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Assume Equestria has the same level of technology as the UFP has. What would a war between them look like? (23rd century star trek)

Star Fleet ships and such:

Equestrian ships:

(literally no images fit here)

Anyways what would happen and who would win?

Probably would go the same way the first war with Cardassia went; Equestria getting deperate, while much of the Feds unaware there's even a war happening.

Even if the tech level's the same, Starfleet is infamous for their unconventional way of using their ships and a mastery of tech few others can match. The fact that their explorers and science ships can fight dedicated warships with a good chance of winning says much.

They also have the genius vulcans, many races with warrior history and the slightly insane humans are dominant.

Shame on you, linking TVTropes and getting even more people addicted to it is not a nice thing.

I don't think we should start comparing sides/pitting them against each other in an imaginary war unless we're familiar with both civilizations. In this case, we know the Federation, but not the ponies.


Equestria would have dragons though, that's gotta count for something

And my guess is that it'll involve liquid rainbows, huehuehue.

Well, there's always the Geoverse Equestria, which has a mad scientist capable of Dr. Robotnik level feats of technology. He can build Equestrian Starships, and uses plasma, particle, and disruptor weapons, and can even create portals and advanced A.I.


I think the deciding factor is wether or not Equestria has an intergalactic Empire like the Romulans and the Dominion.
If they do, then there will be many long and protracted battles, much like any other war in the franchise. If they don't, then Equestria is screwed, as Starfleet has enough weapons on one ship to completely vaporize their planet.

Group Admin

Part of me wants to brush this whole question off as being pointless, as neither side is particularly warlike... but that'd be a boring answer. So, let's say it's war waged until one side destroys the government and conquers the planets of the other. We'll also say that Equestria includes all races/peoples/nations of the planet they are native to, united under the government of the Diarchs Celestia and Luna.

Member Races:
While 1407741 suggests that the Federation would have the edge here, there are enough smart unicorns to match Vulcans, Andorians are matched by minotaurs, and Catians are matched by griffons. Further, any planet that can produce Pinkie Pie is not lacking for Crazy Awesome. But even if we limit their full effectiveness to inside planetary atmospheres, dragons would give Equestria an edge in personal combat, and the Changelings would give an espionage advantage far ahead of the 23rd Century Federation.

This, as stated in the posing question, is a wash, with both sides building starships according to their tastes and needs... which would be very similar.
In the 23rd century, the primary missions of Starfleet are peaceful exploration, science, and diplomacy, and they built their starships to match. Starfleet wouldn't build dedicated warships until the USS Defiant, but this is still the time before civilian & family crews were used on exploration ships. While some of the Federation member races built pure warships, these were few and rarely seen.
Things on Equestria's side, their building policies likely dominated by pony ethos, would likely be similar; peaceful pony starships, a handful of warships from the other races. Of course, shipbuilding policies would change over the course of a long war, but likely at the same rate for both sides.

This is where things begin to get interesting... while the magic available to the average equestrian native isn't really meaningful in a "who would win" argument, they do have a number of exceptional magic resources worthy of mention for how they'd affect the course of a war.
The Elements of Harmony: The most powerful magic known to ponykind! The weapon that defeated Nightmare Moon, twice, Discord, twice, and Sunset Shimmer! (Equestria Girls spoiler)
And... they'd be useless against the Federation. In-canon the Elements are only successfuly used against targets that are corrupted (or in the case of Discord, a corruptor) and, well, most of the Federation are simply people. People on the other side, but just people. (Now, against the Borg we'd see some impressive fireworks, but that's another convo...)
Princess Twilight Sparkle: the youngest Alicorn hasn't displayed any of the kinds of powers that Celestia or Luna have; she'd likely be left to rule Equestria and make sure the sun and moon properly rose and set.
Princess Cadence: While her ability to inspire love would make her an excellent diplomat to the Federation, this thread is about WAR! not namby pamby talking. Given how the Klingons and Romulans would react to such a lovey-dovey approach, she'd be unlikely to find Equestria an ally that could change the course of the war.
Princess Luna: extend the idea of 'Controlling the Moon' and you wind up with asteroids and planetoids being moved around at impulse speeds, against which scale even the largest Starfleet ships of the time would be as effective as flies against a flyswatter.
Princess Celestia: The full energy output of even a dim star, even excluding all but the photons, is HUGE. Focus that full energy down to a beam a mile wide or so and you get what can only be called a "death ray" that can take out fleets.
Discord: Ah, the wild card in Equestria's hand. Assuming his hijinks aren't put on ice by the Q Continuum, and bearing in mind that he hasn't been seen to be actively destructive with his powers, he could easily tie up starships.

