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It is *far* from complete, and its not a true wiki, in the sense that you can't just go in and edit it.
I'm a little OCD about my formatting and such, being a CSC guy, and it uses Google Sites which makes crowd-sourcing hard. Besides, never can be too careful when defending against HLF hax0rz :trixieshiftright:

That said; if you want to write an article for it, I'm happy to let you, you just need to look through the wiki, make sure said article hasn't been written yet, then write the body and PM it to me. I'll do the painful grunt work of formatting it and adding appropriate imagery and cross-linking once I can find time.


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Aaaand I'm actually gonna open this for posting, because it'd be nice to have wiki feedback and I've just realized that Google Site's comment system is terrible.

So feedback, mistakes you notice, questions, whatever; lets have it.

I could come up with a few articles, for the technology portions...

Additional Category needed under Technology: Hybrid Technology. Under that would be the main product of both Earth and Equestria science: the Potion.

I could come up with entries for Mage Lights and DAtabs. Maybe a few paragraphs about data storage...

I doubt this will be needed, but since I'm planning on giving "Gamma" a re-read anyway, would it be at all helpful if I list any technology or terms that might require definition? Or is that somewhat superfluous given time?

It'd be a good place to start... the wiki approach requires people to figure out what articles would need to be written.

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