Aria's Got A Tan!

by MyLittleGeneration

You Wanna Surf Him, Don't You, Aria?


"SHUT UP!" interrupted Aria.

"Aw, but it's soooo cute! You're dating again!" cooed Sonata.

"Why..." said an annoyed Adagio who was pinching her forehead with her nails very hard and tense.

Must we go rewind? Like, really, do we? Alright then.

So, in the course of two days, we endured the very happy side of Aria, shockingly. Aria had a crush on one guy in Canterlot High, a mere human named Alto, and one day, she teased him and made a bit of a move. A kiss, simply. So, next day, she gets asked out, and she heads out to the diner with him, enjoying themselves.

It all felt so strange to Aria, having to fall for this guy, a simple human. A being weaker than even the earth ponies, hell, a foal of any kind. She hated everything, but that one man caught her attention, and her sisters would love to tease her about it. Especially Sonata. So, a bit of trouble, yet a bit of happiness, as well.

Now, she's going to head to the beach with him after school, and she couldn't help but be excited. Not only will she be with Alto again, there to make her heart feel something funny and weird, but she can finally... reconnect. Reconnect with a substance she endured her whole life at one point, and that was the water. And with such clean, fine water at Canterlot's own beach, she bet it would feel just like home.

But before those hours of glory began, she had to endure a scorching morning with a sister who can't learn the words 'shut up' and when to actually. Oh boy...

Not like an average morning at the house of sirens, usually things go calm and boring. Time passes as they wait out until it's time to head. Unluckily, Sonata changed that for both sisters, giving them a thing to stress about. Hey, at least they take a quick wake-up call.

"SONATA, I SWEAR TO GOD!" shouted Aria.

"But I can't!" Sonata told her. "That's so cute~!"

"Girls!" Adagio called out. "Keep it down! Third time in a row this week! Ugh!" She looked wide awake, despite looking so sleepy as usual just mere minutes ago. "And in addition, the same subject!"

"But Aria has a boyfriend now!" Sonata said cheerfully. "What's wrong about that?"

"Hey, Sonata?" said an angered Aria.

"Yeah?" she said in starry eyes.

"Say, let's say I talk about some boyfriend you liked, every damn second I see, and tease you, and make life an annoying hell." Aria crossed her arms. "Would you like it?"

Without even three seconds passing, Sonata answered, "Yes."

The siren let out a sigh. "Idiot..." she mumbled.

"So," Adagio said, fetching the coffee from the pot on the counter, "Got a beach day today?"

"Yeah..." Aria admitted. "Nothing much."

"Nothing much? It's gonna be boiling today! You're lucky, honestly." she pointed out. "Plus, get to show off your body. Ain't that fun?" She playfully winked, making Aria blush.

"A-A bit."

"Actually, wait." Adagio suddenly spoke. "I know the real deal..." Her laugh filled the room. "How about Alto's body? Ain't that fun?"

Aria blushed even more, her pupils even shrunk. Her blood felt so rushed, just like the mental images of Alto without anything on. Well, except some swim trunks, but still, almost nude, like Aria. She didn't see Adagio in front of her, instead Alto with a body glistening with water... Wet hair, a nice, fit body, and a bit of a hot pose. Alto wasn't necessarily the hottest guy in the school, but he did look attractive.

Lovely... a sexy boy-toy Alto, filling Aria's vision. She covered her ears and blushed brighter. Sonata smiled stupidly. "Quit it, Sonata." she growled.

"I can't." she whispered with the smile plastered on her face.

"Well, just hope he fulfills your fantasy, and hopefully you fulfill his." Adagio said, honest from her bossy heart.

"I think she already has." Sonata teased. Adagio laughed very hard, Aria... Aria... didn't take it too nicely.