Logistics and Strategic Scale:
Despite their advantages, I wouldn't bet on Equestria. Why? Because they only have one planet, where the Federation has many. One planet worth of shipyards, one planet worth of potential crew for those ships. And while Celestia and Luna are powerful, each can only be in one place at a time, and the loss of even one would represent a devastating blow to Equestria's power. Further, "using cleverness to defeat a god-like enemy" seems to be something that Starfleet does regularly. Avoiding such would require that the royal sisters behave very cautiously, which would make for a long war before they won.

So, to answer the original question, I think the Federation would win.

1409057 What is this and where can I find this Equestria? :pinkiegasp:

1409490 You have to remember, Equestria has magic.
It also depends on the time period.
If we assume that the sides are equal (technoligcally) then we can assume that Equestria is at least TOS level of tech, possibly TNG.
Also we can assume that Equestria has unified (possibly). In which case we can assume changelings are with the World federation of Equestria.
Also Equestria has at least 5 immortal beings, 4 of which are VERY invested in Equestria's survival.

1410598 it's called "To Friend is Human" by GeodesicDragon. That is the first story in the series. Check the "Geoverse" group for the entire set.

"I'd say we nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

Equestria is ruled by 2 mares, 23rd century Starfleet has Kirk. The victor is clear.

Assuming the federation really wants to destroy Equestria, they can do an orbital bombardment to destroy all major cities and military posts. Any survivors would be killed by away teams.

TLDR Equestria is screwed.

14073251st, what level of warfare has been declared?


The Equestrians have the same level of technology as the Federation, AND unicorn magic?

The Federation is screwed. Humanity's only hope against Pony Star Fleet is safety in numbers.


The Romulans and the Dominion don't have INTERgalactic empires, they merely have INTRAgalactic empires.

Although the Dominion is large enough you might get away with calling it a TRANS-galactic empire. (Assuming they don't get assimilated by their neighbors one quadrant away, if you get my drift.)


The Equestrians have the same level of technology as the Federation, AND unicorn magic?

Uh yes?

The Federation is screwed.

Uh no.

Magic doesn't = guaranteed victory


Magic doesn't = guaranteed victory

Does too!

1 Photon Torpedo + Trilithium (byproduct of Fed engines) = Equestrian sun dies and takes the entire solar system with it.

The universe is lucky Starfleet's so nice.


Heck, if it's that easy to destroy a star system in the Trek universe, one wonders why any star systems still exist at all. (After all, there are thousands of inhabited star systems with billions, maybe trillions, of intelligent inhabitants that have access to starship technology. All it takes is one handful of dissidents....)

1629178 And an omnicidal maniac that would make Darkseid proud. I doubt there's many of those around.


Current data indicate that roughly 1% of the population is psychopathic. (That is, they are incapable of experiencing empathy, which translates into an utter lack of guilt about inflicting unspeakable horrors.) My source for this data is the Daily Show, so you know it must be true [TM].

If we assume that staticstic still holds in the 24th century, that means on a planet inhabited by 1 billion people, 10 million of them are going to be psychopaths.

If just ONE IN A MILLION of those psychopaths has the means and motivation to wipe out a star system, that's TEN OMNICIDAL MANIACS PER PLANET.

1448614 Assuming the ponies actually have magic. Because the way Twilight treats it in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" I'm willing to bet they don't have magic at all.

My headfanon is that Equestria's solar system (Or if it's in another dimension the whole universe) is filled with a type of energy (I haven't thought of a science-y name yet >.<) that over millions of years the ponies evolved to harness. Basically a Unicorn's horn acts as a energy converter and focussing array, while the wings on a Pegasus and hooves on an Earth Pony only act as energy converters, since their magic cannot be focussed.

That being said all Starfleet has to do is set their shields to filter out said energy and magic is taken out as a factor.

Besides the only two ponies with enough magic to do anything at all to a starship are the Princesses. Which my headfanon also states Celestia doesn't move the sun, rather she controls the planet's rotation, but enough power to spin a planet is still enough to fling a starship into another starship. :rainbowwild: (But with ship shields set to filter out the energy that give ponies their "magic" it's rendered null and void.)

Of course for all we know Luna and Celestia don't control shit and they're using it as a power scheme, I mean human monarchs did things like that all the time, getting their subjects to think they're gods.

All that being said I'm going with the Federation, because Kirk and Enterprise.


Technically, starfleet ships double as fully capable warships, if you'll recall in the Search for Spock, the Enterprise was referred to as a Battlecruiser several times, the NX class was also called a warship on a few occasions.the Defiant and Prometheus classes were just the first 'pure' warships made...

EDIT: Also, forgive me if this counts as thread necroing, I only found this thread through google and couldn't resist posting, I didn't notice how old it was until after I'd done so... Sorry...

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