Escaping an outbreak

by LionelCorp315


The plan

Alcamare, located in the San Franciscolt bay, this maximum security prison holds the worst of the worst. Her four prisoners are planning their ecsape. Here is where our story begins. The four where planning this for months and right now they are sitting in the cafiteria eating dinner before it's back to the cell block. On one side there is a griffin who had green eyes and was wearing the standard prison uniform next to him was a scrony changling wearing the same uniform and a trench coat over it. Across the table was a zebra who hads brown eyes and wearing the same uniform as ever pony else. Finally, the leader, a unicorn stallion who is wearing black slacks and a white T-shirt. He had a blue coat, dark grey mane and aqua blue eyes.

"Hey Clubs, we must've been through this fifty times already" Said the griffin.

"And we'll go through with it another fifty Griff, if that's what it takes. 9:30, lights out, guard begins his rounds." Explained the stalion.

"Like he always does." Stated the zebra.

"Exactly,Stripes. 9:35, Scrony launches into his song and dance routine. Once Scrony gets the keys, we move on to stage two." Clubs continued. "We then make our way to the warden's office to steal the key and meet up on the roof with our supplys to build the plane. The guards will be on to us so we have to work fast. At around 10:00, if we build it on time, we launch our plane towards the Golden Gate Bridge. If we make it, we hijack a cart and drive away from the city so the cops can't catch us..."

"...And we'll be home free" Scrony finished. Clubs nodded.

"Let hope this plan of yours works."

"Can't wait to get off of this hunk of rock, besides I sometimes I feel like I not the only one in my cell." Griff explaned.

"One of the many reasons to get out of here."

That night, the gang put their plan into motion. The guard did his rounds at 9:30, just like always.

He walked passed Griff's jail cell, while making a cup of coffee, he walks up to The gaurd and begins a discussion.

"How we doin' tonight, Firemane? Family good?" Griff asked.

"They're doin' great, Griff. Junior, he's almost six now." The gaurd respoded.

Griff takes a sip from his cup. "Ain't that swell?" Firemane walking past Stripes' who was pretending to be asleep and then past Clubs' cell, moans of pain begin to emerge from Scrony cell. Clubs then emerges from the darkness of his cell, lighting a cigarette.

"You gonna shut him up, or do I gotta do it?" Clubs asked him.

Firemane then bangs his police baton off his cell doors in an intimidating manner. "You know the rules, Handsome. No talking." Shouted the guard.

"Dammit, Scrony!" Shouted the gaurd.

"You gotta get the doc!" Scrony stated.

The gaurd proceeds to open the cell doors to Scrony's cell.

"It better be the real deal this time." Firemane replyed.

Firemane walks into the cell, scuffling, fighting and stabbing can be heard from within, and The guard's dead body falls to the ground and Scrony exits his cell with a self-made knife and a set of keys. He proceeds to unlock the cell doors of his fellow inmates, Griff throws his cup away.

"Let's get movin'."Stripes camplained.

The group of four meet up in the middle of the cell block. Clubs hands them all snub-nosed Pythons.

"Here ya go, fellas. Courtesy of the warden's private collection." Said Clubs as he gave his gang their guns.

"Your boys in the laundry stashed the parts?" Strips asked him.

" 'Course they buckin' did." He relpyed.

A maon was suddenly heard and Firemane's corpse steps partially into view.

"What the buck? I killed him!"

"Ya been in the joint too long, Scrony. You've forgotten how to get stuff done."

Firemane begins screaming as his eyes are glowing. Clubs then shoots his shoulder, with no effect.

"What the buck?"

The 4 of them line up and began to fire on the zombiefied Firemane. The zombie takes a massive amount of damage before finally falling. The cell blocks then slowly transform into a horrifying, hellish depiction of Alcamare prison.

"This ain't right. Somethin' weird's goin' on here..." Scrony stated.

"You don't say, Scrony." Stripes said sarcasticly

"Where are those screams comin' from?"

"Oh, crap!"

The three begin to fire on the zombie horde, while Scrony tries to make a quick escape. He is stopped as a zombie grabs him, where He grabs his head and shoots the zombie through the mouth. Griff knocking a zombie onto the ground and shooting it through the head, and turns around to shoot a zombie behind him. Stripes stomping a zombie's head into the ground, Clubs pinning a zombie up against a wall with a lead pipe as he proceeds to smash the pipe into its face. Scrony tries running from a horde of zombies, only to be stopped in his tracks by another horde in front of him, he stops to shoot but is ultimately overwhelmed by them. Griff throwing a zombie onto the ground and smacking a zombie with his gun, but is then pinned up against a wall by a large group and is killed. Stripes and Clubs holding off hordes, where Stripes then runs towards a cell block and closes the door behind him, leaving Clubs to die at the hands of the zombies. Taking one last look at him, He runs off, only to be stopped by a large group.

Scrony's backstory

Clubs woke up, he was lying on the ground in the middle of the cell block. He looked around and saw that the rest of his gang was waking up to, lying in the same place they just died in. "What the heck just happened?" Griff asked.

"D-did we just died?" Scrony shivered.

"What ever that was. I bet we not done. Those zombies will be back for more." Clubs stated. "And I don't think that will have more chances."


Moans of zombies can be heard and the group got ready the zombies started tearing down the planks on the windows. Scrony ran over to them and start shooting. "Die you undead freasks!" He shouted.

Griff was getting pverwelmed with zombies, as he looked down he found a gernade with the pin still inside. "Eat this!" Griff yealled and thrown the gernade in the zombies path. It expoded and took out a bunch of zombies.

