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4526092 Here, this is for you. It might come in handy with that attitude.


Claiming Dreamer. Hungover from 'murica day. Can't promise it'll be done tonight, but I ain't dead. I think.

4526129 Drink more alcohol. That will clear up your hangover right quick.

Thanks, y'all! We're back up to date. I'll space out Date and Tasty Murder a bit, but not as long as it had been.

Anyone notice we're approaching # 100?

4526319 Are you excited? Because i'm excited.

If I had the funds to be drunk 24/7, you damn well better believe that I would be.

4526106 Lol. Believe me, I will read it at some point.

Dreamer (Sequel to Pointless):

Before, Nightmare’s “visits” had been intermittent – a few nights here and there, but never consistent. But for the past few weeks, she had invaded my dreams every night. I groaned, pulling against the restraints on my forelegs, Nightmare at the foot of my bed, once again pushing me toward the edge.

I won’t deny that, even in a dream, sex was a good stress reliever, but the constant stimulation kept my waking mind and body from actually resting, leaving me exhausted during the day. Whether that was her plan or not, I didn’t know, but I had to stop it.

“Nightmare…” I moaned, shifting my hind legs to get her attention. Stopping her was hard, her vibrant teal eyes looking up at me expectantly, a soft smile on her muzzle. She didn’t answer; she rarely even spoke after starting. With a sigh, I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

When I opened them, we were sitting across from her, surrounded by white space – I didn’t want to give her anything else to work with. Though from the shocked, almost panicked look on her face, I doubt she was even thinking about doing anything. “There,” I sighed. “Now, tell me-” She began to scurry backwards, barely managing to keep herself upright.

“H-h-how?” She sputtered, trying to maintain her footing.

“Nightmare, calm down,” I said as gently as I could over her floundering. “Just calm down. Luna taught me the basics of lucid dreaming. I’m not going to do anything to you; I just want to ask you why you’re doing this.” She seemed to relax a bit, regaining most of her composure, but still eyeing me warily. I chuckled, a bit uneasily. “We weren’t sure it would work, since I didn’t have any chance to practice.”

She looked around the empty white space, never moving enough to take me out of her periphery. “It shows,” She muttered.

“Hey! If you had left me alone for a few days, I’d be better at it,” I huffed. “Now tell me why you’ve been bothering me.”

“’Bothering’ you?” She arched an eyebrow, a slight grin forming on her lips. “I would never have guessed it was a bother from the sounds you make.”

I felt my cheeks flush. “You know what I mean! Just answer the question.”

Her grin faded and she sighed, her head sagging. “I am what I am, Twilight Sparkle: A nightmare; a creature created from fear. To fear something, there must be memory of it. Without memory, I do not exist. There are so few who remember me and, with my defeat, even fewer who fear me. But you, you have strong, recent memories of me.

“I admit, I planned on potentially driving you insane from inside your mind, leaving thoughts in your subconscious,” She said with a devious grin. “But never has someone been so… receptive to my dream manipulations. To be remembered from a single dream so vividly after days? If I tried to make you fear me, you’d learn; forget. So, I took a different route, one that you’d enjoy and remember.”

She lifted her head up to look into my eyes. I couldn’t blame her for wanting to survive, and I didn’t exactly hate the way she went about it. Still… “You could have tried talking to me, explaining this to me instead of just, well, forcing it on me.”

“And if I tried that first, how quickly would you have searched for a way to expel me from your mind?” She scoffed. “No, I weighed my options and chose the most likely route of survival.”

I sighed. “So I can expect you to continue to do this?”

Nightmare went silent at that, obviously considering her responses. Finally, she sat, head bowed. “Only if it is what you want. It is obvious that you will eventually learn to repel me if I continue to force this on you. If you allow me, I would continue to reside in your mind.” She tucked her head lower, and I could see a light blush through her black fur. “I have come to enjoy your company, if only for the physical comfort.”

My tail and wings twitched involuntarily as she finished. “I can’t honestly say I don’t enjoy it, either. But first, I need you to tell me something only you and Luna would know.” She stared at me quizzically, and I chuckled. “She wants to make sure you’re actually you, and not some other nightmare.” I shrugged.

Nightmare shook her head with a grin. “Six hundred twenty-four thousand three hundred forty-five.” She shrugged at my blank stare. “The number of rocks we threw at Equus from the moon before we got bored.”

