Nothing In The Way Of Love

by Foals Errand


Seeing past the words

Never before in her life had Luna been so happy to sit beneath the sun. Twilight had surprised her during the night with a letter. An invitation to spend the day with her if Luna had the time. Luna smiled over at where Twilight was laying next to her. They had ditched the guards a few minutes ago. Luna smiled as she lay down with her head on Twilight’s chest.

“Gonna get up anytime soon, or are you that out of shape that escaping the guards was too much for you?” Luna laughed as Twilight poked her tongue out her eyes still firmly closed.

“Give me a few moments to catch my breath, Luna. It’s not often that I have to move so fast while trying not to laugh!” Twilight’s eyes opened to see Luna peering down at her. A small blush spread across her cheeks as she took in a slow breath.

“You get used to it living with Tia. I swear my sister adores pranks more than Discord does.” Luna shook her head before rolling onto her back as Twilight got her hooves, watching Luna wiggle against the cool grass.

“Up with you Lu! If I have to get moving so do you,” Twilight snickered as Luna looked up with big eyes. “Oh no you don’t. Do you really think I’m not immune to puppy dog eyes after dealing with the Crusaders these past few years?”

“Never crossed my mind, love,” Luna snickered as her horn glowed, her magic causing Twilight to stumble and crash onto the hill they had collapsed on. Twilight looked up her eyes narrowed and horn glowing.

“Gonna get you for that Luna,” Twilight cried out as Luna giggled and took off running into the meadow that surrounded them.

“Let us see if you can catch us first!” She called over her shoulder, giggling as she magicked off her regalia. Her bare hooves hit the ground as she joyfully galloped away.

“You get back here Luna!” Twilight took off after Luna, a smile spreading to cover her muzzle. It had been so long since either of them had felt so free. She spread her wings and leaped into the air, closing her eyes. She practically began to purr at the feeling of the breeze ruffling her mane. She blinked realizing that Luna had paused in her running and was calling up to her.

“Down! Twilight did you hear me? Tia made sure there were pegasi in our guard detail. You need to come back down or they’ll find us!” Luna looked left and right for any sign of her so-called protection as Twilight landed in front of her.

“Never.” Twilight grinned. “We worked too hard for this short amount of alone time. I can fly later!” She lifted her right hoof and booped Luna’s nose. “You’re it!” She then took off running.

“Gonna get you for that, Twilight Sparkle! Get back here! Nopony boops the royal muzzle and gets away with it!” Luna shook her head in mock anger before taking off after Twilight who had begun teleporting to stay just out of reach.

“Run, Luna! You can do it. Come on don’t you want to punish me for booping you?” Twilight laughed as she teleported again, farther into the meadow than even Luna could run. She was certain she had escaped.

“Around and around…” A whisper into Twilight’s ear caused her to swing around to see Luna smirking, her tail flicking to side. “Did you really think that you’d be able to escape just by teleporting?”

“And did you think that I didn’t know that?” Twilight smiled before licking the tip of Luna’s nose. “I knew you’d never leave me by myself.”

“Desert you? Twilight Sparkle perish the thought. You are mine, mine heart and soul.” Luna’s eyes crossed as Twilight licked her nose. That always felt so peculiar to her. Not that she’d ever tell Twilight that, though. It might make her stop doing it!

“You are mine as well, Luna.” Twilight sighed as she nuzzled into Luna’s chest and  breathed in her scent. It was almost indescribable. If the night itself had a scent that would be what Luna’s scent was. Twilight was certain of this. She squeaked as Luna’s wing wrapped around her barrel.

“Never will I let you go Twilight Sparkle. That you are a Princess is a blessing. Though we both are busy we have something most couples do not. We have forever.” Luna smiled before leaning her head down and taking Twilight’s ear in her mouth giving it a soft nibble. Twilight squealed before looking up with a silly grin.

“Gonna take that long to propose to me eh, Luna?” Twilight giggled as Luna’s eyes widened and a small squeak escaped Luna’s lips releasing Twilight’s ear. After a few moments Luna regained her composure and lowered her head to look Twilight in the eyes.

“Make no mistake Twilight Sparkle, rushing into marriage can be a foolish idea. However know that I love you with all I am and we will be wed.” Luna smiled, looking into Twilight’s eyes. Twilight took a deep breath before swallowing hard.

“You mean it? You truly want to marry me? Even with how I am all the problems I’ve had oh Luna you make me so very happy… I’m so happy when I’m with you that when we’re apart I feel like I just want to… to.” Twilight bowed her head until Luna lifted it gently with her hoof.

“Cry? Oh my love… My Twilight, I know just how you feel. But, waiting just makes moments like this so much more precious. Do you understand?” Luna brushed against Twilight’s lips with her own, the slight tingle making her fur stand up.  

“Never… never will I question what we feel for each other, Luna. I couldn’t dream of being without you.” Twilight shook her head, bringing a hoof to her lips a blush covering her cheeks. “Although I think Celestia is getting fed up with our slow courtship! I saw her talking with Cadance and my Mom last week.” Luna bristled, her tail flicking back and forth as she hummed in the back of her throat.

“Gonna have to deal with that and soon. If I don’t I do believe I may wake up one morning standing at an altar!” Luna shook her head as Twilight stared in shock.

“Say you are kidding! I really need to hear you say that you are only joking Lun!” Twilight’s ears pinned back as she began to hyperventilate. She was in such a state that she did not even notice as the guards finally caught up with them.


“Goodbye Princess, that’s all you had to say! We’ve been looking for you for ages. If you truly wanted some time alone together. Just tell us?” Honed Edge smirked before gesturing to the other guards “Back to the palace, colts. Double time.” He turned back to Luna and lifted an eyebrow. “Just remember to raise the moon your Highness.”

“Never have I been late in raising the moon Sir Honed Edge.” Luna shook her head before tapping her chin. “Now lowering it…” Honed Edge laughed at the joke and left, following after the rest of his men. Luna glanced down seeing that Twilight was finally calming down.

“Gonna be alright now my love?” Luna nuzzled her cheek as Twilight nodded shakily, a moment later sinking against Luna’s side. She took a few moments to get comfortable.

“Tell me something Luna?” Twilight asked a moment later and Luna nodded slowly laying down on the grass her horn glowing as she raised the moon. Twilight watched in fascination as she always did. The way Luna could paint the night never ceased to amaze her. “Luna would you ever lie to me?”

A shooting star streaked across the night sky as Luna considered the question. She could have lied and told her no. But, that was a lie in and of itself. She felt Twilight wiggle nervously against her side and sighed.

“Lie to you? Yes my love. I’m afraid I would lie to you if I had no choice. It would tear me apart to do so but to keep you safe…” Luna trailed off staring up into the sky as she considered the rest of her answer. “And…”

“And? And what Luna?” Twilight tried to pull away as Luna held her even closer nuzzling her closely.

“Hurt-hurting you is the last thing I ever ever want to do I swearing that to you. You believe me don’t you?” Twilight nodded knowing in her heart that it was true. “Now let’s enjoy this night under the stars. I just need to do one thing first.” Luna kissed Twilight’s lips before turning to look behind her.

“You should read the first word of each paragraph again." With that she turned around, wrapping a wing over Twilight's back to take her to someplace they would have more privacy.