Road to fame: My new life... As a gryphon.

by lord indisar

"Year One, Day One."... What? Fancy Titles Are Best Titles...

In the following months, I continued with both my flight training and learning the Equestrian language. Writing wasn't too hard ( Even though I hated every minute of it. Screw hand writing), and although it was pretty runic, It still followed the algorithm that the English language did, where sounds translated to 'letters'. Speaking of writing, I could actually hold a pencil, compared to having to use my mouth.

I also ended up actually going with Lovely Lights on her little trips, once I found out that it was only that one night that she stayed overnight. Which took a while for me to figure out, considering I avoided her every time, once she started packing her bags.

I 'learned' about Princesses Celestia and Luna, and their control over the sun and moon. It wasn't really new info to me, of course, being a fan of the show.... which.... O' shite mate, I'm missing the rest of season six, right now, aren't I? Fuck me.

I ended up making friends with Sunny Skies, since I was at White Thunders'( who I'd figured out was actually a Wonderbolt) house pretty often. When I finally had flying down in order (I mean, good enough at least), the two of us would often race each other.

Naturally, I beat her by a mile every time, and followed up with a "gg ez" comment the daughter of a Wonderbolt would utterly, outclass me, having more training and more practice. So much for Gryphon master race.

Well, On the topic of learning, and getting to the present, This was the day I was due to start school. Lovely Lights was quick to purchase school supplies, and used the hiking pack she bought for me as bookbag. It wasn't fancy or anything, but... I'm sure the only 'fancy print' bags in Equestria were floral patterns.

"Chirp, are you ready? School starts in an hour." I heard Lovely Lights call from outside, and well, I wasn't ready. The books I had were still on the kitchen table, the pencils sitting next to them, and I wasn't dressed at all. Wait. I don't need clothes. Huh, not needing to get dressed would seriously cut down on preparation time.

"Coming!" I announced, before making haste to pack the bag in a ramshackle mess that only I'd be able to find stuff in. Taking the bag with me, I approached the door, just as Lovely Lights came inside, finished with watering the garden.

She smiled, and signaled for me to follow her out. Speaking of going out...

"Why do I have to go to school an hour early?" I asked, as we moved farther and farther away from the house.

"Because our house is on the edge of town. It's a thirty minute walk, unless you want to fly there-" Lovely Lights began, though I interrupted her in the middle of it..

"Then I'll fly, right?" I asked, spreading my wings and preparing to simply take off. Lovely Lights raised an eyebrow in concern however, and from that I knew the answer was no.

"I'm not about to let you fly off alone on your first day of school. Not to mention you don't even know the way. Maybe by next week, but until then, you're 'grounded'." She ordered, and I folded my wings in disappointment. Well, you can bet I'll be asking again next week. And the next week, and the next week, and the next week.... And the next week.... Or I could ask Sunny Skies to take me, since she was also attending the same school. That could work...

Speaking of Sunny Skies, she was just about the only filly or colt I really knew. I hadn't seen any others over the time is been here, besides the occasional passerby parent and child heading home. I wonder how they'd react to a gryphon? Oh goodie, I'm a major minority, sounds fun.

Sure enough, halfway through the walk, I found myself catching stares from the nearby ponies, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, it's not like the ponies would hurt me or anything, because well, ponies, but the staring was unnerving. I'm black with ADHD, and even I didn't get this many stares in the real world. So do I call this Flying and Feathered Rain, or is it still chocolate? Actually, I'm still a black gryphon, though it's more of a charcoal rain with white coconut at the ends, now that I think about the different types of candies there are.... Why the hell am I trying to compare myself to a candy bar? Eh, it distracted me long enough to forget about the staring, and I could see what I assumed to be the school building in the distance, what with the parents and children waiting outside.

I was able to spot Sunny Skies outside as well, waving to me, though White Thunder was no where to be found. She must've gotten to school on her own, I guess. As we approached the school, many of the fillies and colts turned to look at me, and I began to get uncomfortable again, looking away from the stares. I overheard some of the parents at least telling the children not to stare, though I knew the majority was still watching. Indeed, this was definitely the first time most of them, even the parents, had seen a gryphon in person.

I stayed near Lovely Lights and Sunny Skies the whole time, until a pastel blue unicorn, with an orange/red mane that reminded me of Sunset Shimmer ( but the hairstyle was way off, this unicorn had her hair fashioned into a bun) approached the school building, at which the children, including Sunny skies, lined up at the door. I figured this was the teacher, but I didn't move. I just wanted to go back home, and fly for the rest of the day, away from the staring.

As the teacher unlocked the door, and the children flooded in, I felt a nudge pushing me towards the door.

"Go on, Chirp. I'll be here to pick you up after school." Lovely Lights assured me, to which I nodded, and slowly made my way inside. I mean, they were just kids, right? If anything went wrong, I suppose I could scathe them with my talons and flee..... wow, that's a dark and messed up thought... Being in Equestria, awesome. As a gryphon, even more awesome.... but this? I didn't like it. Probably was just the new school anxiety getting to me...

Looking around, the school looked just like the one in the show, in Ponyville. A long bookshelf sat in the corner near the door, full of books, most of which seemed to be for recreational reading. Made sense, since we had our own books. There were definitly more seats, however, and the school was much bigger, likely due to there being quite a few more children in it, almost like a full high school classroom.

Speaking of seats, I needed to find one. I looked around, and there were a few empty seats available. None of the available seats, however, and to my disappointment, were close to Sunny Skies, the only non-stranger around. Scanning the others, I decided to sit near the back, where I assumed I'd be a bit more isolated.

And that's the moment the teacher called me towards the front.

"Morning class, my name is Sunshine Leaf." The unicorn began, looking around the room. "I Know that many of you know that name by now, but at least one of you do not. We do have a new student we have joining us for the rest of the school year..." She told the students, some of which who looked around, likely not having seen me yet.

"Chirp, would you come to the front and introduce yourself?" Sunshine Leaf asked, looking to my direction. And before anyone says anything, I am absolutely shy from attention. Controversial, I know. I like the spotlight, and I try to grab it, but as soon as I get it..... Yeah... not what I was really aiming for.

I stayed in my seat, not wanting to move. The ponies in the room all turned to stare at me, however, recognizing by now that a gryphon they'd never seen before was in the room. Some of them smiled, some of the smirked. Some of them looked confused, and some of them waved.

"Chirp, would you please come to the front?" Sunshine Leaf asked again. She noticed the other ponies looking at me, and frowned. "Class, don't stare. It's rude... Chirp, would you at least stand up in your seat, and tell the class about yourself?"

I stood up, and well, I had to think. I actually didn't know a thing about myself in this body, other than my own name and adoptive family. Fortunatly, I'm a wonderfully good liar. So I began to say what came to my head.

"Hello... My name is Chirp... And I'm three years old... My mother is Lovely Lights... Nice to... Meet you?" I said, with a partial sense of confidence. Most of what I said was true, I guess. I didn't exactly want to mention anything about being found in the woods, or I'd be digging myself a ditch full of lies. A few of the children snickered when I said my name, but I thought nothing of it.

One of the children, a brown, male earth pony with orange hair (and come to think of it, one of those "some of them waved" kids.) , was all too happy to know my name. "Hey-a Chirp! My names Acoustic String, nice to meet you too!" He said, at a volume that wasn't quite yelling, but it was still PRETTY LOUD

Alright call me as hypocrite, I used to be that kind of kid too, but hell, he was in the same row as me! Two seats over, in fact! Could you not speak like we were on separate sides of the entire room, top left corner to bottom right corner?

I think this is going to be a pretty fun first day of school, please pass the sarcasm shaker.