I could only nod at that. I closed my eyes and relaxed, focusing on my body.


I reopened my eyes and stared at the canopy of my bed for a moment before turning to look at the clock. I’d only been out for fifteen minutes. Sitting up, I looked over to Luna, lying across the room with a faint blush. Apparently, I hadn’t been quiet in my sleep. Good to know for the future. When she noticed that I was up, she stood.

“You woke yourself. I take it everything went well?” Luna asked, still avoiding looking at me.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“And her proof?”

“Does the number six hundred twenty-four thousand three hundred forty-five mean anything to you?”

She groaned, dragging a hoof down her face. “Of course she would use that…”

I laughed and opened my mind. Feeling a light warmth surround me as if I was being held, I smiled and laid back down.

Word count: 945
New Prompt: Possession

I would like to claim the word possession.

4529915 Fresh meat.

Welcome to the party!

Here is Posession. Hope, you like it.

The pale, silvery light of Luna's moon shone through the window of the tree house. Twilight Sparkle sat at her desk, a book opened. Only a candle was her companion. Its flame shone golden and warm. It softly trembled in the wind. Twilight was reading through her old history book.
The mare's eyes rested on the page with its colourful image. Two Alicorns, who were arguing. Twilight whispered the words of the tale: „The elder sister tried to reason with her. But the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon! She vowed, that she would shroud the land into eternal darkness.“
Twilight was so foccussed on reading her tale, that she did not really focussed on her environment. In the candle's lights shadows danced over the wall. Twilight's own shadow was stretched, until it was thrown against the wall. It grew and grew, starting to shapeshift. Out of Twilight's shadow came a black alicorn with long, feathered, batshaped wings. Her cyan eyes glowed mischievious as they rested on the unicorn. A violet tongue slided over the lips. Perfect.
The shadow dashed away and floated around. It creeped over the celling and flew over Twilight. A black hoof went down and it squeezed the flame, making the candle go out. „Hu?“ Twilight whirled around. „Who is there?“ She jumped from her seat and her horn flared purple. „Show yourself!“
Soft, high-pitched, clear laughter filled the air, making Twilight shiver. This can not be good. „So we meet again.“ Out of the shadows stepped a pitchblack mare, clad in a silvery-blue armour. Cyan eyes flickered amused and again this long, violet tongue slided out. „Twilight Sparkle.“ The mare pronounced her name with a little hiss.
Twilight lowered her head. „Nightmare Moon!“, she called and got into a charging position, „What do you want?“
Nightmare chuckled amused and turned her head so one eye looked at the unicorn. Her blue mane floated around her, twisting and shimmering. „Oh, I did not meant any offense“, she said, „I just came here to get a little taste of Celestia's famous star pupil myself.“
W-what? Twilight was taken aback and confused. She stumbled backwards and rose a brow. „What do you mean?“ Nightmare Moon slowly came closer. Her hooves barley made any sound on the wooden floor. Her hips followed every step, swinging from right to left, her tail following. Her neck to danced from one side to the other and she kept smiling.
„A pony of your stature must have had the best of the best as a companion“, she said, „But it seems that one part nopony has ever seen of you.“ Again this disgusting lick over her maw. Twilight shuddered. If I do not go nuts completely, I would say, she is flirting with me. But why?
Angrily the mare hided her precious marehood from the view. „Oh, no!“, she shouted, „You can forget that! Don't you even dare to come closer.“
Nightmare Moon sighted low. Her ears twitched. „Such a pity“, she mumbled, „I wanted to do it the easy way.“ Her eyes flashed and with a sadistic grin she showed her teeth. „Looks like you beg for the hard way.“ Twilight paniced. Nightmare Moon became blackish purple mist and floated around her.
„What...what are you doing?“, shouted Twilight. The dark mare flew closer and closer, until the mist enwrapped itself around her. Twilight yelled in panic and rose to her hindlegs. Blackish chains shot after her legs and neck, pushing her down. The mare was sweating and shivering. She fell to her knees. Darkness creeped into her heart and poured out of her veins.
Slowly Nightmare Moon rose to her feeth. Twilight Sparkle now was in her posession. A black unicorn with an elegant mane, red marks in the strands. Nightmare Moon sat down and sniffed. She lifted an hoof and ran over the slender body. Inside of her Twilight was struggeling.
„Stop it!“, she whimpered, „Please!“
„I haven't even started.“
Nightmare Moon slowly started to enjoy herself. Inside her Twilight seemed to cringle with fear and disgust. Nightmare Moon chuckled and bared her fangs. Such a crying whelp. It had hardly began. There was plenty of time. Plenty of time to discover everything.
Twilight let out a sound that could be a cry. Nightmare Moon ignored her and kept enjoying herself, licking and touching her host body, enjoying the reactions and of course Twilight's outbrust of panic, fear and disgust. Her mane and tail swirled around her, reacting to every movement. Heat filled her body together with pure, wild lust.
Finally, when Twilight thought, she could bear it no longer, Nightmare Moon released her from her dark grip. The unicorn fell down. The dark mare towered above her. Twilight was crying. „That was dreadful“, she whispered. Nightmare Moon chuckled. Her tail swipped over Twilight's head as she turned around.
„Better prepare for meeting me again. Maybe then you prefer the easy way."

