Aria's Got A Date!

by MyLittleGeneration

You Wanna Eat Him Up, Don't You, Aria?

"Aria's got a date!" said the proud Sonata.

"SHUT UP!" shouted the enraged Aria.

"Nope!" Sonata answered, flashing a bright smile.

Meanwhile, with a nearly-popped vein and a flushed face, Aria barked, "DO IT!"

So... Back at it again with Aria, have we? What's going on this time? As Sonata explained... well, let's say give it a bit of backstory.

We're familiar with what's up, right? Aria, Sonata, Adagio, Alto? The little fun that happened that one night when Alto came over? Aria's little flirt to tease him up? It was one helluva night. Both for Aria and Alto. Nothing ever felt so intense, so hot, so wild in Aria's entire life.

She always felt so bad-ass, felt so tomboy-ish, not bubbly, romantic, or someone to show emotions. Just an angry look, hardened fists, punk clothing, and a harsh attitude. That's not what she called herself, others called her that, too. It was clear, well-known, nobody would speak a word to her, and she liked it that way. She dreaded to be anywhere near the people who costed her the feeling of power. She dreaded the memory, losing everything she got, along with her sisters. She dreaded the fact that she was really going to be like them for the rest of her life, excluding the point that she can't die via age.

Her hate was strong, and nobody could turn her into something brighter. The warmth of care, love, 'friendship'... Stupid. And with that, what can change a girl such as Aria? Well, one. One man, with one mind, who is one human. Alto Retro: Aria's crush.

Sonata teased her, after all those days of hiding the fact that she knew this since day one. A fight erupted, Adagio came in, Sonata spoke, chaos happened. Teasing and teasing by the second, Aria didn't admit she had something for Alto, a damn human being, more worthless than an Earth pony. Suddenly, news came in a flash that her crush was coming over to help Sonata with math homework, catching Aria off-guard. Both sisters had a talk with Aria: if she didn't have a crush on Alto, then she should merely ignore his presence. Blaze took that dare...

Only to fail it later on.

After a hot, steamy shower, Aria only bore a towel, and unfortunately, Alto came to her. Accidentally opening into Aria's room, he met the siren, dripping wet with a towel, and Aria couldn't hold back. She teased him like a seductress, getting him flustered. Finally, she planted a meaningful kiss, whispering to him to call her. Just like that, she let him go. Aria's other shade showed itself, her side that nobody (not even her) has ever saw coming. Her sisters were shocked, though happy for her.

To end the night, Alto left, and the sisters were wondering if he'd come running back to her. Aria scoffed, saying that he won't. She has no time for a human like that. So what? She loves him, that's that. Big kiss, fun moment of teasing such a weakling... Would someone really come back from a sudden approach?

Aria thought it wouldn't. But...

Come around the next day, Aria arrived to her most hated class in Canterlot High: World Literature. Deadbeat lessons on romance. 'Romeo and Juliet', not like anyone's heard the name come around. Love, again, wasn't something worth noting, according to Aria. Little did she know, she'd get a little trace of it.

To sixth period on a Tuesday!

As Alto arrived in the class, he saw Aria. His seat was in the corner of the room, and Aria was far on the other corner, diagonal from his table. He already blushed, with memory fiddling with him. The kiss, the half-nude girl... Aria found it funny. She knew directly the man would be remembering that the next day. I mean, who wouldn't remember being kissed by a girl with such a sexy figure with only a towel to censor her breasts and crotch?

A train wreck about to burst into a spontaneous flame: Aria's description for Alto at that moment. She laughed to herself, but to be fair, she had a bit of flutter in her heart, too. Scratch that, she had a lot of flutter in her heart. And to add more, she was blushing while her brain played a power-point of the blushing Alto while she bent over, adjusting her towel, and kissing him on the lips deeply. A train about to be put in a wreck, then about to burst into a spontaneous flame: Aria's description for herself. She hid emotions well, but the feeling felt overwhelming.

Out of nowhere, Alto came up to her before the bell rang. His hand ran through his hair, and he looked rather stressed. "H-Hey." he said, awkwardly.

"Hey." Aria said in an attempt to sound normal.

"So, um, I kinda braced for this today." His pause dragged on far too long for Aria's standards.

"Go on..." Aria said, leaning in.