So, she bore her short-shorts and black tank top to school and set out. Earning some scolding looks from both students and teachers, she still went on, ecstatic about her beach day. Stress from schoolwork buzzed away with thoughts of a dreamy Alto, shimmering in the sun on the sandy beach. She couldn't wait to dunk in some water, not just in a bathtub. She wants to feel how great it was being in water... such clear water...

During her world literature, she noticed Alto's widened eyes from first sight upon her. Her giggle was almost out from how amusing it looked. Just wait until she took them off...

And then, it happened. The final school bell rang, setting off a mental smile in Aria's head. So much for her punk attitude, now it was a different game. A whole new her, from one m- no... one dashing man. No way was he a mere human like everyone else. God... Aria felt prepared.

She met up with Alto, who was simply cruising in a Hawaiian shirt and navy blue shorts. He smiled as she got closer. "Hey." he said.

"Hey~." she said back.

"So, you all good?" He pulled out car keys. "We got time if you need to get anything." Before letting her speak, he cocked a confused brow. "Actually, where's your stuff? You didn't come here by car." Aria opened up her backpack and showed Alto. It was full of beach belongings, such as towels and sunscreen. "Ah."

"Always prepared." she told him, quickly pecking him on the cheek. "You?" He shook his backpack as a sign that he was prepared the same way. "C'mon, let's dive."

"A-Alrighty then." he said, flabbergasted from the kiss. He rushed over to his car and opened the door for Aria.

"You don't always have to do that." she told him as if she were embarrassed.

"Why not? Be a classy gentleman." He chuckled with a grin formed on his lips.

Aria laughed. "But I could use a man that can do both." she told him as she got him, wiping the grin off Alto's face and adding more blush. He cleared his throat and ran to the other side of the car, popping into the driver's seat.

"A man that could do both." he quietly said to himself, nervously chuckling.

"Why not?" Aria teased.

"W-Well," he said, "I ain't that type of guy."

"You sure about that?" Her eyes slowly closed, forming a dreamy set of seductive eyes. "Didn't know I had a soft side. Maybe there's a little bad boy in ya."

He gulped loudly. "P-Perhaps."

"So you admit it."

"N-No!" he quickly responded. "That is NOT what I said at the slightest, I-I am nowhere close to that."

"A'ight, if you say so." shrugged Aria. "Once you do show, don't say I didn't tell you so." She winked, and Alto tried avoiding her to show no more blush. But somewhere, deep inside Aria, she felt as if there was more. Alto was pretty normal, had the looks, but she felt like there was more behind that image. Possibly, there could be a bad boy inside of him...

They arrived at the beach, arriving in such a quick time. Aria got out, looking towards the shoreline, where the water crept up and back, over and over. Alto got out, looking at Aria, nervous about what was going to happen. He started walking towards the beach.

"Wanna head?" he asked.

"Hell yeah." Aria responded, following after him. "Gotta say, Adagio was right. You know, for once. Sunny, hot, perfect day to simmer at the beach."

He chuckled. "I feel ya." They both touched the sand. "Been a while since I've bashed here, ya know? Water, sand, it's pretty relaxing."

Aria laughed along, but very weakly. "Yeah..." she said sadly. Alto noticed this and looked concerned.

"Aria, you good?" he asked. "Again, you know I'm-"

"Here to listen." Aria finished for him. "I know, and I appreciate it, man, but there ain't nothing wrong."

Alto was about to add on, but quit. "Kay, then." he said, giving up. Didn't mean he stopped being concerned, though. Why Aria sounded depressed about the beach a couple times, he didn't know. He could tell Aria was happy to hit the beach, but sometimes her tone dropped to sadness.

They stopped at a spot, and Aria dropped her backpack. "This looks like a good spot." she said, taking off her shoes. She could feel the smooth and warm sand around the surface of her feet as she looked at the sun.

"I'm cool with it." he said as he dropped his backpack next to hers. "I'll lay out the towel." He fetched inside his backpack and pulled out a giant, blue beach towel. "Should be nice to place here." The towel was flapped and gently fell flat on the sandy surface.

