed his feelings for her. Spike, her little ‘Spikey Wikey’ had finally said what she’s been dreading to hear. Rarity loves spike, but not in the way, that he loves her. It had absolutely pained her to turn him down, but it had to be done. She’d known about spike’s feelings for a while now, you’d have to be positively oblivious to miss the not-so-subtle ‘hints’ that he’s left.

At first, she found his crush cute, but over time, she realized just how deep his feelings were for her. That is why she had to do it, breaking his heart left her hollow on the inside, but it had to be done. If only she could ha—

*Knock* *Knock* *knock*

Rarity’s thoughts had been interrupted as a knocking came from her door, she left her workroom, wiping away few stray tears as she answered the door.

“Hello Rarity!” Twilight greeted when the door was opened, as her friend visibly paled even whiter than she already was.

‘Oh no! no! no!’ Rarity thought to herself, the one pony that she did not need to see right now, was on her doorstep.

“Um, you ok?”

Rarity mentally prepared herself; Twilight was no doubt here to give her quite the tongue-lashing for breaking her assistant’s heart. “I-I’m F-Fine dear.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been shyer than Fluttershy herself this week.”

“Just Fine.” Rarity stated a little more forcefully.

Twilight mulled over what her friend had just told her, taking into account the white mare’s body language, it only raised her suspicions.

“Are you really sure?” Twilight cooked her head and raised an eyebrow at the fidgeting mare.

Rarity removed her gaze from Twilight’s eyes as she began to hyperventilate when her fidgeting worsened. “I-I-I” she tried to speak but the words died in her mouth, she swallowed hard trying to force the words out.

“I’M SO SORRY,” The seamstress wailed as she struggled to hold back tears. “I d-didn’t mean t-to break his heart!”

Her suspicions conformed the lavender mare wrapped her friend in an embrace. “Shh , Rarity, it’s ok Rarity, I’m not at all mad with you.” Twilight whispered.

“You’re n-not?” Rarity asked from within the confines of her friend’s chest.

“No, I’m not.” Twilight kissed Rarity’s forehead softly. “How could I be mad with one of my best friends.”

The next prompt(s) are inspired by 'Roller Coaster'.

Next Prompt(s): The Zipper,or Go-Karts. (Author's Choice ( If one of the prompts is claimed, but you wish to write the other, you may do so, however you cannot leave another prompt.)

Don't know what The Zipper is?


How often do you think the collab should be posted?(Once a week, like RariTwi Tuesdays etc. Or whenever a few new stories are up.)

Also the prompt 'Stepping Up For...' is available to use.

I vote for RariTwi Tuesday's:duck::heart::twilightblush:

2088596 I'd say update it with every new story that comes in, but if you don't feel like doing that once every few stories is okay.


I'm good with an update every 3-5 stories.


2nd Round of the RariTwi Group Collab is Up.

Sam Cole
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2093750 Sorry I completely spaced on this for a day. I say every three to five stories myself

Sam Cole
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Prompt: Go-Karts-

Nothing else matters now. This is all out war. Look at her up there, not a care in the world! Who does she think she is?! After what she just did to me!?

"You're going down Rarity!" I scream forward at her as I slam my hoof down. The motor roars to life, and I feel the cart kick back as I pick up speed. I have to catch up now. I have too!

No chance to get around her. She's smart. Drives like a natural. And I may just be in shock, but I do believe she is drifting the corners! Oh that show off!

Wait? Is that... It is! An opening! She's too wide on this corner. I slam down on the accelerator, feeling the purr turn into a feral roar that sings with my soul. I'm close to her now, no room for err. A bump!

No, a nudge! Twilight is trying to keep me behind her! The nerve. But it back fires! I was so close to the wall, I had nowhere to go, but Twilight lost control for a second. I take my chance, and push on past. I hear Twilight bellowing at me, but she can scream all she wants. I am now in the lead.

Rarity's arrogant. She'll make a mistake soon. I just have to focus, and keep my head in the game. I can now respect why Rainbow loves to fly so fast. Speed is... it's amazing. Like no drug could ever hope to be. I know I'm not going that fast, but this little cart just feels so alive, how could I not fall in love with this?

Rarity's in the next turn now, and I see my chance. I get in close to her, coming up on the outside. She sees me, and moves to block, opening herself up for a pass on the inside! I take the pocket and push up to nose and nose with Rarity! I look over, expecting to see her scowling at me. But no... She's laughing. Her mane is being tossed around so effortlessly. There looks to be so much life in those eyes of Azure blue... She's so eloquent at everything she does. She pushes past me to the finish now. I hardly notice.