New word: Darkness

Disclaimer: I Claim Dis.

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Prompts Awaiting Publication
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Prompts Otherwise Claimed (Please Review)
Royalty: Bekdontraz

All Open Prompts (please review claims)
Art [formerly ZOMG]
Conversion Bureau
Damocles [formerly Draven Eclipse]
Forgiveness [formerly Foals Errand]
Judicious [formerly Midnight herald]
Revolution [formerly Myrandall]

Thanks for the information post.

4530432 Certainly. I do a post like that every so often to get all the prompts in one place.
It was mainly so I'd know what was going on all over the thread, but I'm glad it helps some other people as well.

Like it, but the collab is rated teen, which allows the implication of sex, but nothing explicit. The last few paragraphs are a bit too much, from what I can tell from the rules.

You listed "Dreamer" under unclaimed prompts. I know it was bad, but... :trollestia:

Ah, I see. I tried to betoken it. If the admin wants, I can change it even more.

That was a typo. Fixed. It IS listed as "ready".

Talk to Brunnen ( 4526316 ), get his advice. The collab is rated "Teen - for potential sauciness".

I know. It was a joke. I should probably find something that doesn't allow me any form of interaction with anyone after taking my meds. :facehoof:

I see. Oh and Kean, nice joke.

Sorry. I DID get the joke; I laughed on the inside. :twilightsmile:

4524680 Damn man, these are seriously awesome

Hmm... I can has Hazard?


I sigh as I leave Ponyville Town Hall and make my way toward my crystal palace. Ever since the palace literally rose from the ground, a few nobles have moved here from Canterlot. In every meeting I’ve been to, my word has been above Mayor Mare’s – unless, of course, I say otherwise. I don’t want to take her town from her, but the nobles seem dead set on it.

Everything I say is law to them, unless it leads to either causing some sort of problem for them – I honestly don’t understand how Celestia and Luna put up with them – or it relates to Nightmare Moon. No matter what I say, they seem to think that her residing in my castle will either drop their property value or dissuade others from moving here. No matter how I try to convince them, they believe her to be a hazard and search for ways to convince me of it.

In an attempt to destroy my trust in her, they said she was a deceiver; that she lied to Luna and used her.

She showed me those memories, with Luna’s permission. Luna had been the one to approach her. Never once did she lie to Luna; she told her exactly what would and could happen should she accept her power.

Of course, I would never tell the nobles that. It’s not my place. If they want it to become public knowledge, Luna and Nightmare would be the one to tell ponies.

In an attempt to destroy my love for her, they said she was a betrayer; that she’d betrayed all of ponykind and that she would have no problem doing the same to me.

But, before Luna, she never had any loyalty or obligations to any pony. Except for the few that had approached her, she was ostracized from pony society. The only pony that she could have possibly betrayed is Luna, but they have shown me that their plan on their return was made and agreed upon by the two of them.

Approaching my new castle, I charge a teleport, not wanting to walk the long halls. Releasing it, I feel myself being pulled and appear outside the doors to my chambers. I gently, silently open them and find Nightmare in bed already, sleeping. I carefully, silently approach our bed.

In an attempt to have her exiled, they petitioned Celestia and Luna, stating that she was a devil: a demon spawned in the darkest depths of Tarterus.