"I actually... wanted to talk about yesterday." Aria blushed, but tried to hide it with her pigtails. "Heh, sorry, but-"

"N-No, it's fine!" she said almost very loudly. "Keep going!"

"Iwanttoaskyouout!" he said very quickly with a wince.


"Wha?" Aria questioned in a Sonata-ly fashion, dumbfounded and confused.

"I..." Alto took another deep breath. "I want to ask you out... on a date." Aria couldn't believe it. Ponies, magic, this is fantasy in the human eye, not her kind's eye, but this was unbelievable. Was it a dream? Aria would've pinched herself, but she decided not to, feeling the brush of her hair against her burning cheeks.

'Him?!' she thought to herself. 'No way! A human wants me to hang out with him? We just met!' Her inner thoughts battled, but came to one conclusion. With almost a slight grudge inside, she said, "Sure." Warmth... It filled her in an odd way. "Where at?"

"The diner." he said. "Y'know, something small. Catch a dinner around six."

Aria smiled at this. Smiled... "Sweet. Catcha later then." She swore she didn't feel this before. Saying something's 'sweet'. Aria wasn't in character, something was wrong.

"Great!" Alto nervously walked back to his seat, bumping into someone. "Oh, s-sorry, Sonata!"

Aaaaand Aria regretted everything. Sonata turned, smiling as she looked at both Aria and Alto. "Hee hee hee..." Sonata giggled.

'Fuck.' thought Aria. 'Why?'

Now, the two sisters had a lovely conversation as sisters with sisterly love. "Aria's got a date!"



"DO IT!" Aria growled, while Sonata was so happy for her. "Date, so what? Big whoop! Not any different than going shopping with your pea-sized mind."

"No it's not!" Sonata brought up. "You're hanging out with a boy, Aria!" She grabbed her sisters shoulders with a dumb smile on her face. "A boooooy."

Blaze pushed her off. "Nadda, Sonata." Her blush was killing her. "Stop making this such a big deal."

"But it is!"

"No, it's not!"

"Yes it is~!"

"NO IT'S-"

"Quiet!" ordered Adagio, coming from the front door with an envelope in her hand. "Could hear you outside!" She looked at the envelope. "Wouldn't be too surprised if the envelope is a filed noise complaint."

"She started it!" Sonata said like a child. Adagio opened the envelope.

"Sonata, just hush." Adagio said, reading the paper. "Bill, fantastic!"

"... Is that sarcasm?"

"No, Sonata." Adagio said, meanwhile Aria facepalmed so hard it was audible. "I'm so happy to pay a ton of money to a government that could've been easily taken over by us!"

Sonata paused. "Really?"

"No." Aria said. The leading siren turned to look at Aria.

"Well, well, well, you look flustered." Adagio commented. "What's hot and spicy in Aria's World?"

"Nothing." Aria refused to say. Unfortunately, Sonata loved to talk.

Neglecting Aria's death glare, Sonata dared to say, "Aria's-"

"SONATAAAA." Aria warned. Sonata smiled.

"Got a date."


Adagio sharply gasped. "Aria?" She was surprised. "On a date? That is some news."

"Adagio, don't." Aria begged.


"Adagio, please."


"You don't know what you're doing."

"What?" Adagio asked. "You gonna bite me? Aria, you're more of a barker, no offense. But seriously, you're on a date?" Her trademark grin grew. "And let me guess: Alto?"

Defeated, Aria let out a sigh. "Yes." she said in a dead tone.

"I'll be damned." Adagio put her arm around Aria. "Some lucky girl you must be. Getting asked out by a boy you've fallen over."

"Hah!" Sonata laughed out loud, receiving questionable looks from the two sisters. "Now you're under his spell!" Aria's anger bubbled.

"Please. Shut up."

"What, it's true." Sonata said. Aria lowly growled, but Adagio got her focus and attention.

"So where the two of you going out?" she asked. "Theater? Concert? First-Time Cliff?" Adagio bounced her brows at the third guess.

"Just the local stupid diner." Aria answered.

"What time?" the curious siren asked.

"Tonight at six." Adagio looked at the time to see it was about to hit five o'clock. "Nothing but an eat-out night."

"You act like it's nothing," Adagio traced a finger under Aria's chin, "But you know it's something." Aria rolled eyes. "You have a crush on the guy, Aria, what's to hide? I mean, useless at this point, don't you think? A little love wouldn't hurt."

