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This picture has nothing to do with my ideas. I just thought it was funny. :rainbowlaugh:

There will be a fanfiction about this later down the road, so if anyone doesn't wish to spoil themselves, I would recommend continue reading because you may find interest in my ideas. Or don't because you don't want to be spoiled. Either way, it's fine by me. Anyway, without further ado, let's get into it!

Oh, and this will have some video game elements in it, so just a head's up.

If you wish to skip to the story, scroll down all the way to the "Questions" section to ask me any questions about the lore of this world. I'll be happy to answer anything you have!


Arceus, the original one, had created the world. And with it, 18 legendary Pokemon to be the ever-watchful eyes that protected its inhabitants from unspeakable dangers. The inhabitants then made nations for themselves, one for each type. They then worshiped their guardians, giving them their loyalty and very beings. Most of these god-like Pokemon were benevolent, but some had become corrupted with power and sought to destroy the very world Arceus had created. One Pokemon, a dragon that shone like emerald, had gathered enough power and began a war between all nations.

The war raged on for years, shaping the face of the world forever. The emerald dragon led the offense; it had now become stronger than its own creator. However, through determination and allies at his side, Arceus was eventually able to repel the emerald dragon and seal him away in what was left of the dragon continent, finally ending the war. This war was to eventually be called the Great War.

The world has since rebuilt itself over the past 200 years and is now in a state of peace... sort of. Some nations are still fighting wars, sometimes over petty things. But at least there aren't any cataclysmic wars happening!

...for now.


Act 1

The fire, water and grass continents have been at peace for ages, even once allying in the Great War. Today, a grand wedding between the princess of the grass continent, Servine, and her beloved prince of the water continent, Wartortle, is beginning. Every royal and wealthy Pokemon was invited from the three kingdoms to watch the ceremony between the two, including Prince Monferno, a childhood friend of both Wartortle and Servine.

Tragedy strikes however when Wartortle is assassinated by a mysterious foe posing as Monferno. The grass and water continent folk then proceed to attack Monferno, with the latter only barely escaping. The two nations then begin to plan a war against the fire continent, but King Emboar, Monferno's father, manages to convince the nations they did not commit the murder. For a while, at least. The two continents then agree that if the fire continent can prove themselves innocent within a set period of time, they will not begin a war. Otherwise, doom will spread. In a means of keeping good terms, King Emboar sends his son to find the assassin and kill him. Monferno brings along his best friend Lucario to aid him, but with no leads, the task seems almost impossible.

That is until Princess Servine comes to Monferno and asks to help, getting into an argument whether it was morally right to take a princess from her home in fear of her parents, and more importantly; her sister, from finding out. After Monferno loses the argument, the two set out overseas to finally set things right.

Their adventure lands them in the rock continent, where miners are working tirelessly to keep up with trade between them and the ground continent. It's there when they meet Diancie, the healer of the story, an adoptive and amnesic only-child to King Barbaracle. After conversing with the royal rock family about the issue, a loud boom shakes the very earth around them. The steel continent was attacking! The five then partake in the tutorial mission, explaining movement of units, healing, the weapon triangle, and the magic triangle while also explaining the reasoning behind the steel continent attacking the rock continent; it appeared that King Aggron had somehow become corrupted with power and thus wishes to start a war to prove his power. A good lead for Monferno's quest to be sure!

The battle was won, but not without great cost. King Barbaracle was mortally wounded during the fight and, with his dying breath, tells his daughter to go with the three in order to discover who exactly she is and where her amnesia came from. He then tells Monferno to gather an army of the greatest Pokemon known to the world to oppose the steel continent and put it back in it's place.

The group continues along the rock continent, battling steel forces and bandits that may try to bring their quest to an end. Their journey ends them up in the ground continent; a place where already the steel continent has taken most of. A mercenary by the name of Krokorok, the thief of the story, as well as a few other recruits help them out and, bit by bit, begin to repel the steel types out from the ground continent. It is here where they finally meet King Aggron, who was just finished murdering King Rhyperior. He explains they will meet again on the battlefield in his home continent before digging away.

