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But seriously, I'm posting this here cause if I blog about it ill just get posts about my other story. And I don't want that.

I just wanted to alert everyone to whats going on with state of mind right now. I'm getting chapter 2 and 3 ready for publishing as soon as possible, but before that, the prologue and Chapter 1 are getting full rewrites, due to changes to the story and character that need to be done for the rest of the story to make sense. The prologue rewrite will be going up In a few minutes when my prereaders finish combing it over.

I hope to get the First chapter done tomorrow. If i do achieve that, then Chapter two should be out on either Tuesday or Wednesday. With chapter 3 coming sometime after that. Then ill probably take a short break and finish the Info on Dragons for the wiki, since that's something I feel i need to do, if more for me than everyone else, because it gets a bit difficult to keep everything together in my head sometimes.

Anyway, look for those in a few days. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

And its up now.

Yay, finally more information on Dragons! But yeah, having the wiki page written for dragons will probably help cut down on the list of questions (or at least make them less vague) I was planning on asking sometime down the road with regards to my next Story (and first Gammaverse Story).

And to continue my forum posting trend, more mysterious quotes:
"In times like these, it is the job of thinkers like us to open the gates to the future for our kind. It is our responsibility to pave the way forward, to give Humanity every option it needs to step beyond the Age of the Barrier into prosperity in the new frontiers of Equestria and Space!" - CEO Maximilian Argus, Charon Technical Group, 2116 AD, 14 AC

So what's happening with your chapters?

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