Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin

by One Universe One story

Alt. Chapter Nine - The Twins Birthday

“Good morning, Spike,” the Twins said as they entered the kitchen of Twi's castle.

“Good morning, you two,” Spike started as he stirred Breakfast Cake batter in a bowl, “I was thinking on making some Oats for you two, Flash, Somber, and Twi this morning, but when I went to bed last night I had a strange dream and it sort of changed my mind.”

“Really? How strange?” Lulu asked as she and her brother sat at the table.

“In the dream, Pinkie was throwing a birthday party for you two and had everypony in town come to the party,” Spike started. “There was one thing that seemed odd though.”

“What was it?” Sol asked curiously.

“The princesses weren't there,” Spike said in a slightly confused tone. “I mean with it being your birthday you’d think the princesses would want to see you two.”

“Spike, we have something to tell you,” Sol said after he and Lunair glanced at each other.

“Yeah, what is it?” Spike asked as he looked at the two foals.

“Today is what you call our ‘birthday’,” Lulu said as she and Solair lowered their heads.

“Cool, how old are you?” Spike asked before the Twins looked at him with sour expressions on their faces. “Oh, right, eons,” he said a little bit ashamed he even asked the question.

“It's fine,” Sol said as a tear came to his eye and Lulu's.

“What's wrong?” Spike asked when he noticed the Twins were in a near crying state.

“Nothing, it's just…”

“You were created to destroy the world we currently live in and now you find beauty in it,” Spike said flatly making the Twins cry. “I didn't mean to make you cry!” he said as he set the bowl down and came to the twins.

“Why did they make us to destroy the world?” Lulu asked as she slammed her hoof against the table.

“Lunair, calm down. Today's a day for you and Sol to be happy,” Spike said as he patted Lulu on the back.

“Spike, how's break- Spike, what did you do?!” Twi exclaimed after she entered the kitchen.

The Twins started to dry their tears and then Sol spoke. “He did nothing wrong, Twi,” he said as Spike went back to the bowl and resumed stirring.

“Then why were you two crying?” Twi asked in an almost hysterical manner.

“Because, this day… this day eons ago… we were created… created to destroy the world… the world that we now… now fight to protect,” the Twins said alternating who spoke after each pause. The one who started was Sol.

“… So… it's your birthday and the thought of it makes you have mixed emotions?” Twi asked flatly as she sat down across the table from the Twins.

“Yes,” the Twins replied in a saddened tone.

“Maybe having a birthday party will cheer you up,” Twi said before she stood back up.

“Do you remember the party you introduced us as C.T. at?” Lulu asked as she looked at Twi.

“Yeah, why?” Twi asked as she stopped moving and looked back at Lulu.

“Do you remember Tia telling you we almost struck a pony with an arcane lightning spell?” Sol asked her.

“Oh, right,” Twi said as she rubbed the back of her head with her right forehoof. “Well, how about a small party? Just the princesses, the girls, Flash, Chrysi’s family and the C.M.C.?” she asked as she went back to her seat.

“Maybe…” was all the Twins said as they held up a forehoof to their chins. Sol held up his right while Lulu held up her left.


“Okay, it's settled: Pinkie will set up a party here at the castle and those that know alot about you can come to the party,” Twi said as she finished her third Breakfast Cake.

“Alright, I'll try not to hurt anypony,” Sol said after he finished his second Breakfast Cake.

“I'll have Pinkie come over as soon as I can,” Twi started. “Why don't you two go to the library and read some books until she gets here?”

“Twi, we’ve read all the books in the library except those meant for adult ponies,” Sol said before taking a bite of his third Breakfast Cake.

“Well, then… write your own,” Twi said as she stood up from the table and began to walk off.

“Can't we read just one?” Lulu asked as she looked at Twi with a ‘cute kitten’ face.

“No!” Twi said after she stopped and looked back at Lulu. “And stop making that face. I'm the princess and what I say is law around this castle,” she finished as she stomped her hoof.

“Yes, ma'am,” Lunair said as she looked down at the ground with a saddened expression.

“Now, I'm going to go get the girls so we can set up your party,” Twi said before she walked out of the kitchen.

“Boy, you two have it bad,” Spike said as he looked at the Twins. “Eons older than Twi, yet you have obey as if you were her kids.”