The small army then takes a boat across the sea to where the steel continent lies in pursuit of the king when they suddenly come onto the shores of the poison continent which has been completely overrun by the steel type due to poison types not being able to repel the threat. There they meet Crobat, the pegasus knight of the story, who wants to rescue his little sister Nidorina from the steel commander, Aegislash. After gathering a few more recruits, the army defeats Aegislash and saves Nidorina, who proceeds to tell them either King Aggron used to be a nice Pokemon or King Aggron had changed drastically, depending on whether or not Crobat is alive or not after the poison campaign, respectively.

At long last, the team reaches the steel continent and, through a series of trials, eventually finds King Aggron sitting on his throne, patiently awaiting the four main heroes of the story. He explains he was the one that coordinated the assassination of Wartortle, a speech that brings Servine to tears. Suddenly, his body begins to drip until it eventually becomes a blob of goo, revealing himself to actually be Ditto, an assassin hired by a mysterious client to begin as many wars as he could. He killed the real King Aggron so he could pose as him and take control of the steel continent, as well as he actually killed Wartortle himself to spark the war between fire, grass and water. After explaining himself for a little while longer, he turned back into Aggron and brought out a glowing stone that caused his body to change drastically, becoming Mega Aggron.

After a long battle, Ditto was finally defeated and reverted back into his normal state. However, he was far from dead. He then turned into Wartortle and proceeded to taunt the army, explaining that even if he dies here today, they'll still have his employers to deal with. This mockery brings Servine to the edge of her insanity and she lashes out at Ditto, absolutely destroying him and leaving nothing left of his body.

The four main heroes return to the fire continent to explain the good news, bringing along Ditto's aggronite, the stone he used to mega evolve, as proof that the continent did not organize the assassination. After a hard scolding from her sister about leaving the grass continent, Servine explains that despite losing the love of her life, she's going to be okay. The three continents then celebrate the end of their small feud with a festival. However, Diancie has no part of it. Monferno finds her looking out into the boundless night sky and the glittering moon shining forth its light, wondering what she'll do next. When Monferno questions her, she explains how this was but one part of a much larger plan created by some unknown force, and while she doesn't know who could have tried starting the wars, she somehow feels as if it's her duty to stop whoever is behind it all.

Meanwhile, two mysterious figures cloaked in shadow are speaking together. One is explaining his plan to conquer the entire world, while the other shows signs of uncertainty. The first figure asks if he is loyal to him, to which the second confirms and bows. The first figure then smiles and walks out to the balcony of a castle, his body still hidden as he looks up to the moon and says that he will finally have his revenge.

Act 2

A few years pass and the fire, water and grass continents have finally been fully restored to their original standings. Diancie was allowed to stay in the fire continent until she discovered who exactly she was, Servine was little by little learning how not to be rude all the time, Lucario had gone back to the fighting continent to meditate, and Monferno continued his princely duties... somewhat effectively. However, Diancie claims to have had a vision of the future and tells Monferno that Ditto's employers are once again planning something. Only this time, far bigger. He gets in contact with the entire army he used to fell Ditto and they once again begin a quest across the sea to stop another potential war from happening.

A terrible storm catches the army off-guard however and proceeds to knock their ship into a small island inhabited only by Noibats and Noiverns, lead by a Pokemon by the name of Tornadus. These were the flying islands, home of the extremely small amount of primary flying-type Pokemon. This meeting doesn't last long as dark continent troops soon invade the islands in a desperate attempt to hire more troops. Misunderstanding their intentions, the army, now joined by a young Noivern who is the wyvern rider of the story, attempts to repel the dark forces until finally being stopped by Commander Zoroark. She explains that the dark continent is being attacked by the psychic continent despite good relations with them for years. She then joins the army and leads them to the dark castle.

It's there when the four main character meet with Lord Darkrai, a civil and gentlemanly Pokemon with no intention of even harming a fly. He explains the psychic continent started attacking the dark continent mercilessly, and the only reason why the dark Pokemon were able to last this long was because of their type advantage. It is then when the four decide to not fight the psychic continent, but rather find out why the continent is suddenly attacking that which was once their allies.

They make haste for the psychic continent overseas only to be intercepted by some psychic Pokemon lead by their commander, Latios. After realizing Latios hails not from the psychic continent but from the dreaded dragon continent, a powerful dark mage by the name of Gothorita revolts to Monferno's side and fights off Latios, vowing revenge one day. After that ordeal, the army reaches the psychic continent to which their ruler, Queen Cresselia, informs them that Latios was in fact the one leading her subjects to attack the dark continent, and she was forced to stay quiet about it less her entire kingdom be decimated. After piecing everything together, it is revealed the dragon continent was in fact the one responsible for the events leading up to this moment. She allows her aid, Gardevoir, to join the army in a final quest to stop the dragon continent from carrying out their plans.

