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So, yeah, if you liked LV or my story Equestrian Subversion (or any Vengeanceverse stuff for that matter), we can all sit around the fireplace with hot cocoa and talk about them and the Vengeanceverse. The_Dash and I (the ClarinetOverlord) are the original vengeancists, but we encourage all fans to write their own Vengeanceverse stories. If you want to do that, tell us. Not so we can be copyright Nazis, but so you and the story can be included in this group.

And because only The_Dash, Mossino, and I can add stories.

Vivat nox.


I believe I'll throw my two cents in now. Hello all it is I, The_Dash, and as my friend ClarinetOverlord said; we are the originators of the Vengeanceverse. The purpose of this group is to give all our readers, friends, and fellow bronies a place to chill and have fun. Of course we want to see our respective stories thrive, and yet, we don't want to impart that as our only goal. We want you all to enjoy reading our stories, as much as we enjoy writing them for you. I also want it to be known that while I, The_Dash, did create the Vengeanceverse with Loyalty's Vengeance, I don't claim it to be mine, in fact, it is ours. Nothing would make me happier than to see our readers create their own stories, from what the depths of our minds have created thus far. We invite all LV, ES, and general fans to join our little ragtag group. Let's try to make this the greatest group it can be, and make our already awesome FimFiction community even better. I look forward to seeing what everypony can come up with!

~Time to dash, Dash out~

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LISTEN UP EVERYPONY! I'm back and on a regular basis. :yay:

So first off... I see we have a new member. So lets welcome Battle154. Anyways, now that I've returned and with new material, I want to bring this group back to life. We need to figure out how to draw new members and make this a group our fellow bronies wanna be a part of. So... any suggestions? :rainbowderp:


I wish I could golf like this.


A fitting song for opening a political debate.

I'm not saying any one person is to blame, people on all sides get really nasty politically.

308924 This is what I think, or picture, when I think about politics. A bunch of people trying to dismiss someones opinion... No matter how valid it may in fact be.



I've honestly forgotten if I ever had a legitimate reason for joining the American Bronies group. I never wanted to have political debates with people because I hate the subject of politics, and every time something new has been posted, it spawns a bitter political argument with all the major members.

305116 Yeah... I'm just good at writing darker themed stuff. I guess it's just my special talent. :scootangel:

305110 It's all I'm really good at honestly. Every attempt at some other type of story fails... :raritydespair:
Even my first story, Silhouette In The Sky, starts with my main character committing suicide. :unsuresweetie:


A little of both. You like making really creepy stories, don't you?

305107 Sick as in good... or sick in the head?


Yeah, that's pretty sick.

305104 Yeah, I'll see what I can do about it. I'm about to observe something new. Bare witness to my insanity.


I didn't mean for the image to appear that many times, but I guess the picture was pretty small.

Observe something new.

305036 I like the banner lol. I believe my life would be complete, if I saw RBD or AJ in Kingdom Hearts. :pinkiehappy:

...oh dear Luna...that's horrible. :twilightoops:


3D ponies in a non-Gmod setting would make my existence.

By the way, what do you think of the new banner for the group?



304673 I have the diabeetus...again! :applejackconfused:

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