Reaching the bed, I see a wet stain on the pillow her head is on, and a streak of matted fur running down the cheek not against it. Carefully, softly I climb into the bed. I nuzzle her cheek, gently clearing the tears with my muzzle and she pulls me close, tight against her in her sleep. I lay my head on the base of her neck, just above her chest. After a while, she stops shaking, stops sobbing in her sleep.

When I arrived to dispute it, the nobles asked me if I could prove that she wasn’t a demon. Thankfully, Luna was there to laugh them out of the throne room, as I didn’t have an answer at the time.

Nightmare would never willingly show any vulnerability to any pony, even me. But as I fall asleep against her and feel the last few hitches from her sobbing, I realize how simple the answer was:

Devils never cry.

Word count: 575
New Prompt:Deceive

Somehow made from the title of a song in a video game.

Lyrics not applicable. Game not applicable. Literally just the title. :rainbowlaugh:

4537262 Without exception, every time I see you post a prompt I always check to see if you've decided to publish a story on your own. I'm on the fanwagon for stuff that doesn't even exist yet

4537798 "Fanwagon" :rainbowlaugh: Don't think that's gonna happen.

There will be something there at some point, when I can kick myself in the ass hard enough to complete something. Maybe probably relatively soon.

As always, glad to see that my writing is enjoyed.

Comment posted by Fuzzyfurvert deleted Jul 13th, 2015

For the record, Fuzzy accidentally posted a story about Luna turning into a dildo and being thrown at Celestia. This is standard operating parameters for the Twiluna Chat as I'm sure Brunner can attest.

I'm okay with it.

I accidentally though Kean had posted that particular... gem. Because of reasons.

Reasons = I was being a dufus. :facehoof:

Prompt: Songs


First contribution! Hurray!

Note: The following songs have nothing to do with each other. No matter if they're from the same movie. Also, in all songs, the characters are Anthros. I do not own My Little Pony, Disney or any of their characters.

In the Peak of The Night

Nightmare Moon

At the peak of the night
I was turning and panting
And the nightmare I had
Was as bad as can be

It scared me out of my coat
A corpse falling apart!
Then I opened my eyes
And the Nightmare was me!

I was once the most powerful mare in Equestria
When the Royals betrayed me
They made a mistake!

My prophecy made each each of them pay
But one little mare got away!

Little Twilight beware!
The Nightmare's awaaaaaaake!

At the peak of the Night
Darkness will find her!
At the peak of the Night
Just before Daaaawun!

Will be sweet
When the spell
Is complete!

At the peak of the Night
She'll be gone!

I can feel it!
My power
Is slowly returning!
Tie my armor
And a dash of perfume
For that smell!

As the pieces fall into place
I'll see her crawl before me!
Do svidanya Andromeda!
Fare weeeell!

At the peak of the Night
Terror will strike her!

*Terror's the least I can do!*

At the peak of the Night
Darkness will brew! (Ooh!)

She will feel
That her Nightmares
Are real!

At the peak of the Night
She'll be through!

At the peak of the Night
Darkness will find her!
*Find her!*(Ooh!)
At the peak of the Night
Terror comes true!
*Doom her!*

My dear
Here's a sign!
It's the end
Of the line!

At the peak of the Night...

At the peak of the Night!

Come my Shadowbolts!
Rise for your Mistress
Let your evil shine!

Find her now
Fly ever faster

At the peak of the Night...

At the peak of the Night...

At the peak of the Night...




Dreamland's Light

Twilight Andromeda Sparkle

So many times
Out there
I've seen
A happy pair

Of lover
Walking in the Night
They had this sort of glow
Around them

It almost looked
Like Dreamland's Light

I know I'll never know
That strange
Yet loving glow!
Tough I can fool myself
All Night!
No being as hideous
As myself!
Was ever meant
For Dreamland's Light!

But suddenly
A Black Angel
Has smiled at me!
And kissed my cheek
Without a trace of fright!

I dare to think that she...
May even care for me!

And as the moon
Goes up tonight...

Somehow the darkness
Feels so warm!

I think this might be Dreamland's Liiiiiiiiiight!

(A sensational overload of bells ringing)




Nightmare Moon

"Confiteor Faustus
Beate Faustus
Sempre Presentis
Beato Amoré Archangeló
Sanctis Apostolis
Omnibus Sanctis"

Beata Faustus...
You know I am a righteous Mare
Of my night realm
I am justly proud

"Et tibit Pater"

Beata Faustus!
You know I'm so much stronger than
The common
And simple crowd!

