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I've been working on a RWBY Fix Fic and I need feedback on some idea's.

1. I've been thinking about cutting out Team JNPR or at the very least Jaune since to me they're kinda just a distraction from Team RWBY

2. I was also thinking about cutting Sun since he's just a straight alternative to Yang and not much else

3. and I also wanted to expand on Ruby's Friend's from Signal, I think adding upon Ruby's life before Beacon could help develop her character.

Don't kick out JNPR they are very important

Sun was fine and he could show up as a tries to be romantic rival and he is awesome. also gunchucks,

I'd agree on Juane (I did it) and Sun is basically a male Yang that's mildly toned down so yeah I'd toss him or better yet expand on him, make him more than a male Yang that wouldn't draw stares on Managery. Make Sun interesting because he's different not because he's a faunus.

Ruby's friends do definitely need expanding, they kinda get forgotten (Understandably though)

JNPR as a whole is important but Juane is the most replaceable character and his removal actually saves grief so...

Be sure to send me a link when it's ready! Fix fics are awesome

Thank's alot your input is the best!

!. JNPR is just the support staff of RWBY and Jaune is kinda exposition and exemplifies the support aspect in that support is literally his Semblance

2. Sun is kinda an example of a happy go lucky Vacuan kid without any of the shit that anyone on RWBY has dealt with. Also kind of an idiot and shows Blake's growth as a person

I really want to see an expansion of Ruby's backstory

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