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Group for us bisexuals!

Pansexuals are welcome here too!

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Never mind. I'm sure someone will find something eventually... :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Buckshot Gauges deleted Jan 11th, 2015

o-o Your conscience is correct: I got shrekt.


I'm in junior year now and we still call them sleepovers, so THERE.

You sure showed him, Cade

I sure did.

I normally hang out with the girl crowd though so I'm probably not the most reliable source on that subject.


Ah. Maybe we could make like sub folders to hold stories about characters getting it on with both genders or something then.

I forget if people actually still had sleep overs in eighth grade, let alone called them 'sleep-overs' without getting a hacky sack whipped at them, lol.


"bisexual stuff"

It's basically an eighth-grade sleepover, except we talk about girls as well as boys. Hair and clothes remain hot topics.

Well, I assume. I've been here like a minute. Hi.

Noob question: Do stories added here need to contain bisexual characters, characters proving their bisexuality by doing both parties at some point, or implying that they've done it with both? Or is the group more of just a... group where we're all bisexual and talk about bisexual stuff. Y'know, whatever constitutes as 'bisexual stuff' anyhow.

I'm actually an asexual biromantic. Am I still allowed to be here?

Member 250!:yay:

332695 it's ok be open all you want:twilightblush:

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