"Quia peccavi nimis!"

Then tell me
Why do I see her dancing there
Why her smoldering beauty
Burns my soul?!


I feel her
I see her!
The Moon
Caught in her purple hair!

It's sending me
Out of all controoooll!

"Verbo et opere!"

Like Fire!
This fire
In my coat!

This burning!

Is turning me

It's not my fault

"Mea culpa"

I'm not to blame

"Mea culpa"

It was that little mare
The one that set this flame!

"Mea maxima culpa!"

It's not my fault!
In n Her plans

"Mea culpa"

She made temptation
So much stronger
Than a Pony!

"Mea maxima culpa"

Forgive me
Don't let this Unicorn
Cast her spell
Don't let her magic
Bind my flesh and Soul!

Destroy Twilight Sparkle!
And let her taste the fire of Tartarus!
Or else let her be mine
And mine alooone!

Knock, knock

Guard: Queen Nightmare Moon, the Unicorn has escaped.

Nightmare: What?!

Guard: She's nowhere in the Cathedral! She's gone.

Nightmare: But how... I- Nevermind. Get out you incompetent! I'll find her. I'll find her even if I have to freeze down all of Equestria!



Cool fire!
Now Unicorn
It's your turn!

Choose me
Your fire!

Be mine
Or you will

"Kyrie Eleison"

Goddess have mercy on her

"Kyrie Eleison"

Goddess have mercy on me

"Kyrie Eleison"

But she will be mine!
She Will



What great kindness, is hiding there.

Although at first she seemed so rude and mean!

Now I know, that it's not like that.

And I wonder why at first I didn't see it.


She looked this way, it seemed to me.

And when we touched she didn't even flinched!

It can not be. I shall ignore it.

But she has never looked at me like that before.


Iiiiit's so new and exciting! How could I imagine she could be like thaaaaaaat!

Sheeeeeee's no alluring princess! But there's something about her that I hadn't seen before!

Lumiere: Nobody thought!

Miss Pots: It's such a blessing!

Clocksworg: Nobody dreamed!

Miss Pots: How it would be!

Lumiere: That when they joined something incredible was the result!

Miss Pots: That is so rare!

All three:

We have to hope, that it stays so.

And It may be possible that there's something else in there!

Clocksworg: It may be possible that there's something else in there.

Chip: What?

Miss Pots: It may be possible that there's something else in there.

Chip: What is it mama?

Miss Pots: Shhh. I'll tell you when you're older.


We Are One

Nightmare Moon

As you go through life
You'll see
There's just so much
That we
Don't comprehend

And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go
The way we want

But you'll see everynight
That we'll never turn on you!

When it seems
All your Dreams
Turn to smooooke!

We will all be right
Filled with hope
And filled with pride!

We are more than we are
We are One!

We are one

We are one!"

Filly Twilight

If the're so much I must be...
Can I still
Be myself?
The way I wish?

Can I trust in my heart and soul?
Or am I
Just a part
Of a bigger picture?

Nightmare Moon

Even those
Among the stars
Are with us as we
Move on

Your voyage has only begun!

Tears of pain
Tears of joy!
One thing
NOTHING can destroy...

It's our bond
Deep inside
We are One!

We are one

We are one!"

Nightmare Moon

We are One
You and I!
We are like
The Night and Stars!

One family
Under the Moon!

All the wisdom to lead!
All the courage that you need

You will find
When you seeeee
We are One!

"Nightmare: That's who you'll be. For as long as you live here. I'm sure you'll understand somenight."



Available prompts:


4558311 Raputin? Is that you?

4558349 Bingo! Tough his name is Rasputin. I knew SOMEPONY would recognize AT LEAST one of the singing characters. He, he. So? What do you think? Remember that this is my first contribution to this collab. So, please be gentle...

100 is right around the corner! You cats want to do anything special for it?

Possession is in the collab story, but I kept it unpublished. I very much liked the style, and the concept. But those last few paragraphs are a little bit much. Implying or hinting at sex (consensual or not) is okay, but direct descriptions of sexual acts or sexual organs would drive us straight to a Mature rating, and I'm trying to avoid that. Can you edit that section down a bit? We'd be happy to offer suggestions if you need.

Now, perhaps we could put together a Mature side story - maybe a Special Edition one-shot featuring several short Mature pieces featuring our favorite Purple Princess and her favorite Demon Goddess. Would anyone be interested in such a collection?

