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This is Chaotic Opportunity and were going to add some chaos to the folds of our flock entertaining them with our cool writing. we ain't exactly normal but we a whole lot of fun and if you like a little chaos and mischief in your life then ur gonna wanna watch for this group.

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As a leader of this group, I shall initiate name rules. Rule number 1: It is in your best intrests to listen to the leaders of this group. Rule 2: As a member of Chaotic Opportunity it is dire that you talk to malfarious if you want to help with writing or editing his stories ( it will not go unrewarded to those who do help). Rule 3: New members are always welcome and it is suggested that you look for others to add to our flock. Rule 4: Respect others. Rule 5: Have some bloody fun in this group and that's an order or imma have to bust out some banana's on some people :P.

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