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Hello! This group was created for fans of the anime series, Bleach! If you're a fan, I suggest you join! One eensy teensy requirement is that your name must be that of an original character from the Bleach universe. But do not fear, they should not be too hard to acquire. I myself have Ulquiorra, Gin, and Grimmjow. I'm willing to part with Grimmjow, but not with the other two. (They're my favorite characters! ^^) I know for a fact that every single member of the Espada is available. (Besides Grimmjow and Ulquiorra of course.) Also! If you do have a story to post, I urge you to do so. I myself will not be doing any posting seeing as how I'm not much of a writer. If this group does take off, I sincerely hope it does, I will add folders and such and I will cross that bridge when/if we ever come to that point! Thank you! ^^

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339329 not really, cause if that was true no one would have joined this group and it wouldn't have been created. I bet there are a ton of fans who just don't care to join a group.

And also, I'm writing a bleach story called "heart" if anyone is interested it reading it.

The URL for it is below this text.

There are no fans of bleach in fimfiction.... lawl.

300156 Also, I probably would have responded to your post sooner, but for some reason Admins do not get notifications for posts on their own group.

300156 I apologize for the apathy I've shown to the group I created. I honestly thought it wouldn't get any members. I had hoped it would, but seeing as how members joined you know, 9-12 weeks after I created it, I kind of lost hope. Also, once I saw the absolute multitude of character names available from Bleach (As I said the entire Espada for one), it was a blow to the basis of the group as well.

anyone care about this group anyway

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