Before the four main characters leave however, Cresselia takes another look at Diancie and tells her to visit the fairy gardens; the ruins of what was once the fairy continent, as she may find something there that will answer her questions about who she is. After given a map of where to go, the army sets out for the fairy gardens.

Once arriving there, they are almost immediately ambushed by a group of corrupted Pokemon, all of them fairy-type. They are lead by a deer-like Pokemon known as Xerneas, who appears to be hellbent on ridding her garden of impurities, namely Monferno's army. Through a surprisingly long battle, Xerneas and her troops are defeated and brought back to consciousness. However, it is revealed that the army of fairy Pokemon was never truly set in the real world, as most of the kingdom had died off during the Great War, the only fairy-types existing now being those of different continents. Before Xerneas fades away back to a peaceful sleep, she explains to Diancie that she was created to be the one to bring back fairy-types to their former glory as a carrier of souls. However, a mix up unfortunately happened during her creation and she was instead sent to the rock continent, leaving fairy-types to eventually fade away and die out.

In other words, Xerneas was technically Diancie's mother.

Xerneas finally tells her "daughter" to inspect the former's tombstone before she finally fades away back into the land of the dead. Diancie does as she was told and discovers a chunk of diancite, a stone which allows Diancie to achieve a new power and mega evolve. Attached to it is a note from Xerneas that explains the diancite was to be used to match the power of the same emerald dragon that began the Great War. However, it could only be used once before it shattered. This was to prevent anyone else from tapping into its power. With a heavy heart, Diancie smiled as she took the diancite, happy she was finally able to discover who she was and where she belonged in the world.

The rest of the story takes place in the dragon continent as the army finally engages their true foes once and for all. There they meet Latias, the younger sister of Latios who is caring for him after his battle with the army. Latias at last tells the four main characters about their true enemy; Lord Garchomp, explaining how he wishes to conquer the world for some unknown reason. She then convinces her brother to have them join Monferno's army and go against Garchomp, to which he reluctantly agrees to, but only for the sole reason that he doesn't wish to see his sister get hurt.

A few more encounters with some commanders of the dragon army and the player's army has come face-to-face with the dragon kingdom itself. At the gates, they meet Salamence, the adviser and long-time friend of Garchomp's. He explains he doesn't want to fight the group, but because of loyalty toward his friend, he must drive them away. He is eventually defeated, but not killed. Salamence proceeds to explain that Garchomp is only doing this because he lost his family in the Great War, and wishes for everyone in the world to feel the pain he did so long ago. With a deep breath, he asks that the group kill Garchomp to end his tyranny, but if they somehow find a way to spare him, to please do so. The army agrees and proceeds to enter the dragon castle.

There, Garchomp is waiting patiently on his throne for the heroes to arrive. He first congratulates the four main characters on getting this far before telling them that he plans on resurrecting the dragon-type Pokemon that began the Great War in order to lay waste to the world and make it fit for only dragon-type Pokemon to live in. It is then when he summons his own army and proceeds to do battle with Monferno and his friends. Through a long battle, he is eventually defeated and brought to his knees. In a final attempt to shatter the bonds of Monferno's army, he explains that unless Monferno joins him, he shall lay waste to the fire, water and grass continents with the army he has sent to destroy them. Monferno now has three choices: he can either attack Garchomp out of anger, join Garchomp, or spare Garchomp with the knowledge that his friends and family will be able to deal with the army. His choice is based around the player's actions and decisions thus far.

Neutral Ending

Monferno decides to attack Garchomp, who promptly blocks him and force him back. Garchomp then explains that while he was fighting, he continued the ritual that would eventually summon the legendary dragon Pokemon and it was now nearly complete. However, before Garchomp could continue the ritual, he would need the body of a hero for the legendary dragon to possess and control in order to continue living in the mortal realm. He then pulls out his own mega stone and proceeds to mega evolve, turning him into Mega Garchomp and recovering all of his health and increasing his attack and defense power.