"Damn! It's fuckin' messin' em all over the buckin' show!" He joked.

Strips was helping Scrony by the windo he was at and they were geting thru. "Keep your crusty mitts away from me!" Strip yelled at them and started shooting he was getting all head shots.

"You got a big hole in your head, and it's not your mouth." Striped pionted out.

Another zombie was Srcony, so he shot it's head "I believe in an eye for an eye!" He told the corpse.

Clubs was backed up against the wall. He kept shooting at them one of witch was at a zombie's back legs and was crawling with his forehoofs. Clubs shot it the head and it fell dead. "I ain't keepin' you as a pet!" He stated.

Soon the round was over. "Well glad that's over" Stripes said releved.

"Anyone else startin' to see a pattern here?" Scrony asked.

"Yeah, these freaks come in waves, one after the other." Clubs answered.

"We need to stick together." Griff seggested.

"Why? We're already dead, what's the worst that could happen?" Stripes complaned

Clubs added. "Let's just find some more ammo or maby some new wepons"

Scrony found a box with question marks all over it. Scrony curious of what was inside so he opened it. Out poped a weapon that was quikly replased by another, changing to the rythom of a tune it soon slowed down to a stop. The weapon that was chosen was a peculiar gun that looked like a gernade launcher but was pink, it had three balloons painted on both sides, and on one side read 'party launcher'. Scrony picked upthe gun wondering what can it do. He fired it and a blast of confetti flew out the barrel and exploded on impact. "Woah" Scrony said under his breath.

"Hey Scrony. Are you alright?" Griff called from the other room.

"Yeah, I'm fine" he answered.

Griff was staring at a gun outline on the made of chalk. He was confused on what he should do with it. Just then an explosion was hear from where Scrony was and he quickly turned around. "Hey Scrony" he called. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" he answered.

Griff turn back to the drawing and to his, suprize an STG-44 was hanging where the gun out line was. He picked it up to see if it was real and as he did Scrony came running towards him. "Hey Griff, look what I got!" Scrony said excitedly.

"Hey Scrony." Griff started

"Yeah Griff?"

"This gun I'm holding, is it real?"

"Woah, an STG-44! Where did you get that?"scrony asked

"I got it from this wall here. Where did you get yours?"

"I got it from a box with a bunch of question marks on it"


Scrony's story.

Since Torax left the hive to find a freind in equestria. It was not looking goodfor the rest of the hive, and I wanted to get out of the bast zone. So I ran away, roming equestria. Hiding as an average pony in the crowds.

Finding a job at a coffee shop in San Francicolt, therre is when I found out the news, the Headline read Changelings Change: Changeling welcomed at the Crystal Empire. Looking at that photo, I reconised who that changlong was, it was Thorax.

"Hey, do you mind gumball?" A vioce spoke. It was on of shop owner's mob freinds, Silver Bullet.

"Oh, sorry sir" I replied.

"It's fine kid. Your my freinds best employee, so I'll cut you a break." He then gave me a couple bits. "A little somthing to buy you a newspaper.

"Thank you sir."

"Please, sir is for ponies who aren't good as you or don't know me. Callm me Silver."

"Okay, Silver. Thank you for the bits."

"Your welcome"

I dodn't know it then but Silver knew how I realy was. I don't know how, but he invited me to his home he told me that he knew

I was a changeling. But Silverknew I came out he for a reason, and it wasn't for taking over Equestria. He offered me a job in the mofia and a big paycheck to go with it. Silver pionted out that since I was a changeling I could cange into anyone I wanted and get information they wanted. From secret resipes to bank hauls and things of intrest. I thought for a minute, and I accepted his offer. It was dangerous to be in a life of crime, but it is even more dangerous when your a changeling in hiding.

"Hey guys do you hear that?" Strips asked. Moans of zombies are echoing of the walls of the prison.

"All right gentalcolts" Clubs began. "It's time to lock and load"

A shocking expereance(no pun intended)

The last zombie fell to the floor and the round was finaly over. The four prisoners stood there. Clubs finaly spoke up. "From the last 4 rounds. I'm thinking we have about five minutes before the next wave comes."

"So how the heck are we going to get out of this room?" Griff asked them. "Both doors are locked and there is no way to open..." Before griff could finish his sentance, the three of them heard the thound of the doors opening. They all turned to scrony by the D-C street door.

"What it's kinda like a game, you use zombie kills to buy things."

Round 5

"New wave of zombies guys." Griff called out. "I hope they like lead, beacuse they're gonna get some." The four prisoners fired their guns the undead ponies that came into view.

Scrony was firing away with his party launcher blasting the heck out of them. Sripes was

Griff was cornered up to a sparking power box. As soon as he touched it. "AAAAAAAAH!" A painful burst of electricity ran thru him and he fell to the floor unconscious. Griff found himself out side of his body and looking like a ghost who was struck by lightning. "What in the name of... why am I ghost?" Griff asked himself. He then turned around and saw the power box. "Oh that's why. Might as well put this to good use." Griff ran off to Help the others by shocking the zombies.




Every zombie he shocks, it releives the strain for the others. He then noticed that his body was growing weaker. "Oh no, I need to get back to body." Runing as fast as he can and shock his body. He soon woke up and was releaved that he was in his moral body again. "Oh thank you Celestia." He said to him self and ran off to his freinds.

Soon the round was over and the four regrouped in the lower level of the manehattan area. Griff was explaning the experance he had during the round.

"So that was you who was shocking those zombies. I thought I was loosing my mind." Scrony stated.

"There is defently something going on other than zombies. And that we are not the only ones who think that." Clubs explained. Little that they know that somepony was watching them. Somepony big...