"You know who you're talking to?" Aria snapped back in her grumpy voice.

"Yeah, Aria Blaze, grumpy virgin, hello!"

"Adagio!" she said with a blush of embarrassment.

"There's the Aria I just learned yesterday!" she said merrily. "So, you actually going?"

"Yeah." she said. "What, want me to leave him hanging?"

"No." Adagio answered. "Just figured that maybe you'd actually ditch him and be the cold, heartless person you usually are. But now you're on your new you." She softly giggled. "I like this you. This I can put up with."

"Oh, shut up and stick it." Aria mumbled.

"And that died quickly." Adagio said in disappointment. "Well, what are you going out in?"

Aria looked at herself, seeing the every-day clothing on her. "This."

"Really..." Adagio said. "Can't manage to spice it up a little bit with your... mate?"

"Why?" Aria shrugged. "I don't see no reason."

"At least change your shirt or shorts. It's not like you're going anywhere fancy." She went upstairs.

"Where are you going?"

"To your clothes."

"Wha-" Aria quickly got out of her chair. "Get back!" She chased up to Adagio, while Sonata giggled. She entered the room, only seeing Adagio have two hangers, one in each hand. The one on her right hand hung a purple tank top, bearing her cutie mark on the direct center. On her left, shredded black jeans hung.

"Not a bad choice, right?" She tossed the hangers at Aria, who then caught both. "At least spruce up your selection."

"Says you." Aria said, pointing out Adagio's everyday outfit.

"Not like I'm going anywhere." she used as an excuse. "You on the other hand got a man to impress." A small wink came from Adagio.

Aria took a look at her clothes. "If you aren't gonna shut up, then I guess you got me."

"Cause I'm always right." Adagio said as she walked out of the room. "Now go get fetched up, don't wanna leave him hungry~."

Aria rolled her eyes, and shut the door. Stripping off her clothing, she put the new clothing on her, and honestly, it felt good on her. "Hmm..." she said, looking into a mirror. "Seems good enough." Her cleavage slightly showed, she had a bit of a mid-riff, her legs looked great with the shreds on the pants, she felt... sexy. Someone worth drooling over... She quickly got out of her daze and grabbed her phone. Thirty minutes passed by.

"Guess this'll do." She bolted downstairs, got out without saying goodbye, and drove off to the diner.

Arriving, she saw a man around the corner looking a tad nervous. He wore an actual tuxedo, despite the place not being as fancy, not even close. Alto. Aria bet he just did this to bring a good impression. Driving slowly towards him, she rolled down her window and said, "Sup?"

Alto nearly jumped from her voice. "Oh!" he said, nervously chuckling, beads of sweat already coming down. "Didn't see you there!" He fixed his collar, and his other hand was behind his back.

Aria tried reaching her head around, but couldn't see past him. "Hiding something from me, loverboy?"

"No." he said, voice cracking in a humorous fashion. Aria almost lost herself and laughed.

"Alright, let me park." Ten seconds, she parked her car and got up to Alto. "So, you look fancy today."

"Oh, my clothes, yeah." Aria could sense the fear in screwing up inside of Alto so much, she came up with a theory that he'd melt if she were to just give him a hug. "Uh, honestly, didn't expect you to come."

Aria suddenly put on a straight face and tilted. "Why?" Now she was a little concerned.

"Just... I dunno." he answered. "Listen, no offense, but from a girl like you, I thought you were just toying with me and telling me to shut up." A little bit of heart died in Aria.

"What? No way I'm leaving a guy like you." A tinge of blush ran through her head, but she couldn't help but also think of herself at the moment. She just felt bad for Alto thinking she was going to no-show, and is telling him she wouldn't leave a guy like him. Also, she noticed her heart started picking up, too. "E-Er, let's go inside!" she said quickly, walking slightly fast to the doors. 'Am I losing myself?' she thought.

Before she could finish, Alto rushed to the doors in a quick bolt. In a gentlemanly fashion, he opened the door for her. Aria laughed at how geeky he looked. "Ladies first." he said, more confidently for sure.

"Dork." she commented while smiling. "C'mon, you don't have to be nice."

"R-Really?" he questioned. "I don't really have much... experience." Aria's lips curved more from the sound of that. "I think it's more, you know-"

"Polite to keep the door open for a girl?" she finished. "That's for fragile girls, like Sonata. You don't need to do that for me." While walking inside, she got in front of him and decided to give him something to look at. She swayed her hips, getting a bit of Alto's attention, yet he tried hard not to look.