Afraid that Garchomp's power has become too great, Diancie uses her diancite to mega evolve into Mega Diancie, now becoming the most powerful unit on the map. Any unit has the ability to defeat Garchomp, but Diancie, due to her type advantage and increased power, will be able to defeat him the fastest. The army must still go through hordes of dragon-type Pokemon to get to Garchomp, however. After a grueling battle, the army finally defeats and kills Garchomp for good, bringing peace to the world. Diancie then reverts back into her normal self, and the diancite shatters.

Afterwards, Salamence meets with the four and tells them that he will become the new ruler of the dragon continent, leading the dragons to make up for what they and Garchomp did. While he is saddened by his friend's death, he is happy that he now can rest in peace with his family. With that, the army returns to their respective homes and plays a cutscene for each unit that stayed alive, telling the player how they are after the war.

Bad Ending

Monferno decides to join Garchomp in a desperate attempt to protect those he loves. He tells his team that he'll be alright before he is brutally murdered by Garchomp's blade, allowing his now empty body to be possessed by the emerald dragon. Monferno's eyes open to reveal yellow irises and black sclera, claiming his name to now be Rayquaza. He now holds nearly unlimited power, and will utterly destroy the world to make it habitable for only dragon-types, as well as becoming the new ruler over everyone. The player now has a choice to either play as Monferno and kill their entire army, or play as Diancie and kill Monferno.

Should the player choose Diancie...

Diancie uses her diancite to mega evolve and become Mega Diancie, a being powerful enough to take down Monferno. Through a heartbreaking battle, Diancie manages to finally take down Monferno and, with him, Rayquaza for good. Rayquaza's soul and Diancie's diancite shatter after the battle, causing Monferno's soul to appear and give his team one finally goodbye and thank you before fading away into the next world, much to the depression of his friends.

The bad ending has only one cutscene at the end of the credits; Monferno's friends and family mourning over his death. However, Diancie takes some time to get away from it all look up into the sky. She smiles as she thinks about her time with Monferno and how his sacrifice just saved the world from destruction.

Should the player choose Monferno...

Diancie uses her diancite to mega evolve and become Mega Diancie, a being powerful enough to take down Monferno. The player can then control Monferno, Garchomp and whatever other units are on the field of battle, and are forced to watch as the possessed Monferno takes each of their original units out with one hit. After a tense battle, Monferno eventually kills Diancie and wins the battle, causing Garchomp to clap and congratulate Rayquaza for a job well-done.

The bad ending has only one cutscene at the end of the credits; the world is shown to be absolutely destroyed with Monferno and Garchomp now ruling over everything. The camera zooms out and reveals the spirits of all of Monferno's original army with Diancie at the front. She looks sad, but is soon joined by the spirit of Monferno who keeps her company. Together, they and the other souls rise up to live in the next world in peace.

Good Ending

Monferno decides to spare Garchomp, knowing his friends have everything under control. Surprised that Monferno would spare him after all he's done, Garchomp nonetheless proceeds with the ritual anyway, summoning the emerald dragon Rayquaza without a host to offer. Disappointed by this action, Rayquaza then proceeds to devour Garchomp and take his power for himself, at long last revealing his solid, but weakened, form. Rayquaza then takes things a step further and shatters Garchomp's mega stone, absorbing its power and mega evolving into the form he used to begin the great war; Mega Rayquaza.

Thinking there was no better time than now to use it, Diancie uses her diancite to mega evolve into Mega Diancie, but is not powerful enough to defeat Rayquaza due to her mega form only matching Rayquaza's power in his normal form. However, through encouragement from her friends, Diancie's power splits amongst her friends and infuses them with the power to defeat Mega Rayquaza. Monferno then leads this new army of powerful Pokemon to victory as they charge at Rayquaza and defeat him after what could possibly be the most difficult battle in the story.

After the fight, Salamence appears to thank the heroes for defeating Garchomp. To everyone's surprise however, Garchomp's spirit appears before them as well, thanking them for ceasing his anger and freeing him at last. He takes his deceased brother's hand before finally ascending into the peace he deserved after all these years.