"My turn then." Aria pulled out hers, having her insignia on the direct center of the purple background, and she put it right next to his. "Towels out, now what?"

"Now?" The bright sun brought out the barely-visible tinge of blush on his cheek. "Now, we take this off." His hands were placed under his shirt, and he lifted it up, revealing a display of such a fine abdomen, making Aria think back to her fantasies.

'Shit.' she thought, delight tingling around the mind. 'OHMYGOD! He's hot!'

Alto tossed his shirt on his towel. "A-Aria?" he questioned.

She snapped out of it. "Ah, yes, uh, shirts off." Quickly, she took off her shirt, revealing her stomach, defined with a fantastic four pack and a belly piercing, along with her top, purple and clingy. She tossed it off to her towel, and she noticed Alto frozen. She felt herself burning up, as the moment took her back when Alto found her toweled up. She looked back, noticing a man selling popsicles. "I-I'm gonna get myself a popsicle!" And she bolted off.

Alto sat down slowly, trying to piece the situation that just happened. But all that he could get out was that Aria was smoking hot. "God, she's awesome..." Tension grew below him. "H-Hey, not now!"

Aria pulled out a dollar from her shorts and handed it to the man. "One popsicle." she said.

He took the dollar and handed her a popsicle from his stand. "Alright, you have a nice day!" Aria didn't respond. She still wasn't fond of all humans.

She unwrapped the popsicle, showing off the blue color. "Hmm..." she said. Suddenly, a thought came to mind. Sucking. Her mouth grew a smirk as she looked at Alto, laying down on the towel. Walking over, she couldn't wait to have more fun teasing the poor guy. She whistled loudly, catching Alto's attention.

"Yeah?" he said, looking over and seeing Aria hold a popsicle.

"Pretty hot here, huh?" She put the popsicle in her mouth and slowly pushed it back, sucking on it. Her eyelids slowly closed, and she was hoping it got Alto a little goofy. Opening her eyes, she saw her results. The usual blushing face and... oh boy. Her eyes narrowed down to notice his... genius.

It didn't show, but it was sort of... grown. Aria pretended she didn't notice, and continued to suck on the popsicle. Alto nervously scratched the back of his head and looked out to the water. Aria smiled as she took the popsicle out of her mouth, licking her lips. "I-I'm gonna hit the water." he said, feeling hotter than the weather.

Aria shrugged and decided to eat the popsicle, getting a chill run through her teeth as she bit into it. She demolished the popsicle, suffering a large chill through her teeth and mouth, and tossed the stick in a trash can next to her. Her eyes aimed towards Alto, about to dive right on into the water. Aria couldn't hold back that urge of getting back into the water. It was like an addiction, like candy, video games, cigarettes, anything that humans found so ravishing, they couldn't simply back away and stop.

Feeling the sand beneath her go around, she smiled and started dashing. Air brushed past her, whistling through her ears, the water glistened so beautifully, the sun was right above, everything about the moment felt perfect to Aria. It was as if the Earth finally lightened up its colors. Alto looked back to see a running Aria. He stood at the edge of the shore, where water slid towards and back, waiting for Aria to catch up.

As soon as Aria caught up, she didn't stop. Her feet brushed the wet sand for a second before she jumped high and dove into the water, swimming very fast. She popped her head out of the water, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, sadly not a breath of H2O (after all, stupid human forms can't handle lungs full of water, much to her dismay).

People who noticed her couldn't believe the distance she swam. Literally in a matter of seconds, she swam up to thirty meters. Her hair was wet and straight down, a feeling she enjoyed. Alto stood there, jaw dropped like a Looney Tunes character. He used his hand to plop it back into place, avoiding an awkward scene and maybe even a couple of questionable stares. He felt some power below him again. "Gah!" he said, trying to hide it.