"Hello~!" sung the waitress in front of them. "How many?"

"Two." they said in unison, adding an awkward pause.

The waitress giggled. "Alright, let's find a table for two." She happily skipped over to a booth at the end of the wall, where she placed down two menus. "All set, anything I can get you?"

"Coke." Aria ordered.

"Erm..." Alto said as he shuffled in his seat. He looked at Aria, then the waitress. "Same." The waitress nodded.

"I'll come back with your drinks in a bit, sweetheart." she said with a playful wink to the both of them. Once she left, Alto chuckled. This was little surprise to Aria.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." he said. "Just... not much of a soda drinker. I don't know why I find it funny, but I do." He cleared his throat.

"Oh." Aria said, slowly nodding.

"Er... sorry, I don't really have a funny sense of humor." he apologized, confusing Aria.

"No, it's fine." she assured. "I'm not really one to be humorous, either." She added a little giggle following the sentence.

Alto grew a little smile and blush. "Guess that makes the two of us?"

"Mhm." Aria agreed. This made Alto smile more. Immediately, the waitress came with the drinks.

"You thought of anything yet?" she asked.

"Oh, I-I haven't checked yet." Alto said politely.

"Oops! My bad." She turned to Aria. "Did you?"

Aria shrugged and pulled out the menu really quick. "How about the double cheeseburger?" The waitress wrote it down on your notepad.


"Uh, same here!" Alto spoke before she sped off. The waitress stopped and wrote on her pad. "Yeah."

"Alright, two double cheeseburgers comin' right up!" she said before running to the back.

Alto laid back. "Well, that was quick." He stretched his arms out, looking at Aria. "Anyways... how was your day?"

"Nice." she responded.

"That's cool." he said. "Anything between you and your sisters?"

"Why you ask?"

"Just curious." he answered.

Aria chuckled before speaking. "Well, Adagio and Sonata were teasing me about this whole date thing with you."

He started sweating and his heart thumped loudly. "R-R-Really?" He fixed his collar again.

Aria grinned devilishly. "Yeah." She reached her foot over and playfully kicked his leg, making Alto twitch a little. "Thought it was kinda cute for a man like you to ask me out."

Alto laughed. "W-Well, sorry if it got you into some funny business." He tried hiding some of his face with his hand. It was like entertainment for Aria. Again, she playfully kicked his leg.

"Not really." she answered. "I kinda found that pretty cute, too." She reached an arm over and circled his chest. "Never thought a human like you would ask me out. Thought I was hated."

"H-Hated?" he questioned. "I don't think so! I mean, you've spruced up... a bit." He noticed Aria lost a bit of smile. "B-But you're awesome!" he said, trying to recover the words. "You know, cute, hot, badass, a-" His eyes flashed and his hands cupped over his mouth. Pupils shrunk, red blood showing behind his cheeks, sweat pouring, he looked like he broke.

Aria couldn't help but do the same, except for the sweating part. 'What did he say?' she thought to herself as her mouth slowly hung open. 'I'm... cute, hot, and a badass? And apparently he had more?' Alto looked high-strung, on edge, and from just spilling a mouthful of adjectives about her.

"Can you repeat that?" she asked nicely. Alto shook his head, afraid to speak. "Alto..." Her other shade was showing, her hands reaching over to his and she put them down. "I'm sure it can't be bad to tell me." He just kept staring into her eyes, mute the entire time. "What? Like looking into my eyes?" she teased.

Alto let out a sigh. "Fine... All I said was that... you're cute, hot, badass and stuff." He tried to play off as if it were nothing, but he couldn't.

"Is that what you think of me?"

"Yeah..." he said quietly.

"Aw, don't be embarrassed." she said.

"I'm not. Just taken away, that's all." His hand shivered as he adjusted his collar again. "I didn't mean to let that out. Heh, that's embarrassing."

"But I like it." she said. "So you really find me... like that, huh?" He nodded. "That's sweet of you."

"Thanks." he said. It was a little quiet, until Alto spoke up. "Aria?"

"Yeah?" she said after a sip of her drink. She took another sip, but Alto said something that got her riled up.

"Why did you... do that yesterday?"