The army returns to their homes and plays a cutscene for every unit that managed to stay alive, just like the neutral ending. However, at the end of the credits, a different scene plays. It's during the night and a festival is going on below the castle. Monferno is taking a small rest from all the excitement of his quest when he is suddenly joined by Diancie. She explains to him that she must embark on her own quest to bring the fairy continent back to it's former glory as a final present for her mother, but wanted to say goodbye to him before she left. They share one final hug before Diancie waves farewell and tells Monferno that they will meet again one day.

Main Characters

Prince Monferno

Though he can be serious when dealing with heavy matters, he is at heart a fun-loving young man who cares deeply for those he loves. He loves his friends and little sister above all else and would do just about anything to protect them, even if it means making the wrong choices sometimes. He is an expert in close-quarters combat and, despite his looks, he's decently intelligent. He is best friends with Lucario and is the main protagonist of the story, trying to find a way to prove his nation innocent.


He always tries to look more serious and intimidating than he actually is, but truth be told; he's just a big shy softy underneath. His free time includes hanging out with his friend Monferno, meditating with his father Medicham, meditating alone in the forest, and meditating in the fighting temple. He has a little brother, Riolu, whom he adores very much and always has the time to give hugs to. He lost his mother from a thief raid many years ago; an event he blames himself for to this day.

Princess Servine

Snarky, rude, and just generally annoying, she is heir-to-the-throne of the grass continent. She constantly arguing with someone about something, whether it be for serious matters or the smallest things. She always wants things her way, but isn't entirely heartless. She does love her family, especially her older sister Serperior, as well as her romantic love Wartortle of the water continent. She's also somewhat of a crybaby, as seen when Wartortle was tragically assassinated.


An amnesic princess from the rock continent, she joins Monferno's group for the sole purpose of finding out who she is and where she truly belongs in this world. Even without her amnesia, she is very forgetful and surprisingly clumsy, despite being able to float. She isn't dumb however, and knows right from wrong very clearly. Her beauty and voice are second to none, and she eventually becomes Monferno's love interest; a feeling that may or may not be mutual.


Don't think of him as stupid or dumb just because of the way he looks; he is a terrifyingly intelligent mercenary hailing from the normal continent. Not only was he involved with the murder of Wartortle, but also, with his shape-shifting powers, posed as Monferno during Servine's wedding to make the dragon continent's plan run more smoothly. During the battle with him, he turns into Wartortle and proceeds to mock the army before him, causing Servine to lash out and mercilessly kill him.


A warlord over 200 years old, he is cold, calculating, and hellbent on ruling the world. Despite his age, he is brutally powerful and sturdier than steel, in a sense. Although he is merciless to all that stand in his path, he does have a softer side when it comes to his best friend Salamence and the entire dragon continent for that matter. He lived through the Great War and lost both his parents and his little brother, sending him into a lifelong state of pure anger towards anyone not a dragon.


The ancient deity that began the Great War after an egotistical trip through the Pokemon worshiping him, he was sealed away after a long battle between him and his creator. Many have forgotten him, aside from the dragon continent who still worship his existence. In the good path, he is summoned by Garchomp and proceeds to mega evolve, attempting to no longer start a new Great War, but to destroy the very world itself and create a new one where he is the ruler of everything.


If anyone has any questions on how this world works or how the lore comes and goes, I'll be happy to answer them for you. I'm very excited to begin a story like this maybe on Fanfiction, and I hope you will all enjoy it! I will be answering the obvious questions first, but if you have any more, please let me know!

Why tell us the plot now?
I wanted to make a reference for myself to remember how the story goes, but I also wanted to share it with you in case anyone wanted to help me with editing, proofreading, extra ideas or just anything, really.

When do you think this story will be out?
Anytime I want, I guess. I'm hoping for sometime in the coming months.

How does this have anything to do with Fire Emblem?
Truthfully, not much. When I post it on Fanfiction, I'll brand it as a pure Pokemon story instead of a crossover because of the lack of Fire Emblem-related content. However, if this was a game, it would be reminiscent of Fire Emblem and its gameplay, using little sprites on the overworld and battle animations during combat.

Can I ask a question?

Why are you incredibly handsome, Kamek?

Until then! Oh, and be sure to tell people about this if you have the time!


This reminds me very much of Pokemon Conquest.

Also, would the 2nd generation characters be a thing in this?