Aria laid back, letting herself cruise the surface. She opened one eye, watching Alto head in the water towards her. In a second, he dove into the water. She kept herself balanced, floating above water, but suddenly, Alto popped his head beside her.

"GAH!" Aria shouted, losing herself and sunk down the water. Her head popped out. "Jeez, could've warned me." she said in an agitated tone. Alto chuckled.

"My bad." he said, a bit embarrassed. "But gotta say, holy crap!"

"What?" Aria questioned.

"What do you mean, 'what'?" he said. "You swam like hell! Look at the distance you made!" He pointed towards the shore. "You're not on the swim team, right? You should."

Aria lightly blushed. "Eh, it's nothing. I don't need no athletic activity in my schedule."

"Just a recommendation." he said. "You'd literally carry the team on your back."

"Eh, they can pull their own weight." she said.

"Well, anyways, you're an amazing swimmer! Where'd you get that from?"

Aria froze. 'Where'd you get that from?' the voice rang inside her head. She drew back in memory to a time where she had hooves... no skin with bits of hair, but instead scales... where she boomed a beautiful voice and swam for miles... When life was under the sea... And something dripped down her face. Water... or tear?

"Aria?" said a concerned Alto. Aria went back to reality and wiped the substance off her cheek, not daring to call it a tear.

"Whaddup?" she said as if nothing happened.

"You sure you're alright?" he said. "You keep standing and being a little... awkward in situations, no offense." He grabbed Aria's hand. "If you seriously need to talk-"

"I don't need to talk." she said arrogantly. Alto stepped back a little, making Aria widen her eyes. "I-I didn't... I didn't mean to do that, I-" She stopped herself and laid back on the water. With a long sigh, she told Alto, "Can you lay down?"

"Uh, sure." He slowly put himself in position to just lay back and float. "You going to tell me what's wrong?"

Aria didn't feel too sure about her words. Her eyes looked at Alto. "Promise me... And I mean promise me you won't tell anyone."

"You got my swear." he swore.

Aria cleared her throat. "Well, where the hell do I start? First off, I'm, you know, not a human, as shown back at the Battle of the Bands." She let out a defeated sigh. "Anyways, I'm a... siren."

"Siren..." he said. "Like of Greek mythology?"

"Uh, something like that." she said. "It's similar. We sing, get attention, and gain power. We feed off negative energy, we force people to adore us, we used only our voices as weapons." She placed her hand on her neck. "That... was the lifestyle. Now, after the events of the battle, we lost our amulets, the only thing that gave us our singing voice."

"What do you mean?" He chuckled. "I don't think your voice is-"

"Don't even try." she said. "Later, but not here. It's horrendous." Her feet gently kicked the water. "So, now, we're like humans."

"Does it feel different?" he asked, feeling like it was a stupid question.

"What do you think? It's way different than being a siren like the past. Back then, being able to take up power from worthless ponies, swimming in the water in our form, being the GREAT-" She looked over and saw Alto's confused face. "Oh God dammit, I saw this."

"Ponies?" he said. "What form?"

"Long-story-short: we used to live in a world of ponies, we were serpent-looking creatures, and we got banished out of that world into this one." Alto slowly nodded. "You think I'm crazy."

"No, I believe!" he stated. "Trust me: seeing all the crazy stuff happen here in Canterlot, magic and crap, I believe in you."

"Oh, okay." She weakly laughed. "So, yeah, that's how we got here. Ending up as... this." She sighed loudly.

"Aquatic lifestyle... Must've been a good feeling coming here."

"And a bad feeling." she said. "I... I miss that feeling." Alto looked to her. "I like a good bit of time in the water, it brings me back. You can compare it to a childhood feeling, like how you people always get this warm sense of happiness watching an old show."

"Heh, yeah." he admitted. "I bet. But of course, can't be as close."

