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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Welcome to the one-and-only Chinese Group on FIMFiction!

No matter where you're from; Chinese, part-Chinese, or even just interested in Chinese culture, you are more than welcome to join us and chat with one another!

難得志趣相投, 何不暢談與共?
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Nice to meet you. And thanks for the explanation. We understand now.


You see, students in China, or even in the whole East Asia are quite occupied, so they tend to leave a story dead, or just write something short enough to be completed in one or two months.

诸君,在下名为Accurate Balance,即所谓天平。在下现居广东深圳,目前上高中,业余是三流鸽系翻译。此处为在下之博客博客已停止使用,此为在下的Fimtale主页

Hi everypony this is Accurate Balance. I live in Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R.China. I'm currently a high schooler and a third rate up-standing translator. Here's my blog. The blog has been ditched; here's my Fimtale user page.

I think now it's time to change the poster into a new one.
Happy new year of the Dogs

Hi. I'm not Chinese but I'm very interested in their culture.
I've spent some time over there actually.
Any Three Kingdoms fans? :pinkiehappy:

Happy new year, is there any pony here? I'm so lonely here by myself...

This place seemed to be fell asleep...

Hello, everypony,
I'm a double-direction translator called Knowledge Mixing, I'm from Guangzhou, China.
I have a translation blog on Sina.
我在油管上是Peter Pan。
I am Peter Pan on youtube.

Nice to see a group dedicated a bit to Chinese culture within the fandom. Are good fics anyone recommend with Chinese fantasy or dabs a bit in Chinese culture in mlp? Often enjoy good fics that explore Asian culture in mlp but only find a handful that I enjoy.

414924 Hah, it's always alive... Well, not entirely dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead, y'know?

Is this group still alive?
Make it alive.

even just interested in Chinese culture, you are more than welcome to join us and chat with one another!

So I can join? Because I'm very interested in many East and Southeast Asian cultures/countries, and China is one of them.

Hello everyone, I am Scalor Barracuda Cyborg. I am of Native American ancestry and looking back I am of the asian culture in a way. I hope I can help in anyway possible.

( 大家好,我是Scalor酷鱼人造人。我是印第安人血统和回头看,我对亚洲文化的一种方式。我希望我能帮助反正可能。)

361560 Heaven't type English for a lot time.
pretty crappy now

btw here are the chinese novel and comic create by Taiwan brony .Posted in imgur and google doc.

Pony Friend Forever


大家好 我是光山 我是台灣人
Hello every pony i am ko-hi-nooor I am Taiwanese
I am member of pony translation fandom

我們翻譯了很多東西 ex: 官方漫畫(IDW)、derpibooru上的漫畫、Tumblr

影片的部分有:MLP FIM S1~S2 EQG


各位好 /)

Year of ponies!:twilightsmile:

Hi there! Or should I say, 很高興認識你!

大家好!我的名字是柯海莉。我住在科罗拉多州。 认识你们我很高兴!

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