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It stands (3/22/13) at


That's close to half a *million* words. :pinkiecrazy:
For reference,

Lord of the Rings (Total Trilogy): ~473,000
Inheritance Cycle (Total); ~906,000
Twilight Saga (Total Shy*e heap); ~576,000

C'mon guys. We have to at least beat Myers. :derpytongue2:
(Tho beating a solid million would be super-fun)

C'mon guys. We have to at least beat Myers.

I wholeheartedly endorse this endeavor!

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Thinking we *might* just make it. Genesis and Threshold are not even 1/4th complete.
None of the other stories are completed besides OG and Preservation, really.

Noble is close-ish to finishing Balance, but there's still a good few words to go.
Reg is potentially planning to write more once TFC is done, two wait three *maybe* four other authors, my last count, are considering/preparing-for entering the venue, and Rigs and 7-4 have long stories ahead of them to finish.

All of that together... Well Genesis and Threshold will each be roughly as long as OG.
So they'll account for nearly 700,000 words on their own ideally.

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Inheritance Cycle (Total); ~906,000

Wow, didn't realize I had read that many words for that series.
Anyway, I'm glad Preservation made the canon cut. Might have been for a writing prompt, but by golly, I take writing prompts seriously.

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Which is why it made it. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, beating the lower two of those will be easy, like for example the basic plot summary of Act 1 of Paying the Toll is just shy of 1000 words on its own, which will make a significant contribution to word count when its actually developed into the actual thing

I'm still on the fence, if you're counting me in that list of potential authors. I don't know if I have enough story, and I don't know if my idea for a gryphon doctor character is compatible with the gammaverse.

A Gryphon Doctor? Don't see why it couldn't work unless its other details of the character you are worried about.

To be honest, I was in a similar situation to you before deciding to write Paying the Toll. Like I was honestly expecting the Charon Technical Group to not be Canon worthy when I first mentioned it to GG (in the context of the RPG I am working on in the Gammaverse setting, mainly conceived as a play testing tool) and he ended up liking it, just like my other idea of [redacted] which I thought was insane for having too big of an effect on the universe was judged to be acceptable.

Well, it's a matter of professional ethics, the character would take very seriously the idea of "first, do no harm" refusing to use his knowledge of anatomy to cause more damage to a target, unless he was satisfied that he could UNDO that damage.
Given Gryphon combat speeds, he'd find it extremely hard to kill anyone, even a slaver, under those rules, but he'd be fine handing them over to someone who would be able to kill them.

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804897 Wait, you're developing an RPG based on Gammaverse? Oh! I was thinking the same thing a few days ago, if you need somebody to bounce Ideas off of in about 2 weeks, feel free to send me a PM.

814231 True, a gryphon's "Justice, at all costs" (usual rule) would conflict with the oath "above all else, do no harm." Plus, he wouldn't have healing spells, and so would have to rely purely on surgery, which, given gryphon dexterity, would be a completely viable option.

Yeah, part of my idea involves a frontier settlement, full of oddballs and misfits, who wouldn't turn their noses up at a skilled healer that just happens to not use magic.

You could always make use of the Declaration of Geneva (Link) instead of the Hippocratic Oath which would help avoid the significant issues (it may be less common, but it is intended to follow the concepts of the original Hippocratic oath in a more modern way).

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