"A bit." she answered. "I just... want to be a siren again. After all, what is there left?" Her voice started to sound grim and depressed, catching Alto off-guard. "This damn world... It took our voice, our only sense of power, took away our way of breathing underwater, it... changed us. This damn. Miserable. Planet." Her hands clenched into fists.


"On a world with weaker beings, we fell like peasants. We got our voice killed off from... music!"

"Aria..." His voice got concerned and his heart started racing in worry.

"I... I..." Tears started forming, but were harshly held back from breaking out. "Now it's coming back! Everything! The way they look at me, like some sort of monster, but... but I am..." A tear fell out. "I am a monster... Alto... The fuck are you still doing here with me?" This came so sudden to Alto. "Tell me... Tell me..."

And before she could even speak, Alto ditched his floating form, and reached his arms over to Aria. She felt a pair of caring arms around her back, and they felt rather soft and friendly. How it came to being described like that amazed Aria. "Stop..." Alto said softly. "I know you don't like to talk about, it's fine. You can... let it go, if you need to." Aria was surprised on how Alto was acting. "And as for the reason, it's because... I care for you, I want to help some people, and honestly, didn't really like to see a sad face."

Aria felt questionable about this. "What do you mean?"

"Just every day you seemed so down, gloomy, angry, having no passion for the world. What you were talking about explained that. How we sort of brought you down, and now, you're without that power. You miss home, you miss the life, and I can't feel that sort of pain, but it must be strong as hell. Aria..." Her head was aimed downwards. "Aria..." He used one hand to lift up her chin, her face with tears that she was ashamed of.

"What?" she said.

"I just want to make you happy. I like you, a lot, but seeing you all angry kinda hit me a bit. That's why sometimes I was afraid to speak up to you. Because of the fact you were aggressive and angry. I wanted to help change that, make you feel happy. Even if people saw you as a villain, along with your sisters, I didn't see you that way. Hell, I was surprised when I thought that, but deep inside, I-"

"Alright, alright," Aria said, "No need to go on such a stretch." The two separated from the hug, and Aria crossed her arms. "You care for me, huh?" Alto nodded. "Strange."

A tear gently fell down her cheek, but Alto moved a thumb to wipe it away. "It is." he admitted. "I still care, though."

"Even if I'm not even human?" she asked.

"Even if you aren't human." He smiled. "I really meant when I said I'd be open for anything."

"Yeah, you sure did." She jumped from the water and threw her arms around him, tackling Alto. The two dove in the water before getting right back up, Aria giggling. And it was a very sweet giggle, making Alto smile wider. Suddenly, while she was giggling, his cheeks flashed a bit of red. Aria opened her eyes. "What?" she asked in a happy tone. "Something gotcha-"

Then he kissed her. In just one swift second, he reached over and kissed her directly on the lips. Aria's eyes were widened in shock this time. The only couple of kisses they shared were made by Aria, so this was Alto's first kiss directed by him. In instinct, she wrapped her arms tightly around him, nearly squeezing him as hard as a Sonata hug.

After what felt like forever, they separated. Aria grinned, her bedroom eyes locked onto him. "So..." he said, still blushing brightly. "I guess you liked it?"

"Mmhmm." Aria said. "But..."


"I prefer something a little more... deep and passionate, if you know what I mean." She bounced her brows, then drew her finger on his chest.

"Heh, uh, how?" said a nervous Alto.

"Play tongues, get sloppy, have more variety in the kiss." She bit her lip, kept her arms close to her breasts, popping them out a bit, and giggled. "Show how much you adore me."

"Oh!" he said, almost falling back into the water. "Well, when can we-"

"Now." And Aria pulled him in for a deep kiss. Happily, she stuck her tongue inside his mouth, playing with his tongue. A long moan happened, and Alto felt aroused. Aria leaped up, and Alto caught her, hands on her bottom. He managed to somehow still stay above water nicely. His tongue started playing back, and the siren moaned more as the make-out did work to the both of them.