Lulu then summoned the stone chest that contained their equipment, opened it, pulled out a leg ring, and put it on. She then turned into her Blue Mymycyu form and transformed into Spike. “Look at me, I'm Spike, the ferocious baby dragon! Flee as I send scrolls to the princess of the sun for a mare that hatched me and treats me like a little brother!” she said rather melodramatically in Spike's voice as she looked him square in the eyes before returning to her normal form and despawning their equipment.

“That's uncalled for,” Spike said.

“Now you understand how we feel about your comment,” Sol said flatly.

“Still, uncalled for,” Spike replied.

“We’re going to our room,” Lulu started. “If you want to continue this conversation, come there with us. Otherwise, please can it before you make Sol mad,” she finished as she and Sol stood up. They then left for their room.


“Okay everypony, she's bringing them around to to library entrance,” Pinkie started in a manner that was considered quiet for her. “Get ready to yell ‘Surprise!’ everypony!”

“I don't understand the meaning of yelling 'Surprise!’, they already know we planned this,” Connie said after hiding behind a table.

“The point is to surprise them even though they know, Connie,” Somber said as he looked in his daughter's direction.

“Ohhh, okay,” Connie replied.

Suddenly the doors opened and Twi and the Twins entered. When they did everypony in the room yelled 'Surprise!’.

“All is as expected, brother,” Lulu said as she looked at Sol.

“Aww you weren't surprised?” Pinkie asked as she looked at the Twins in disappoint.

“No, we were surprised, it's just the princesses aren't here,” Sol said as he looked at the pink party pone.

“Oh, they said they would be running a little late is all,” Pinkie said before she began hopping further into the library.

The Twins looked at the decorations strung up all around the library. There were Black, Cobalt, Crimson, and White streamers hung up on the bookshelves. And there was a banner hung up above the library door that read 'Happy Umpteenth Birthday!’. There were also sun and crescent moon shaped hang ups hanging from the roof. Never before had Sol and Lulu seen this many decorations firsthoof.

After an hour of partying, the princesses arrived and brought with them Philomena, a long rectangular box and a moderately small cubic box.

“Welcome!” Pinkie said as she popped up in front of the princesses.

“Oh, why hello, Pinkie,” Tia started. “Have you cut the cake yet?” she asked.

“Nope, but we were about to,” Pinkie replied before she hopped toward the center of the room. “May I have you attention please? May I have your attention please?” she started before everypony in the room was focused on her. “The princesses are here so it's time to cut the cake!”

“What kind did you make, Pinkie?” Sol asked as he looked at her.

“A half and half, Dark and White Chocolate, blue vanilla and red chocolate icing, five decimeter by six decimeter by ten centimeter, super awesome, really cool, blow your mind, knock your socks off, birthday cake!” she exclaimed in one breath before taking the cover off of the cake.

“What oven did you bake that in?” Connie asked in a curious manner before Somber gently nudged her. “I mean 'Awesome, you blow our minds with your baking genius’,” she said in a slightly sarcastic manner.

“Pinkie, it’s beautiful!” the Twins said simultaneously as they marveled at the work Pinkie had done.

“It was hard to make in such little time, but I managed to get it done and make it look good,” Pinkie said as she stepped away from the cake and picked up some candles that were laying on another table. She then walked back over to the cake and put nineteen red candles on the White Chocolate side and nineteen blue candles on the Dark Chocolate side.

Then everypony began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the Twins blew out the candles when the singing was done.

“Pinkie, why did you give them nineteen candles each?” Twi asked.

“I gave them nineteen because I feel they should have an amount that's more than their physical age but not too much more,” Pinkie replied as she hopped over to the table that had gift boxes on it. “Okay, which gift do you two want first?” Pinkie asked as she held a hoof up to the pile of gifts.

“The small box Tia brought is the one we want to open first,” the Twins said simultaneously.

“Okay, here it comes!” Pinkie said before quickly picking up the small box and tossing it at the Twins.

Philomena then began squawking loudly as if afraid of something and Tia caught the small box with her magic. “Be careful with this,” she said as she slowly lowered the box down to the floor in front of the Twins.

“Sorry,” Pinkie said. “I didn't know you got them something breakable.”

“Not only is it breakable, but it's also alive,” Tia said.

“What could possibly be breakable that's alive?” Pinkie asked as Sol opened the box.

“A Phoenix egg,” Sol said as he lifted a moderate sized blue egg out of the box.

“That's not a Phoenix egg,” Pinkie started. “Phoenix eggs are white.”

