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I am looking at writing a story based in the Gammaverse where a person becomes a diamond dog, so I have some questions that I would like answered so that I can make my story as true to the Gammaverse as possible.

1) My first question is what are the regulations concerning a person wanting to become a diamond dog, I know that griffins and dragons have very strict guidelines for anyone who wants to become one of them so do the diamond dogs have similar rules?

2)My next question is what type of diamond dog do people become. In the Option Gamma story several types of Diamond dog are mentioned, so does the potion only turn you into one of the types of diamond dog or will you become any of the types like how the pony serum can turn you into any of the different types of pony.

3) My final question for now is in The Conversion Bureau: Genesis there is mentioned that when the diamond dog potion was released that there was a huge controversy surrounding it, I would like to know what it is, is it that an event or was it the fact that a diamond dog potion was even made.

I anyone is able to help me with these questions it would be greatly appreciated

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I cant answer all your questions but ill fill in what I can.

1:I'm not 100% certain but im fairly sure there is something. Gonna have to wait for Gryph to wake up to get the full details.

2: As with pony and dragon potion(which i guess isn't obvious since my story hasn't reached that point yet), The Diamond dog potion can change a convertee into one of the three( or four, cant remember) species of diamond dogs. I'm sure this is probably based on your character qualities in some way but i don't know all the details.

3:Dont know this one sorry.

I guess i was only really helpful on the second one. Sorry!

Over here GG said some stuff about the topic.
This included the 3 kinds of Diamond Dog, and what leads to a given convert becoming any given type.

As for question #1, I'm guessing the rules are no stricter than for becoming a pony. (guessing)

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1. Initially, diamond dog conversion was offered without condition. However, diamond dogs failed to inform the other treaty races of just how powerful their pack instinct was. Converts would be magnetized into pre-existing packs, and this would include the criminal diamond dog gangs which had been making contacts in earth. After that, diamond dog conversion comes under regulation, just like gryphons and dragons. So in general, a stable psychological profile and a tendency to self-control are a must for converts looking to keep the ability to have bacon.

2. 793992 's link should serve as a useful guide to determining who becomes what kind of diamond dog. The relevant core is below.

If your defining trait is aggression, or honor, or vigilance, or valor, you will be a Lupine.
If your defining trait is cunning, or curiosity, or manipulativity, or resourcefulness, you will be Vulpine.
If your defining trait is greed, or even more simplistic a-moral materialism, or a hard work ethic, or efficiency, then you will be Troll.

3. I imagine G_G put that in so any writer who was interested could write a story about it. Perhaps your story could be the one to do so! It'd likely involve criminal syndicates, so there'd be plenty of opportunity to explore the darkest corners of the 22nd century.

Okay may as well go down the line, though you really should be asking GG as he would be more helpful:
1) Especially after the mystery incident, there are restrictions on allowing people into the Diamond Dog program, you would have to ask GG for the specifics as it only came up in passing during my conversations with him.
2)From the Pony Phenotyping thread

For reference with Diamond Dogs;

If your defining trait is aggression, or honor, or vigilance, or valor, you will be a Lupine.

If your defining trait is cunning, or curiosity, or manipulativity, or resourcefulness, you will be Vulpine.

If your defining trait is greed, or even more simplistic a-moral materialism, or a hard work ethic, or efficiency, then you will be Troll.

3) You would have to ask GG for details as the most I can say on it is that it involves the Diamond Dog Pack Mentality, with some additional involvement of the usual subjects.

As a whole, Diamond Dogs are an extremely difficult choice of species to write a Protagonist for given the fact that they are a Pack, there really isn't such a thing as an independent Diamond Dog, and there is way more going on than just the immediately apparent communication. While there is no rule saying you can't write a Diamond Dog protagonist, you probably want to avoid it given the complications it brings up.

P.S. My Conversations were more relating to other content more directly connected to my in planning fanfic which is set after Genesis and doesn't really touch the entire Diamond Dog issue so I don't have much in the way of specifics on the subject.

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Good way of putting it, the only thing you're missing that bears noting is this;

Gryphon potion is regulated because we mandate its regulation, we define the tests, and we control the distribution.

When it comes to Draconic potion, the Dragons don't much care to regulate it, but Earthgov has highly strict entry requirements, including a full psych workup, to try and prevent rampant wild Dragons being created helter-skelter.

With Diamond Dogs, after the scandal and ensuing mess, Earthgov put strict disclaimers and special legal exceptions on Diamond Dog potion; raising the minimum allowed Conversion age for its use to 22, and barring most families from Converting their children with consent, as is possible/customary with other potions.

Diamond Dog potion started, afterwards, to become available on the street as a result of Troll and Lupine gangs illicitly manufacturing/obtaining it to augment their packs' numbers. Assuming you survive the use of such badly-made Potion, you generally get magnetized into being just another low level omega in a criminal Diamond Dog pack.

With the pack mentality is it only a desire to be with other diamond dogs or could this pack mentality be wanting to be apart of a group, if so could friends or family allow this pack mentality to be fulfilled even if their not diamond dogs?

What I can infer from previous responses, is that it almost certainly is a draw towards being a part of a Diamond Dog Pack, not simply any random group. This complication does certainly make a Diamond Dog convert as a protagonist difficult, but I can think of one or two ways it could work out (For example, a squad of EarthGov troops wanting to convert together)

I also have a random, out there question are diamond dogs colour blind like normal dogs?

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Nope. Full color vision.
Half decent range and acuity on Lupines/Vulpines, but nothing like a Gryphon or even Pegasus.
Trolls have bad vision all around except for excellent night vision, and an innate sense of rock.

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