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For non-TCB fans, its definitely not part of Gammaverse.
(Nobody add it to the group; I'd like to see if it can draw non-TCB fans into my TCB work)

For those of us with a sense of culture and sanity enough to appreciate TCB (I kid the people who dislike TCB... They also apparently lack souls. :P) however, War Stories is indeed part of Gammaverse, taking place either before, or in the early days of Conversion in its 'present' and in the days way pre-Earth in its 'past.'

It has some new tidbits for your theory board on Wisps, and it will hit the spot if you've been thirsting for good Gryphon-centric stuff during my writing drought. Hopefully it'll tide you over till I get back to writing Genesis ASAP.

Discuss if you have read? Perhaps?

(Yeah yeah; plenty of people have told me 13k words is insane for a flash-fic. What can I say? To me, that's as short as short gets. I tend to avoid almost everything shorter than double-digit-thousands of words.)

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Hey, one of the other fics I got for it was 15 K, so you're not the only wordy son of a gun that was in on this!

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