Aria spat out her drink. She almost completely forgot! She quickly grabbed napkins and wiped up the drink on the table that she spat out. "That?!" she asked. Her heart paced, but not in a good manner. "T-To be honest, I... I..." Aria nearly choked on some words, caught in the moment. "Just for fun." She crossed her arms and tried to hide her blush with her pigtails in the way.

"Just for fun?" he asked.

"Yeah, you know, fun." She put on a pouty-looking face.

"You sure?" Alto put a finger on his chin. "I mean, you don't see girls going around like that to even the coolest kids."

Aria growled. "I did it because... because..." She paused.

"Take your time." Alto said in a calm tone. "We aren't going anywhere."

Aria sighed as she turned away from Alto. "Because I-I like you." she admitted. Alto froze.

"I'm sorry?" he said, almost choking on his words. "Y-You like me? Like, like-like me?" Aria slowly nodded. "Woah." He nervously smiled with his cheeks rosy pink. "I-I mean... Really?"


"Wow." He couldn't believe it. "So, you really like-"

"Yes!" she interrupted. "B... Baka."

Alto chuckled a bit. "Huh..."

"You surprised?" asked Aria.

"A little." he said. "Like, when did this happen?"

She was almost hesitant. "The day I first saw you..."

"Okay." He was unsure of what else to say. "Well, are you surprised to hear what I had to say?"

Aria's eyes widened and she turned to Alto. "Of course, dummy! What, think I get compliments like that everyday?" She brushed her hair out of her face. "When did that happen?"

"Um..." He shook nervously. "Since the day I saw you."

Aria froze for a second. "You did?" Alto quickly nodded. "Wh- I- What?"

"It's true."

"Bullshit, it's cause of what I did, right?" She put her hands on her face. "Shouldn't have done that."

"No, Aria, I mean it." She looked up at him. "Since I've seen, I've fallen a little... attracted to you, but I was scared to approach. I mean, you were beautiful, but scary. People avoided you, and you were a little aggressive, and I was worried that if I approached, well... I'd be knocked out." he admitted. "You were just this... girl who was unlike anyone else. Even if you were evil, I still couldn't lose sight of you. Your dazzling eyes, your cute purple hair-"

"I'm not cute." she abruptly said. "Not even close."

"Still," he said, "I liked you, but didn't know how to talk to you. Again, you had a grudge against anyone, unlike Sonata. When you came up to me, I felt heated up, not expecting you to do those actions. I expected pain seeing you in just a towel. And now, I'm just taken away by that you actually... like me back."

The siren was shocked from what she was hearing. Through all of the time that she liked him, he liked her back. "You're serious."

"I wouldn't be able to pull this off it I wasn't." He ran his hand through his hair. "I-"

Two plates of burgers and fries was placed on the table. "Here you go!" said the waitress, smiling and sweating at the same time. "Burgers. I- huff- hope you- huff- enjoy."

Both teens raised a brow at the waitress. "Uhhh... Thanks?" Aria spoke.

"No prob!" And the waitress went to the back.

"Weird." Alto whispered.

Aria lightly snickered. "I know, right?" She took a bite out of her burger. "Wow." she said with a mouthful. "This ain't actually bad."

"Same." Alto said after he bit the burger. The two enjoyed their meals as time passed, eventually cutting to the fries in the small basket. When they were eating, however, Alto looked up at Aria. "So..." he said, trying to start another conversation.

"So... what?" Aria asked.

"Um... That was something."

"What was?"

"You know... our confessions..." Alto's face turned to the color of his ketchup. "Honestly, didn't expect things to go like this."

"Were you expecting worse?" she asked with a smile.

"No." he said. "I-I just didn't expect you to think the same for me."

"Same here, dude." Aria thought of something and smiled. She bent down and pressed her chest against the edge of her table, pushing her breasts and exposing a bit of her cleavage. Her eyes slightly closed, bringing a seductive look, leaving Alto sweating.

"U-Uh, anyways..." he said, continuing the conversation. "How's your burger?"

"Good." she said, still smiling as her breasts were still against the edge, sticking out. "Yours?"

"A little funny, but about good." he responded. "Say... do you think..." He stopped and shook his head.

"Alto?" she said, not pressing against the table. "Do I think what?"

"You think that maybe, just maybe, we could... do this again?" Aria nearly choked on a fry.