While some people noticed, Aria didn't care. She wanted him now. A minute passed, and they were almost out of it. Barely any air after such a long, deep kiss, but finally, thirty seconds after, they stopped. Both gasped deeply for air to flow back into their lungs. A thin, silver strand of saliva broke off as their tongues moved away from each other.

Alto smiled. "Heh, you're not bad." he commented.

"Heh, you- huff- too." said a breathy Aria.

"Ready for round two?" he said, laughing lowly.

This made Aria very happy. "You bet I sure am."

"I like the sound of that." Aria jumped her lips right against his, and they returned to the make-out once more, just as lovely as the first one. Just like that.

Throughout the next hour, they kissed, swam, had fun, and chatted all the way. It was definitely making Aria's day, and she felt the same for Alto. The sun was about to start setting, but they weren't going to end there. Well, Aria wasn't, at least. She wanted to do a little move she felt was going to heat up their relationship. Something a little dirty. Some good dirty fun.

Aria got out of the water, her hair dripping behind her, and Alto following her. Out in the distance on the beach, there were two very large rocks, setting up a very private area. I suppose you might get what's leading up? The siren looked at Alto, giggling.

"Hey, loverboy!" she said. "Think you got adrenaline? See if you can catch me!" And she bolted off straight to the two rocks. Alto, suddenly jumping up, ran towards her. Aria laughed loudly, sprinting as fast she could.

Not that long until Aria stopped behind the large rocks, and within the next three seconds Alto met her. "Aria?" he quietly called out.

A hand reached over and pulled him. He found himself against Aria's body, literally chest-to-chest, and Aria grinned with a burning red face. "Over here." she whispered in front of him. "So..." Her voice sounded sultry. "Notice where we are?"

Alto looked around, knowing they were right behind rocks, and there was about no way people can see them, a giant wall behind them. "Why do I feel like I'm thinking of what you're thinking?"

"Cause you have a dirty mind, if you get the idea." she answered, reaching up to peck his lips. Alto responded with a kiss. His cheeks were rosy, but he still kept a sexy smile. "Something tells me you do."

"Well," he said, "I don't see you doing anything."

"Hmm, impatient, are we?" Her hand lowered. "Then I guess I'll get started."

Alto couldn't believe what he was looking at. Sexy lips, wet hair, perfect breasts, nearly nude, and such a seductive look in her eyes... How the hell could he not get a boner? But everything got bigger when he felt it. Aria's hand went down and made contact with his crotch. His stiff. Hardened. Crotch. Blood raced through him as his heart beat like a train from hell.

"U-U-Uh." he said as she dragged a solo finger down. "Aria-"

"Ssh..." she whispered quietly in his ear. "We'll be fine. Don't need to get worked up here." She moved her hand up, reaching to the waistline of his trunks. "Just let it happen." Her hand slipped down his trunks, touching the bare skin of his... structure. The entire hand wrapped around it, earning a moan from Alto. "Oh, we haven't started the fun yet~."

"Aria?!" Aria shot her head back to see a blushing, wide-eyed, and shocked Sonata.

'SHIT.' thought Aria. This was one way to have a compromising situation. She gave Sonata a scolding look when quickly removing her hand from Alto's trunks. "Sonata!" she said harshly. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Sonata sheepishly smiled. "Spying on you."


"I-I just thought it might've been cute to see how your second date was going to go." Her body shook with nervousness. "W-We're cool beans, right?" Aria growled. "S-Sweet sisters?" And she growled louder. "Wacky Zappies?" And louder. "I-I'll head back to my car."

"SONATA!" Aria chased after a sprinting Sonata, who was acting as if her life was on the line, which it kinda was. Alto slowly moved and looked over to Aria. Honestly, he didn't know what to think or say. Not about Sonata invading their privacy, but what Aria was doing. Not that far into the relationship... and she was already geared up for some sexual contact. Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

To Alto...

It was something worth looking forward to.