"Oh my gosh!" I laugh as I pull into the corral. "That was amazing! We have to go again!"

I jump out of my cart, and see Twilight pulling up. The lavender mare looks determined now. Sore loser much? She wastes no time in getting out of her cart and striding up to me. I can't help but laugh. I mean really, what does she expect?

"Did you have fun?" I ask her with a giggle. She wastes no time as I see her lips flick upwards into a smile. I begin to chuckle as I wave my hoof at her, but something catches my hoof, pulling me into Twilight. Without a word or anything, she pulls me close to her, and takes my chin with her mana.

The next thing I feel, is bliss.

My heart rate is going a million miles an hour. My nerves are like steel though. The speed is perfect. My timing, flawless. I take Rarity's lips to the inside, and I clench the pocket. The race now is over for the carts, but for me and the white mare that beat me and my flawless record, the new race is just beginning. Now it's a race to the finish, with neither participant keen to ever collect that checkered flag. Tongues dance around each other, purrs turn into primal roars in my mind as the adrenaline mixes with my endorphin. But sadly, this race too must come to a close, but only because any longer and we'll both pass out from the lack of air...

"Loads." Twilight pants as she breaks her lips away from mine. "Did you?"

"Uh huh." I manage. "But I do believe the race track personnel are now quite upset with us..." I state as I take a glance to the two officials for the ride glaring at us.

"I'm seeing a lot of angry parents actually..." Twilight muttered looking to our other side. So with a bashful look, we start to exit.

"Tea cup ride?" Twilight suggests.

"I was wondering how many attractions we could banned from today." I laughed.

"Why not go for them all?" Twilight asks coyly as she slips in next to me, taking me on the inside once again today. But was only fair, I started it after all.

Leave it to me to take something as pure as Go-karts, and turn it into a love story with these two.

Next prompt: Horrible Acting

Claimed Prompt: Horrible Acting

Rarity was never one to boast or brag, but she had her share of talents, like everypony else.

She could create something bland into something beautiful, turn rags to riches, craft a stunning dress with little to no time, find the good in almost anypony ... and she wasn't that bad of an actress either.

With a swift batting of her pretty blue eyes and a simple smile, stallions would service themselves to her.

As much as she hated to admit it, she tended to let her diva side shine one too many times.

Even if her nerves were shot, she could effortlessly present her designs to the Canterlot Elite.

...but one thing she actually found as a struggle to cover up was her pain. Not minor pain, as if a slight confliction or a light accidental hit, but rather the mental sort of pain. The kind that frustrated her to no end and caused her heart and very soul to ache unconditionally. It burned, like a scorching flame, and she had no way to stop it.

And yet, she amazed herself each and everytime she somehow managed a brave face when confronted with that pain.

It was caused whenever she would catch even the slightest glimpse of one of her true friends.

Jealousy - what an ironic emotion for the Element of Generosity to have.

But somehow, that devil feeling had weaved it's way into Rarity's senses, and everytime she saw that certain scene, her eyes flashed green, and her heart shook - on the verge of breaking.

"Rarity? Is something wrong?" Twilight murmured, as she stole a glance to one of her best friends. "You seem a bit... distraught. Is everything alright?"

Rarity cleared her throat, and nodded. "Of course," she said swiftly. "I'm perfectly fine."

"Are you sure?" the Princess of Magic questioned. "Because if there's something going on - you know I'm here for you."

The dressmaker hesitated, only before raising an eyebrow. "Why the sudden concern?" she asked cautiously.

Twilight, of course, gave the expected answer anypony else would. "We're friends, aren't we?" she replied, with a sweet, caring, sparkling smile. "If there's anything you need to talk about, ever, I'm sure that-"

"May I have this dance?" a voice interrupted.

The voice caused both mares to look up, and upon realizing who it was, Twilight giggled like a schoolfilly whilst Rarity's expression fell.

"I'm... sorry for interrupting," Flash muttered, with a slightly bashful smile. "I just-"

"It's fine," Twilight responded, as she returned the grin. She turned to Rarity and bit her lip. "Are you sure you're ok?"

Rarity simply nodded.

And all she could do was watch as her best friend - her wonderful, beautiful, adorable, sweet, kind, compassionate, and indescribable best friend - walked off... with her lover.

Fortunately, Twilight would apparently always be by blinded with love to not notice.

Unfortunately, Twilight couldn't see Rarity's horrible acting.

...if only she could.

is this cliche? probably. do i care? nope.
New Prompt: Misunderstanding


Claiming "Misunderstanding"

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