You're up next, Mae.

No problem. I will try my best. And I like the idea of the side-collab and I would love to take place in it.
Edit: I changed it and I hope it is okay now from the rating.

4586721 So my story was approved?! YAHOO!!!! Also, I quite like the idea of a collab. Just don't know what I can write to help.

The mature idea could be interesting.

Something for the 100th would be neat.

I don't suppose you could update your "Songs" post with Youtube links to the originals, so we can sing along?

4609437 Sure thing! Also how's the Special Update coming along?

Claiming Forgiveness. I'ma write this, even if it kills me. Which it just might, un/fortunately.

Haven't been in the right mindset to write anything for various reasons. I'm still plugging away at forgiveness, but if anyone else has something for it, feel free to take it. Can't guarantee when it will be done.

I might take Darkness.

4480501 I must try to convince you. I literally have to now.

I claim Fever if it is still free.

Here comes Fever. I hope, it is in the Ranking.

Her head thundered. Twilight laid in her bed, her forehead drowned in the pillow. Her ears twitched and her wings laid feeble over the edges of the bed. It was a cold night, but for Twilight it was awkwardly warm. She felt uncomfortable and uneasy. The mare's throath was dry and the whole world was a blure.
"Twilight, you really look dreadful", found Spike. Her faithful assitance had spend the whole day with cooling her forehead and giving her bitter tasting tea. He laid his claws on her skin and mumbled shocked: "You are glowing!" He withdraw his paw. "Twilight, you have fever!" The Alicorn looked up at her friend's face.
"Not only any fever", she whispered and her glance directed itself towards the moon in the sky. It was full, a huge, silver coin. "I have Full Moon Fever", she added urgently.
Spike scratched his head. "Full Moon Fever?", he repeated, "I have never head of it. Are you sure it is not just a flu?"
Twilight furiously shook her head. "No", she panted, "It is Full Moon Fever."
Spike looked at her as if he doubted her. Maybe the fever had taken away Twilight's senses. "Sure?", he responded. The Alicorn coughed and her head jerked forwards. "Full Moon Fever", she repeated, "I am sure."
The moon began to glow. Winds pull at the carpets and the window banged against the wall. Twilight lifted her head and her eyes widened. What is going on? "Spike", she said slowly and sat up, "Get out of the room."
"But....!", he protested.
"I said, get out!", snapped Twilight furiously, "Fetch help!" The dragon pressed his claws on his head and sprinted out of the room, his tail wobbeling.
The Alicorn watched smoke appearing in front of her. It shapeshifted and became a large, black mare, cladded in silver armor. Her cyan eyes gleemed pleased and her mane shivered around her.
Twilight put her ears back and furrowed her brow. "Nightmare Moon", she hissed. The mare tried to look fearce, but another cough made her tumble, "How did you get in here and what do you want?"
Nightmare Moon smiled caringly and caressed her cheek with her mane. "Oh, poor Twilight", she whispered with a smooth voice, "You summoned me here. Full Moon Fever is something my kind react to. Usually another Nightmare Force would come, but when I recognised your voice, I decided to take care of you in person."
"And how can you help me?" Suspiciously Twilight watched Nightmare Moon's mist-like tail and mane, wrapping itself around her neck and ancles and pushing her towards the mare of darkness. A snout nuzzled her and she felt the tip of a wet tongue on her neck.
Nightmare replied: "I can cure you, but I want something in exchange."
"And what?", grumbled Twilight.
The dark mare turned her chin towards her and smiled. She breathed: "A kiss."
Well, what do I have to lose? Twilight leaned forward and kissed Nightmare Moon on the lips. Their kiss was soft as if it was the first one. Nightmare Moon tasted bitter like peppermint and something seemed to sting Twilight's skin. Thousands of tiny moths.
Their horns touched. Nightmare Moon closed her eyes. Her horn flared. Twilight felt a cool pricle on her forehead. The fever was gone.
They seperated. "Thanks", mumbled Twilight and blushed, "I think."
Nightmare Moon jerked her head upwards and chuckled. "It has been a pleasure, Twi." Her wings opened and she shot back into the nightsky. Twilight placed her cheek on the sims and thought, if one could summon Nightmare Moon with Full Moon Fever, she wanted to get sick more often.

Prompt: Songs 2

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