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Really? Yes Really.

The Wiki, even in its completed state, may not explicitly cover some of these, so here is a quick-n-dirty start guide to the rules of the road for this TCB Universe.

1; Gotta get this messy one out of the way first; NO explicit sexual content, or strong implication of such, or strong associated language related to such, of any sort, is EVER permissible. The only *possible* reason you should ever have for putting a mature block on your story is extremely gory violence, which is permitted, but not for excessive parody/mockery/grimdark anti-mongering.

2; Don't use original characters from any of the stories in a different TCB universe without clearing it with both myself and, if applicable, the author of the story. Normally we'll probably be fine with it... but I don't endorse anything where (apropos of 3) Gryphons are bad guys, or (apropos of 1) explicit sexual content is present, and I won't have the Gammaverse connected directly to such content. Period.

We are pro-Gryphon and Teen+ (or as the Europeans say; Pegi -13) Friendly around here. :twilightsmile:

3; Gryphons are good guys. ALWAYS. I don't care if you don't like this one, go somewhere else if you don't like it.:flutterrage: The species gets enough bad rap elsewhere (all lies and heresy) and in my world they are always good, noble, and strong. Period. Don't even think about trying to subvert this either. We feathered nut-jobs have our dark side and weaknesses, and its ok to show that, but never let it be said we acted evil or wimped out.

4; If Another author got to an event/entity before you and defined it, then you can not re-define it. If they did any large-scale world-building they cleared it with me first, and that means its canon in this context. That said; I am happy to offer my services in helping you figure out how to do something, even if it seems difficult or impossible at first.

5; Speaking of the above; please clear any large-scale world-building with me before you delve into it.
I have more or less a complete mental map of everything in the universe, and contact with all the authors in-case I need clarification, so I am effectively a walking talking encyclopedia. Try the wiki first, for my sake (I'm often time crunched) but if you can't find it there, then please don't hesitate to PM me.

6; Humans are *not* the scum of the Earth, neither are Ponies 110% God's gift to the universe. Conversion here is *symbiotic.* Both the Convert, and the race to which he/she Converts, stand to gain a great deal.

Corollary 6a; Celestia and Luna and Discord are NOT Gods/Goddesses. Very Very powerful nigh-immortal beings yes... divine no. Hasthag;ThereIsOnlyOneGodAndHeDoesn'tDressLikeThat /CaptainAmerica

7; You must read Option Gamma before you can write a story for the universe. This is not to toot my own horn, or be a jerk; having you read the story is simply the best way I know how to get across all the information you need to know to write in this universe. Option Gamma is the lynchpin, and it behooves (oh God... I punn'd. Horrbily) you to know the foundation before you start building.

As for rules that's it. Seven Simple Statues. :twistnerd:
I don't mean to come across as arrogant with these, but I'm protective of continuity, and Teen+ friendliness, as I feel these contribute to the Gammaverse positively, and they're my life-rules anyways.

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