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This is a group for the people that just want to get away from it all. Meaning, the word 'Past Time' being the literal term. All writers need a break, to gain fresh ideas, to relax and not worry about there un-updated fics. Colabs help this by having a partner to help a fellow writer to write something together, to be a team, and share be in the glory of it together of writing a good story. Are you tired, have writers-block, or just need to get away from it all? Then look no further because Past Time Colabs group is for you.

A little bit more about the group: here is a place to meet writers like yourselves finding other writers to work with, you meet them here, talk a bit, write a story and maybe even become friends. The stories of the members or "partners" will be featured here, and if your a person that doesn't want to do a colab and just read the stories that are here, go ahead, maybe you'll get inspired too.

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