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What did everyone think of the last episode of our beloved show that appeared last night, on September fourth?

Personally, I thought it was a kinda mushy-pooshy ending, what with (blank) giving an (blank) to (blank) (keeping that blank for spoiler purposes), but it wasn't something that seemed so... spectacular.

If that was Futurama's last episode, truly its last episode that will ever air, I feel as if they could've done something a bit more. But then again, perhaps they're hoping that they'll get back on the air again some point in the future, so they want to make it kinda drop you off at the end, and not make anything so eventful happen that it would change the entire premise of the show and how the characters act and look.

I dunno, what does everyone else think?

Woah, woah, woah, woah, WOAH! LAST last episode? What the absolute hell did I MISS?

Comment posted by alexrocks285 deleted Sep 5th, 2013

1684415 ... i still like the simpsons

Nothing much, really. All it really boiled down to was Fry and Leela becoming Fiancees.

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