"Again?" she said. "Like... another time, just the two of us?" Her voice started sounding excited and out-of-character.


"I'd love to!" she said in a squealing tone, but suddenly realized what she sounded like. She laid back and put on her casual expression. "I mean, sure, whatevs."

"Sweet. Well, where do you wanna head?"

"Next time? Already?" she questioned.

"Is that a problem?" he said, a little worried that he was rushing.

"No, not at all, but I'm surprised you wanna do this again soon." she said. "Guess you're addicted to me, huh?"

He scratched the back of his neck while adjusting his collar again. "A bit."

"Heh, alright, since you asked..." She walked her fingers closely to him. "How about we get a kick at the beach?" Her finger went up and traced his jawline, earning another blush and chuckle.

"I'm down with that!" he said.

"Ooo~. Excited?"

"Yea- I mean, yeah." he said, killing off his loud excited tone. He went back to munching on the fries. "So, when?"

"Why not tomorrow?" Alto's eyes widened.

"Tomorrow it is!" he said. "Could use a little kick of water."

Aria became silent. A sudden flash of memory came through her... her sirenhood. Memories of her and her adventures under the sea... The cool water being the environment. Now, she could kill for a swim. "Me, too..." she said in a slight-depressed tone.

"You alright?"

"Oh yeah." Aria said truthfully. "A little trip down memory lane, that's all."

"Is that... a bad memory?" He sounded concerned. "You sound depressed."

"Nah, it's nothing." she shrugged off. "Who knows, maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow."

"Kay." he ended. "Just know: I'm open for anything. If you need to talk some things out, I'm free."

"Hmm, maybe I should take that in consideration." she said. "If you can even put up with me."

"Hey, anyone." he stated. "I'll listen."

Aria lightly smiled and looked down as a bill was placed on the table. "Bill." the waitress said. She quickly left and Aria pulled out a pen, but Alto shook his head.

"I got this." he said, holding a handful of dollar bills.

"Such a gentleman." Aria said. "I like those kind of guys." She brushed her hand on his when he was signing the bill. "Maybe they should be treated in a... fine way."

Alto brightly blushed and got up. "Alright, bill signed." he said. "L-Let's head on home?"

"Gladly." Aria moved her hand close to his, and clutched onto it. Alto looked over to see Aria smile. He tightened the grip, and the two walked out of the diner, together. Aria headed to her car, but Alto spoke up.

"Hey, alright if I follow your car to your house?" he asked.

"Sure." Aria said, and the two separated hands.

Driving home, Aria and Alto finally made it to the home of the sirens. Aria parked her car and got out, Alto following the same right behind her. As Aria drew closer to the gate that surrounded the yard, Alto ran up to her.

"So, that was fun." he said, laughing afterwards.

"It was. I actually... liked it." Aria said. "You know how to give a girl a fun time."

"Eh, it wasn't that much." he admitted. "But hey, can't wait to see you at the beach tomorrow." He nervously laughed while adjusting his collar again. Aria opened the gate and looked at him.

"You, too." she said, before heading back to the house. Alto stood there and smiled.

"Aria?!" he called out.

"Yeah?" Aria turned back.

"I..." He cleared his throat. "I love you." Slowly, he turned around, before Aria called out to him.


""Wha- MMPH!" Aria pressed her lips against his over the gateway, creating a deep, long kiss. Her eyes softly closed, and her hands were on his shoulders.

She let go, and Alto was blown away. "You, too, kid." And she set back to the house, while Alto made it to his car, smiling widely.

Aria got home and noticed her two sisters. "Oh!" said Sonata, quickly hiding something. "Y-You're here! How was your night?"

The purple siren raised a brow. "What're you hiding?" she asked.


"Sonata..." she warned. Adagio nudged Sonata's arm.

"No use." she whispered. "Besides, don't want to hear you two idiots argue again."

Sonata shook her hand, and showed her phone, displaying a photo of... her and Alto. Aria's face turned into a face of anger. "Sonata," she said in a voice struggling to sound calm, "What's that photo?"

"Uh..." she said, prepared to run like hell to her room.

"Is that me and Alto in the diner?" Aria clenched her fists. "Did you SPY on us?!"

"Oh, well, Aria, you see, funny story-" And she sped off to the room upstairs.

"SONATAAAAAA!!!" she shouted, running after her. Adagio facepalmed and pinched her head.

"Oi vey..."