“Wrong, Pinkie, this is a Blue Phoenix Phoenix egg,” Tia said as she stood up from the table and walked over to Philomena's cage. “A Blue Phoenix Phoenix egg is laid only once every ten thousand years. And the only Phoenix we have knowledge of that can lay such an egg is Philomena here,” she said as she brushed her hoof under Philomena's beak.

“Tia, this is too much,” Sol said as he walked over to her with the egg in hoof.

“Don't tell me, tell Philomena, she’s the one that wanted you two to have it,” Tia said as she looked at Sol.

“Philomena, we can't accept this,” Sol started as he looked at the majestic bird. “You know, as well as I, just how important these are. Why do you insist upon us taking it?”

Philomena then cooed a few times and made a few motion with her wing in a sort of communication pattern.

“Still, we cannot accept this. Please, take it back and raise it like you should,” Sol said before setting the egg in the bottom of Philomena's cage.

Philomena just cooed and lowered her head knowing she had lost the argument as Sol walked back to Lulu.

“Okay, which gift do you want next?” Pinkie asked as the once again held her hoof up to the pile of gifts.

“The long rectangular box Lu-lu brought,” Lulu said.

“Man this is reeeeally heavy,” Pinkie said as she tried to lift the box.

“Here let me give you a hoof with that,” Lu-lu said as she used her magic to lift the box and set it in front of the Twins.

“There's a large amount of energy coming from this box,” Sol said before he and Lulu peeked inside the box and immediately closed it again.

“Lu-lu, we can't take this, it's a historical artifact,” Lulu said as she looked at the princess of the moon.

“Yes, but it was first yours, you two have every right to keep it,”

“What are you two talking about?” Pinkie asked as she looked back and forth from the filly to the mare and back again.

“It's the sword we fought four of our creators with,” Sol said as he looked at Pinkie.

“Cool! They get a sword for their birthday!” Scoots said as she looked at the Twins.

“No, we don't, we're not keeping it,” Lulu said as she looked back at Scoots.

“If you don't want it I'll take it,” Scoots replied.

“No it's going back to the Canterlot Archives,” Sol said before Lu-lu lifted the box with her magic and set it behind her.

“Okay, how about the next one?” Pinkie asked.


After half an hour of opening more gifts, things began to calm down. The princesses had left, Chrysi’s family went to their respective rooms in the castle and most of the girls had already left. All that remained were the Twins Flash, Rare, Spike, Sweetie, and Twi.

“Hey Sol, can you come here a minute?” Sweetie called from the hallway next to the library.

“What is it?” Sol asked when he found her.

“I wanted to know… if I wanted you to give me a kiss… would you do it?” Sweetie asked.

Sol paused for a moment to think before he answered. “I guess it would be alright,” he said.

“Then can I have one?” Sweetie asked as she looked Sol in the eyes.

“I-” was all Sol could say before Sweetie kissed him on the lips. He then closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment with her.

“Lulu!” Sol heard Twi yell. He the broke the kiss with Sweetie and ran back to the library to find Lulu had fainted.

“Sister!” Sol yelled somehow reviving Lulu.

At about this time Sweetie entered the library.

“You two!” Lulu said as she sneered at Sol and Sweetie.

“What are you talking about?” Twi asked as she looked at Lulu.

“Flash, Spike, will you two please leave the library?”

“Okay,” the dragon and pegasus replied before doing as asked.

“Okay, now what are you talking about, dear?” Rare asked as she walked over to Lulu.

“Sweetie and Sol kissed!” Lulu said causing Twi and Rare to gasp. “And not some petty peck on the cheek, I mean on the lips like grown ponies!”

“Sol!” Rare said, amazed that Sol would even think of doing such a thing.

“Rare, I-”

“Sol, you're grounded,” Twi said with a stern tone as she looked at the colt.

“But, Twi-”

“No ‘but’s, now go to your room,” Twi said as she pointed to the exit of the library.

“Wait!” Sweetie said causing everypony to look at her. “Sol didn't know I was going to kiss him on the lips, he thought I meant a kiss on the cheek!”

“Sweetie!” Rare said as she looked at her sister in shock.

“Is this true, Sol?” Twi asked as she turned her attention back to him.

“Yes,” Sol said as he looked at Twi.

“We're going home right now, young lady,” Rare said as she grabbed Sweetie with her magic and began to walk out the door.

“Well today certainly was eventful,” Twi said before she yawned. Why don't you two go get cleaned and get in bed, the boys and I will finish up here.

“Yes ma’am,” the Twins replied simultaneously before doing as asked.