The concepts are very similar, but where Conquest was a game with Nobunaga's Ambition gameplay in it, this will be more akin to Fire Emblem with the different classes, support conversations and even marriages. Maybe... Probably not that, but definitely support conversations and a weapon triangle and stuff!

2nd gen Pokemon, you mean? Well, there's Crobat... uh... oh damn, you're right. I best fix that eventually.


uhhh... I'm not sure what I fixed, but okay.

Small things, small things. Not to worry.

...that was what you were talking about though, right? About the 2nd Gen Pokemon? Sorry, just a little iffy on the details and such. Gotta make things perfect for everyone! HAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:


Children from the future actually.

...oh. :rainbowderp:

...yeah, that makes more sense when I think about it. :twilightsheepish:

To answer your question, probably not. I haven't the time nor patience to look up every single Pokemon and see what's compatible with what, to which I'll then be bombarded by fans of Pokemon telling me I have the wrong breeding groups and blah, blah, blah... I think it'll just be easier on my brain if I stick to no children.

Things may change if I feel like it, however. :rainbowkiss:

Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

So basically, Pokémon Mystery Conquest? I'd read that, but I'm also currently reading Silver Resistance. And Sky Lines. And Worth a Goddess's Ransom. And The Last Pony on Earth. And A New World, a New Way - Swarm. And Eon Fable. And many more things besides. And that's not even counting actual published books...

5049039 To be honest, I'd recommend FictionPad over Fanfiction.net, but FP is as inactive as hell (I didn't get a new notification for two months at one point).
How are you going to do the alternate endings in story format? Choose-your-own-adventures aren't allowed on FF.net.

I really do think this particular story would benefit more from being a video game than a fanfiction. However, I've thought about it and decided I could make it work as a story on fanfiction. Choose-your-own-adventure fics aren't allowed, but multiple ending fics are! So, I've decided to go with that.

I just wish I had the time and resources to make this a game. :applejackunsure:

Nitro Indigo
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5050645 I could proofread the story when you write it if you want, unless it's M-rated. I could also make a cover if you want.

I think I already have a few proof readers, actually. But if you wanted to make a cover for the story, knock yourself out! :scootangel:

Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

5050737 I'll see what I can do, if you don't mind official artwork. (I'm also assuming it'll be T-rated.)

Yes, the fic will be rated T. :pinkiesmile:

Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

5050750 What will it be called?


...oh shit. :rainbowderp:

I don't even have a name for it yet. :twilightoops:

Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

5050777 Fictionalley is useful.
Alternatively... Fire-type Emblem? =P

No, that's just dumb. :rainbowlaugh:

Tell you what; give me some time to think about it and I'll get back to you on that. :twilightsmile:

Nitro Indigo
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5050796 Do you want the title on the cover? A lot of people do on FF.net, but it's just a convention. (Though I think people like putting titles on their covers because they're shaped like book covers, and to make it clear that the art wasn't stolen.)

Yeah, I do want the title on the cover... but I have no idea what I could call the story! :raritydespair:

Nitro Indigo
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You'll have to add the title yourself when you decide on one.

Okay, I've finally thought of a name! :rainbowkiss:

Pokemon Ascension


Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

5050858 But what, exactly, is ascending?

Fuck if I know. It's just a cool name. :rainbowkiss:

Okay, okay, if you want to stretch it, many things in the endings of the story do ascend. Sometimes to the next world, sometimes into greater power over the world, but they're all ascending into something.

Nitro Indigo
Group Admin

5050896 I just remembered that Rayquaza's signature move is Dragon Ascent. So that fits.

I have a Fanfiction.net account, by the way, so I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Nitro Indigo
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5050927 I'm following you on FF.net now. Can I be your unofficial promoter? I've already made a blog post about this.

I also made a thread about my own Pokémon fanfic idea, which I've put up for adoption because I don't think I'd be able to focus on it. You don't have to read the thread if you don't want to.

Yeah, sure, I wouldn't mind some promoting. :scootangel:
I'll check out the thread, don't worry. Just send a link and I'll be there! :pinkiehappy:

Nitro Indigo
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5050946 Here it is!

I've added a link to this thread in my signature on Chicken Smoothie.

This has got to be the most awesome Pokemon crossover ever! DO IT! :D

It's already done:


Be sure to Follow and Favorite to help and support the story! :rainbowkiss:

If you're still interested, the story's prologue is out now. :pinkiehappy:


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